Shallow Shadows

Hi all and welcome to a ‘new month’ where we begin the next leg of our journey across to Ryokughan – the home continent of Kyoko Harimasu and her Red Fleet.

So, instead of delaying the writeup further I anticipate it may be bit of writeup tonight and I really do need to kick it off.

Shallows of Ryokughan


As dawn greeted the Dancing Drake a week after they left Ophidian Island Kyoko and her crew stopped what they were doing so they could walk to the bow of the ship to witness what the dawn’s light revealed. The Captain, crew and passengers nearly breathed in deep collective breath as the salty air mixed with the jungles of their Red Fleets homeland came to view with dawn, Ryokughan they had made it at last. A few of the crew who insisted on wearing their masks came looked around cautiously before taking them off, revealing themselves to be Vanara, the simian race that the party had encountered back in Daye.

“We will be at the great docks in two days as we head west along the coast. This boat is built to fit down the shallowest parts of the marsh which we will be passing through tonight and with any luck we will be through it by dawn.” Kyoko said, clapping the party on the back as she walked up behind them. The injuries she had sustained during the fight with the pirates and then the snakes and Naga on Ophidian island had been healed finally, the crew and Lizbet insisting that she get her own wounds taken care of first.

The crew’s mood increased threefold as they began to sing songs of their homeland, music and laughter now the main sounds onboard the Dancing Drake and their mood and energy was infectious. Soon even the glum and brooding golden scaled Siu was singing as he climbed up the masts and helped where ever he could (whilst keeping an overly protective eye on Kyoko and Lizbet that is).

True to word and prediction the ship began to encroach upon the land as they headed towards a wide river through the marshes that broke up the coast between the border of east and west Ryokughan. The Party looked on as strange creatures grazed, stalked and drank near the waters edge until the boat passed at which point they looked on with interest or disdain at the ship spooking their prey. Each of the creatures had similarities to the ones back home in Faerun but there was distinct differences whether it was horns, tusks, colour, size, extra limbs, a long tail or any combination.

As dusk encroached the noises from the jungles started to echo and boom out, drowning out the scattered merriment and singing as sails were restricted, and oars came out from purpose built holes in the sides of the ship which would give the party more control over the ships speed and direction than the sails and rudder alone.

“Don’t follow lights in this jungle. Not during the night and definitely not during the day” Choi fang mentioned as he wound up a length of rope as he finished tying up one of the sails. “There are witches and fell spirits in these marshes that would love for nothing more than the easy meal of someone who doesn’t know the rule of these lands. ”

“What’s that?” Lizbet asked, shrugging over a hooded cloak to shield her from the evening chill.

“Don’t follow the lights..” Choi replied with a grin. “All light casts a shadow and the smaller the light the bigger the shadow” he said as he walked off below deck to get a meal in before a long night of navigating through the marsh.

Thanks for joining me tonight and sticking around for the next leg of this journey I am taking us on this year. Now I cant have a ship moving through a marshy/swampy patch of water next to a jungle without some form of drama – so make sure you come back for the next few days to see what I have in store for the party and the crew of the Dancing Drake.

Don’t forget to keep an eye on the non-story posts too as I am attempting to ramp up my other hobbies and may have more than one post coming out per day in the future.

And, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
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