Uncertain Prophecy

Hi all and welcome to Wednesday here where today I’ll be looking at the twists and turns that we have planned for the week.

Last night we saw captain Jake Hart get captured by a betrayer, or was it Oni in disguise, who knows – it could have been Kiri in the end. Regardless let’s look at tonight’s twists and turns and see what comes to the surface.

Broken Omen


Click, Click, Click. Flint and Steel clicked as momentary bursts of light burst forth in the dark room. Jake stirred slowly, his head throbbing as he became increasingly aware of the gooey warm mess of matted hair and drying blood forming on the back of his skull.

“Ah, so he is finally awake” a voice, definitely Oni, said from behind the flash of sparks and smell of burning tinder. “We didn’t think we would come up with a way to get you, but our pawn made good on his bargain.” The Tinder took and a fire started to spread just in time for Jake to gaze upon the broken and beaten body of Yu, the man who had struck him and who had single handed led to his capture.

Jake went to talk but his face hurt and a groan came out. “Tsk tsk, don’t push yourself Captain.” the Oni said as he stepped into the light, her short sharp tusks, pointed ears and red skin only seemed to highlight the broad flat but sharp nose that was the defining feature on her face. “Yu pushed himself too much and disappointed us. We have a long night ahead captain and I hope that you can last longer than the body you are replacing”

Jake watched with horror and mild panic as Yu opened one eye slightly, the other swollen shut, and looked at him, a single tear swelled and trickled down his face as two burly looking Oni; or half Oni – it was hard to tell in the dim light from the one fire, cut Yu down and carried him out of the area he was kept in.

“Now, let’s start with the easy stuff. Why do you defend the port, what are you expecting?”

The party watched a dark mist flooded the lower recesses around the gap between the rampart and the dock town with morbid interest – memories of the mist and the creatures it bore from Daye still fresh in their minds. As they looked towards the town they noticed two people stride from the town, from this distance they were just two small figures like ants but it was very evident that something that wrong when the one in the back moved suddenly and the front figure collapsed onto the ground. The mist approached the two hungrily and soon it engulfed them, the vapour collapsing around the wall before alarm bells tolled and figures buzzed around the towns crudely constructed barricade like ants defending their nest.

The mist retreated and bodies clad in a grey clothing – or armour, the distance was really doing a disservice to those watching this unfold, were left in its wake – but the two figures that left the safety of the walls were gone.

Taking that as a sign the party made haste down the slight hill from where the jungle grew and head towards the town but they were stopped by the clack of crossbows and the whistling of bolts as projectiles rained down upon them. Tall, vicious grey armour clad humanoids rushed at them as another volley of bolts whizzed around them and landed at their feet. The humanoids had red skin, pointed ears and large flat features that reminded them of goblins and some orcs from their home continent and as the warriors got closer they snarled, revealing their sharpened short tusks and murderous intent in their eyes.

Well that was a rather lengthy and long winded write-up but I am glad I finally get to introduce the Oni to you all. I will describe them in more detail and reveal which Faerun creature they take similarities from in the coming days as it shouldn’t be too much of a stretch.

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