Across the Marsh, through the Jungle.

Hi all and welcome to a new week and a new weekly session where we just saw our party seek the aid of an ancient Toad-kin shaman who calls the marsh home, and during the endeavour they had to go and complete the Shaman, Varda’s, shopping list.

This week we will be looking towards the journey to the Docks and what lies past the Marsh. Now this month as come and gone very quickly and next week is the last week of the month which means I have to accelerate my plans for this months adventure – which means more content for you all!

Port Side


True to her word Varda’s two charms, the Longsnout talisman that enabled the Toad-kin know as Kiri to speak not just understand Common as well as the Kookastem fetish that allowed the party to scout the dangers of the marsh from a birds eye view and through navigating the marsh, the mud banks and deep patches of water (and avoiding the dangers they now knew lurked in the murky water) it saw them standing on solid ground soon at the base of tangled grove of trees.

The Jungle, which is the only thing that could describe the hot, dense mass of trees and plants was hard to traverse and the fetish as of little use due to the heavy canopy above them. The creatures in the jungle were smaller than the marsh, skittish even and there was always a noise, a growl, a call or a shadow near by watching the party as they moved through the dense vegetation. As night fell and the party set up camp Kiri warned them of the many dangers, a list that went on for quite some time, and as the noises increased the party began to believe some of the stories the toad-kin told over the flickering embers of the fire.

After a day walking after one of the worst nights sleep that anyone could remember for some time they stumbled through the edge of the forest and looked down upon the port town which sat at a large cove in the river about a mile away. Thick black smoke billowed forth from buildings on the outskirts of the town and evidence of battle could be seen from this distance, fallen bodies and a small camp settled in from the North West, to the north of where the party had come from the jungle, could be seen cloaked by an cloud that defied the wind and cast a massive shadow over the ram shackle camp.
The Toad-kin seemed spooked, jittery even, and when the party finally spoke they jumped in fear.

“That’s no brigand or ramshackle force there, that’s an Oni camp – blessed by the shadow. It seems they, the shadow, had a backup plan in case my people could not stop you in the marsh.” he began, fear causing his voice to tremble. “I will go and warn my people, and the ship, there must be another way to where you need to go. To face the Oni is death.”

Looking forward at the town and the ramparts the party discussed on their course of action, tired and low on reserves after the marsh and the jungle they were unsure of what their next move was but knew that they could not stay at the edge of a jungle and that the port was their next stop and best hope at returning back to the ship to re-unit with Kyoko, Siu and Lizbet to complete their quest.

This month has gone very fast and after a day hobby-ing (painting a doom wheel and taking to the field with my Skaven against Orruk warclans) I am very quickly running out of time to paint as much of my Skaven army as possible and line up this weeks adventure.

So don’t forget to come back each day this coming week so that we can continue on this adventure and see where it takes us. Don’t forget to ask about my hobby table too – without being reminded I may be prone to forgetting about the challenge I set myself and, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe