Hi all and welcome again to Brazen Wolfe Tabletop where Tuesdays we look at NPCs and instead of focusing on a crew member of the Dancing Drake I wanted to tie some things in together and drive a bit more of the worlds narrative.

So sit back, sip on some coffee and enjoy!

Talking Moss


Kiri hoped across the marsh using his powerful legs to jump from one clump of reed to the next trying to keep his bare feet dry as the sun set across the marsh and the night creatures began to howl and call to each other in the jungle beyond. His head bounding above the grass he gripped the sharpened harpoon in his hand as the smell of roasting meat hit his nostrils and he slowed down from a bounding leap to a hop from one dry perch to the next.

“you’re late Kiri” a voice grunted from his left. Startled he whirled around and stumbled onto a dry mud bank that had been flattened with many feet pushing down the reeds to form a carpet under their feet. The creature that stepped out, it walked on thick meaty webbed toes that made crossing the marsh and navigating the deep, cold, treacherous waters easy for it whilst its ankle bent backwards much like a cat.

“Trip, I could smell your fire from across the marsh. You’ll attract company if you don’t keep it under control” he chided the creature in front of him, grinning his broad toothed mouth at his fellow hatch-mate.

“I did. Well, to be precise, company has been called.” Trip said, a touch of sadness and bitterness coating his words. “The shadow has called and the people answer. We have not forgotten our debts and its time for us to make amends” Kiri sighed, reaching into the pot upon the fire and bringing out a questionable chunk of meat, still with rat like tail attached.

Confirming it was indeed rat Kiri swallowed it with glee, it was his favourite meat after all, before turning to his friend. “What does the shadow want of us?”

Trip nodded in approval at his friends respect for the old ways. “There is a boat crossing the marsh tonight, we are to make sure it doesn’t reach port.” the old toad-like humanoid said with a sigh as he drew out a long slender blade.

Nodding Kiri reached into the pot again, this time turtle, and handed it to Trip who grabbed it with his three fingers. “Well, if one night of bloodshed can mean that out people, children and their children can leave in peace as we have these past centuries then let the debt be called.” Kiri asked as he waited for his friend to finish picking the meat off the bone. “How many is coming?” Kiri asked at last.

“The clans” Trip responded slowly looking across the marsh as the sun set, similar little camp fires could be seen glowing amongst the reeds in the quickly encroaching darkness, the marsh a sea of small fires that reflected the glowing stars above. Following the river with their eyes as they begin to focus on the surroundings as darkness flooded the land, a gift from the shadow from when their ancestors made the first pact with it. “All of them” Trip continued as he stood up staring at the large ship, lanterns being lit to illuminate the deck, masts and oars as it made its way down the river.

Kiri and Trip glanced towards the stars, sacred to their people and a thing of great worship and respect. Their kind was peaceful and wanted nature to flourish and life to prevail but to overthrow their past masters, the Oni, they made pact with the Shadow which gave them the strength and power to overthrow their aggressors and captors which dwindled over time with peace taking over their culture. But tonight it was war, he just hoped that he would see his family again after the pact was honoured and that he could look at them even after spilling blood of a humanoid.

A great reverberating croak resounded over the still marsh and Trip, like presumably everyone else, put out their fires and plunged the marsh into darkness. The croak of the war chief was to be respected cause only they truly help any semblance of their kinds power and it was power that they respected and feared.

Well that was a lot of fun to imagine and I am excited for this weeks writeup! Let me know below if you enjoy the focus of this week so far as the next few nights will expand upon yesterdays and tonight’s content to flesh out the toad-like race of humanoids that inhabit the jungle and marsh as well as how they relate to the current situation in the continent.

Don’t forget to come back the next few nights to follow along as this adventure grows and, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe