Dark Pacts

Welcome to Wednesday where we look at the twists and turns of this week. With the coming of night, dark pacts and darker motives are made to foolishly try and twist fate. With the beginning of the end of this campaign approaching so does the Shadows final pieces and moves. Tonight we look at an unexpected boon for the Shadow, and potential detriment for the party.

Dark Pacts


Mugrave licked her fingers clean of the blood that was dripping from them as the distant lights from fires and starts flickered through the alley. Even in her Oni form the alleys were large, big enough for a horse or two to fit down which was their purpose. Smiling she looked down at the pile of body parts and picked up a flabby arm. It wasn’t her favourite cut of meat, but it will sustain her for a little while yet.

She stopped her biting and slurping and looked towards the entrance to the alley as she sensed a presence there. After a few moments of sitting and waiting she looked down at the arm and the congealing fat around the muscle. Sighing she discarded it and added it to the pile of unappetising body parts. With an utterance of a dark phrase the pile of burst into a dark flame and she shed her Oni form returning to the human she had been wearing.

Stretching her now-cramped feeling bones she went to leave the alley and stopped when she felt a presence next to her. Shifting her glance she mocked surprise and restrained her violent response.

“You surprised me!” she said after giving a small shriek.

“Apologies, but may I be direct?” the man said to her.

“Depends on what you are asking I suppose” she replied coyly, panting and patting her chest as if trying to fan air into her lungs. “In fact, it also depends on who is asking also” she mused as she looked towards the man in shadow.

Stepping forward the sharp looking man looked at her with piercing eyes which she knew could see her Oni self. “Shall we cut the pretence Mugrave and talk business, or I can cut you down here.”

Interesting, she thought. It as not often that humans willingly reached out to her and even more infrequently those who knew her true form. “I guess we can” she replied as she revealed her palms – the signs of blood and gore removed from her skin with the transformation. A boon of being a skin walker.

They walked for some time through the streets discussing the battles they had been in and making somewhat pleasant talk. When they were far enough away from the refugees or polite company he turned to her and looked her in the eyes. “I want a truce. You are not to harm, curse or place dark pacts Kyoko or her family.” he said bluntly.

“What makes you think I am after them?” she replied as she sat down on a box in the street they found themselves in.

“The foreigners. I thought as much. If you leave the Harimasu and can swear and oath that they will not be harmed in any way by your or your masters power. Then you can have the foreigners and I nor my soldiers will stop you.” Kuang said.

Thinking about the possibility of having her mission handed to her on a platter she thought about the consequences. Not my masters or my power. Hard to move around as her masters powers were vast beyond compare. But he didn’t mention natural influence. Kuang extended a hand towards Mugrave, an unwelcome gesture to her as her kind had to be wary of pacts.

“I will agree to these terms if you answer me a question,” Mugrave said as she stood upright and allowed her form to half-shift, “How long have you known I was who I was and how.” she was curious. After all mortals generally were able to see her.

“I was cursed as a child. I see all spirits in their true form.” Kuang said, his eyes flashing in the fire light of a nearby torch as if to emphasise his point. Mugrave smiled and shook his hand.


Hana was preparing for bed. As she fluffed the pillow and rolled over to blow out the candle she smiled at her cousin. It was nice to be back with her family.

“Goodnight Hana” Kyoko said as she propped her sword up next to the head of the bed.

Hana smiled and mouthed her response. “Good night” the soft sound of her voice came out which cause Kyoko to start and nearly fall out of bed. “I spoke” was all Hana could say as Kyoko stared at her, a look of concentration and puzzlement crossing her features.

Thanks for joining me for a bit of a roleplay writeup. This obviously isn’t something that the party would be able to see that well – but the affects and certain aspects can be described to them such as Kuang late coming and going or the sudden noise from Kyoko’s room. Don’t forget to come back tomorrow for more Brazen Wolfe Tabletop content and, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe

The Quaigin

Hello and welcome to the middle of the week, Wednesday, where we look at the twist of the week. Yesterday in Skin Walker we looked at the creature called Mugrave as she had her agents, The Quaigin, launch a series of attacks towards the party. Tonight we reveal some of those attacks from the point of view from the party and get a closer look at these creatures called the Quaigin.

The Quaigin


“We won’t stay long in this village on our way to Heavens Reach.” Kyoko explained as she moved down the street, greeting villagers and guards like she was an old acquaintance of some. “I don’t like the idea of that spirit harming these innocent folk because we stayed a moment too long.”

“I agree. It’s best for your safety and the safety of others if we can return you home.” Kuang said as he uncharacteristically bent down and handed some food to a few small children who were begging for it.

Without warning one of the guards that had approached Kyoko drew their sword and lunged at the princess. The party sprang into action and within moments the guard lay at their feet. After a few moments of looking for other threats the body of the guard shuddered once and a gargling wheeze came forth from the body. As the shuddering stopped the body separated into finger length slugs that crawled into the ground leaving nothing behind.

Staring at the creature, the place where it was to be more exact, the party were unable to identify the creature. Kuang, Hana and Kyoko stared at some of the fleshy slug like creatures as they buried in the ground. Scooping one up and putting it in a glass bottle Kyoko examined the creature.

The skin of it appeared to take on the texture and colour of what body part, clothing or item it was imitating before it was reverted back to this fleshy slug form. After a few moments of it being captured in a bottle it slowed its twitching and writhing before stopping all together and appearing to be dead. “Gross little creature,” Kyoko muttered as she stared at it, “some of the studied men back home may know what it is.”

Walking down the road once more, this time more cautious they met with no difficulty or hostility for quite some time. The group even let their guard down as they approached a vendor selling breads and street food. As they went to hand over the bartered for coin a knife dashed out from behind the counter and after another intense fight another mass of fleshy slugs wormed their way into the ground.

“These attacks are not enough to get past us.” Kuang mused as he looked at one of the slugs he had impaled on his sword. “They die quickly, inflict little to no damage but its the same type of creature attacking us in different ways. There must be a plan or intent behind these attacks.”

Closing thoughts

Tonight is a relatively easy one as it was setup over the last few nights. Having inspiration from a D&D 5e creature, the Quaggoth, I hope the Quaigin will be interesting creatures to encounter. In fact I hope that they will be seen in a few adventures to come.

I am looking forward to the next few nights to see what else I can add to make this adventure feel.. more? So stay tuned for it.

The Quaigin are just the tip of the iceberg in regards to what Mugrave will use against the party. I will make sure that we can all be best prepared for the future to ensure that we have fun each week.

Thanks for joining me tonight. As normal Wednesday nights are for twists and turns and this week with slug-creatures I think I pulled it off again. Trying to blend the Asian influence, D&D and my limited exposure to the combination of these things is a challenge and its rewarding to see how many people read these daily posts. As usual don’t forget to come back the next few days for the last pieces of this weekly puzzle. And, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe

Dark Messengers

Welcome to an easy encounter for this weeks Wednesday post where we put the messengers out on their wings. Despite the messengers out tonight I wanted to set the scene for the party as they travel towards Heavens Reach Castle and look at a little mini encounter we can do between parts. At any rate, if I continue like this we will never see Kyoko’s home so let’s roll on with tonight’s write-up!

Sky Messengers


“We part ways at he next village,” Jason called back to the travellers who rested in the back of the wagon. “It should be a straight shot up through Kirin country to where you are going”

“Thank you for your help, if you are ever in Heavens Reach Castle then you will have a place to stay.” Kyoko said with a smile which was echoed by Hana and Kuang. As they moved down the road the signs of the spirit folk were evident in the camp fires and scraps left behind after them. Wherever the creatures moved the surroundings suffered with burnt wagons, carts and fences to farmland broken through.

The further they moved easterly the fewer the abandoned camps but the more nervous those in the wagon became. The tracks they did find moving forward through farmland and down the road indicated that the pack of creatures was gaining speed. “We will reach the village by midday,” Jason announced as he looked up at the cloud studded sky as they moved down the road, noting a particular patch of trees to the south. “Keep your wits about you though, these lands are not friendly.”

“Jason how long have you been doing this” asked Kuang, a shock for the party as he had been silent for the trip otherwise.

“I’ve lost track of the years now, but this route I have been doing for about seven” he said.

“Seven! You don’t look old enough to be peddling wears for seven years” Kyoko exclaimed.

“I’m half elven, my father was a elven scholar who met my mother when they were travelling.” Jason said with a faint smile “the rest is history”.

A look of confusion graced the faces of the passengers before a period of quiet took over the wagon. After a hour or so of travelling Jason stopped the wagon and looked up “Well, damn.” was all he said.

The part left the wagon and moved to stand next to the old horse. The beast looked surprisingly resilient despite the ordeals it had gone through these past few days. The village ahead of them was a mixture of broken buildings and smoking piles of rubble. Torn cloth, ransacked wagons and skeletons of animals and people littered the streets and yards.

“Well I guess we know where the spirit folk went to in a hurry.” Jason said with an emotionless expression. Moving forward the wagon and its passengers looked nervously around as they moved into the village. Large birds circled the town high in the sky, just below the clouds as they looked for an easy meal, their twin heads squawking at each other as the wagon appeared in their hour of want.

The first specs of rain start to greet those who walk under the clouded skies as the first of the winged creatures descend. The messengers of the Shadow are ready to deliver its message.

A ransacked village that sits outside of Heavens Reach Castle by about a day or two as Messengers of The Shadow circle above.
Ransacked Village created in Artbreeder

Tonight is an easy setup for an encounter. Destroyed village, ransacked buildings with large hungry beasts that want to swoop down upon the party. In essence the scene really needs to set the mood, grim, dark and hopelessness resonating from the scattered bodies and belongings.

The buildings offer some protection, more so than the wagon but they are broken so no where is really safe. The weather should reflect the mood, with it beginning to rain, dark and overcast.

Thanks for joining me again tonight for another transition week. Tonight we looked at a small village that lies within the borders of Harimasu lands and the trail of the spirit folk. Don’t forget to come back tomorrow night for more content as we continue north and, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe

Cut Off

Welcome to our last Wednesday of the content driven weeks before we tie it all up in next weeks end of month content! This week we are taking a sneak peak at the end of week where the party face off against the mountain queen, self proclaimed or otherwise. So sit back, enjoy and snuggle up – its going to get frosty.

Frosted tips


The wind was the first sign that something was wrong, no more did it drive down the valley like a surging wave that consumes all in its path, no this wind came from the mountain peaks and with it came a dusting of snow. As the snow flakes shone in the last dying light of the setting sun the break in the mountains ahead revealed their way out of the valley and the party and travellers in Jason’s wagon could not contain their relief. That was until the screaming and shouting could be heard drifting down from the sky above.

The party had just enough time to throw themselves backwards as ice erupted from the ground next to them, sending spears of ice exploding from a rock and impaling trees resulting in a shower of splinters. to rain down on the party. Large, white wings pushed the snow and falling debris towards the party as creature twice the size of the wagon landed in the middle of the road, clutching Ester in one of its claws as it stood on the ground – leaning forward a large blade of everfrost pushing into the ground to steady its bulk and support its weight on the ground.

“Run!” called Ester before she was pushed into the snow by the creature putting its weight down on that leg.

“I was told to expect some heroes from a distant land, but I was expecting more from the tales that I have heard” the creature said in its chirping sing-song voice, “how disappointing” she said as she lifted its rear talon to hold up Ester who appeared to have blacked out. “This human tried to warn you of my presence, tried with all her might to reach you but I think I will keep her alive for a little while – a play thing until I get hungry.” the creature punctuated with a snap of its beak. “Now, lay down your arms and I will make your death swifter, but just as painful”

So this twist is simple, the creature believes it self to be above everything, beyond reproach and beyond the reach of mere mortals. However, it does value its life and holds its bargain with the Shadow and Yukri (the Yuki-onna) seriously as it knows of what happens to oppose the Shadow. The first stage of this fight is simple, rescue Ester by dealing enough damage to the creature. But.. more on that on Friday.

Nearly a year done and I must say that I am still ecstatic, giddy even, to see people reading my little blog here. I have some bigger plans for the next year of this blog and I hope that you will continue to be a part of this and keep reading what I write week after week. Don’t forget that if you have a name for the village to comment on any post and let me know your suggestion as I will pick the one I like the best and name it after that. Don’t forget to come back each night this week for more content, and the conclusion of the traversal through the Kunagi ranges, and, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe

Ice spire

Welcome to Wednesday where we look at twists and turns that our party will encounter evidence on that they are not alone in the ranges and that time is of the essence in travelling through the valley when creatures are killed for pleasure, not food.



The dusting of snow between the ranges was miraculously thin on the frozen mud of the road yet it piled up next to the rocky cliffs and trees either side of the road where the wagon squelched behind an anxious draft horse.

The weather had turned slightly to the worse, small flurries of snow had begun to drift down upon the wagon but it it wasn’t the weather that was cause for concern, the sheer number of tracks from spirit folk and the creatures that called this valley and mountain ranges home were the source of growing concern. It was beginning to be unusual to see a section of snow that didn’t have discarded cloth, foot prints or even bones of a meal and they all seemed to be heading in the same direction. The trees offered some protection from the snow regardless and while the party wasn’t used to this level of snow and cold but the wagon was kitted with double walls and a level of cloth and material on the inside that made the inside comfortable if not cosy.

The old grey stallion whinnied and the wagon came to a stop as the horse spooked and started to retreat backwards causing the wagon to lurch before the wheels met snow by the side of the road and stop abruptly. “It may take me some time for me to be able to convince this old thing to move forward. But what ever is spooking it isn’t far from here and I’d rather be prepared than having to make a quick exit from this valley.” Jason called as he tried to pull the horse into line.

Leaving the wagon and moving forward as quietly and stealthily as possible the party moved further into the valley as a strange and foul smell crept down from the wind that swept down into the valley from the peaks above them. Up head the snow had been disturbed and great furrows had been embedded into the frozen soil, similar to the ones that they saw on their approach into the village before the ranges. A wide crescent of fresh footprints gave a wide berth to the marks and from the looks of them the creatures that made them were scared, terrified even. Looking around for traces of what could have caused the owners of the footprints to act as such they eventually drew their investigation to the valley walls above them and there they saw the cause.

A great rupture of spikes made from the same ice that they had a shard of burst forth like lightning made from ice. The dark blue of the ice as it erupted from the stone face extended into the middle of the valley, a good sixty feet from the wall and at the end of each of the spikes that had erupted forth resided a skewered creature. Oni, ogres, Nat’s and even bears the size of the wagon they travelled in lay skewered on the ice, pushed on with enough force to pierce even the stone-like hide of the Nat. Looking at the ice as it had exploded out the trees themselves had their upper branches frozen, splintered and a few shards of frost encrusted splinters of wood lay just under the surface of the snow.

The ice must have been so cold that there was very little blood from the creatures that hung their, rigid and dead and what blood there was hung like frozen spears of ice suspended fifty feet in the air above the area where the scrape was. Something or someone would have had to have done this and to best that many creatures at once would indicate something both large and strong beyond anything that the party would have faced thus far.

Returning back to Jason they found him having blindfolded the horse and moving towards them and when he saw the gruesome display the colour drained from his face. “I have known some of the creatures of the ranges to be vicious but to be cruel like this is another level. We can make it through the ranges today if we hurry but it will get dark early inside these ice covered walls so we can’t dally any more.” he urged as he ushered them into the back of the wagon to join Kuang, Kyoko and Hana. “Hold on, we won’t be slowing down for some time and I pray that the old horse makes it.”

Well another twist Wednesday has come and this week we have revealed a grisly scene where something or someone has slaughtered creatures, animals and the spirit folk (such as Nat’s and Oni) and strung them up like shrike impaling lizards, insect and small mammals on thorns.

Not revealing the true face of the opponent is something I am not quite sure on yet, but so far having to describe what it does, elude to it but not yet reveal it completely is something I am enjoying but wondering if its having the desired effect. What do you think?

Thanks for joining me tonight and for reading the shrike-inspired part of this adventure. Don’t forget that if you want to name the village the party visited leave a comment below and if I like it I will name the village after your suggestion and to do so make sure to come back daily to keep up to date on the progress we make, and, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe


Welcome to Wednesday where this week we are looking at what has happened in the Kugani Ranges recently as well, more importantly, what happens when the sun goes down. Without too much waffle and giving things away let’s kick it off.

Flight by Firelight


The plains were just as beautiful on sunset as they weren’t hours earlier and as the sun turned the sky the colours of autumn the party set up tents that they adorned with a charm that supposedly would keep spirits and the fey away from them. Sitting down to a meal cooked over the coals the party made small talk with Jason who had joined them to camp out on the plans as the town had shunned him just as they did the party.

Jason revealed more about his past, about how he had lost his father early in his life, a mercenary fighting for gold and glory whilst his mother had worked hard to give him the opportunities in life and now he was selling wares on a distant land so that he could provide a comfortable life for his mother who lived in Shuimu.

Saying goodnight to the party Kuang went to his own tent while Kyoko and Hana went to separate tent leaving the party and Jason to organise watch rotation for the night – just in case the night and light from the fire brings the creatures that hunt in the dark.

It wasn’t until after the moon reached the cusp of its travels across the night sky that the first signs of something amiss appeared. A vibration through the ground that the person on watch noticed first before waking the others. Gathering around the firelight heartbeats turned into the vibrations continued and gradually increased as the moonlight shone across the plains catching movement across the plains like a drift of snow moving in a straight direction – but the light from the fire, distance and how the moonlight trickled through clouds above made it difficult to see what was going on. Soon though the ground began to shake with such ferocity that lose stones, the utensils used to cook dinner and even the doors on the wagon began to shake and bounce in place as the vibrations turned from a little tremor to a thunderous cacophony.

As the party went back to back around the fire a gust of wind rushed past them all but extinguishing the fire as dozens if not hundreds of white shapes darted towards them from the darkness from the direction of the village. Thundering hooves, broad antlers and glowing white coats meshed together to form a wave of flesh as the crashes around the party, forming a wide berth around the tents as if it was a boulder in the path of a raging river. The tall fox-tailed elks madly rushed around the camp, pushing each other to avoid the camp but also driven by fear or madness to stampede past the party in a blur of white fur, broad antlers and the thunderous explosion of noise that their hooves on chilled soil created.

After a minute the last of the stragglers ran past and into the distance, the plain flattened in a straight path that was easily sixty feet white and went on for as far as the moonlight and the parties vision could see. Looking in the direction they came from the party could see them continuing to stampede into the distance until the moonlight no longer revealed the beasts in their frantic pace to get to where they were going, or away from where they were leaving.

The rest of the night went fine with the party and those on watch who had a quieter duty, albeit more alert and potentially spooked, and by the mornings first rays of light the full devastation of land was revealed. Several dead or dying Elk were found scattered across the hills, gored and crushed by their own kin as they stampeded which Jason, Kuang and Kyoko aided in their passing to end their suffering where possible. Looking in the direction they had come from it was plain to see that the source of their stampede lay back towards the village some way and the party would need to make a decision to investigate or move on and through the pass.

It’s a relatively easy part of the adventure, build up the tension for the party with the increasing temp of the vibrations, then the cacophony of sound, then the faint movement at the edge of vision before the wave of white furred flesh breaks around them – the creatures themselves are not malicious by any meaning of the word but they are affected by the charms to some degree and treat the tents and camp as if to enter it or go near the charms would be a worse fate than potential goring or crushing.

Thanks for joining me tonight for a small snapshot of what I want to try and stress upon the importance of building up the mood and the tension of the situation. This weekend I will touch upon it a bit more so don’t forget to join me each night this week as we explore more of these lands, and, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe

Hoofprints in the snow

Welcome to the Wednesday where tonight I wanted to partake in one of my favourite past times, separating my human mind and imagine what it would be like to think, act and move like something else, in this case a beast,.

Thrill of the Hunt


The trail before her glowed with a purple light, the footprints glowing in her minds eye as she feed dug through the frozen crust of the earth and into the ground underneath granting her faster speed and control as she tore off through the night. She would be faster if it wasn’t for the foul corpse that rode stride her back – but she who summoned her had declared that this was her will and despite her cravings for flesh there was something about the newly risen dead that churned her stomach.

Taking a sharp left around a patch of tall trees she came across a small patch of grass that looks like it was disturbed by hooves and boots, inhaling the pungent aroma or horse she snorted out and snuffled around for the other scents in the area, the zombie on her back breathed in wheezily – a muscle reflex she was sure but still the sooner she could be rid of the zombie the better. A faint sweet smell lead her to a tree – the human that walked around the horses, the only set of boot prints that moved in the area seemed to be almost expertly concealing his presence and movements, if it wasn’t for the musk of the horses and the speed at which they were moving she would not have been able to track them this far. Following the sweet smell she could tell that there was seven in total, seven humans on six horses. it wasn’t long until she picked up the trail again and in ecstasy she reared up and screeched into the sky before tearing off after the footprints.

As her clawed hooves tore into the ground as she weaved behind and around the spruces she took particular delight in the branches that crashed into the body who rode atop her causing more than once a sickening thud to resonate through the legs that gripped her chest. As she chased through the snow glazed trees she could almost see the thick musk of the hoof prints that the horses left glow in the indents in the snow. After an hour of pursuing the trail the hoofprints came to a stop by a stream and it looked like they had stayed here for quite some time. Smelling around she found the cooling left overs of a deer near by which she inhaled greedily before approaching the camp fire, the embers still giving off some warmth. They were close, chasing the sweet smell was difficult here as there were several trails of human smell; where they stalked the deer, sat, relieved themselves and ferreted for food for the horses.

The horse trials led to the stream but the humans appeared to have mounted the beasts again before entering the frigid water. Crossing the stream the train completely stopped, looking around for signs of magic, hoof prints or anything she couldn’t see anything except her own frantic prints as she hunted for her quarry. Screaming into the sky in frustration she walked back to the camp, adamant that she must have missed something she nearly buried her snout in the snow as she approached the stream. It just by chance that she looked up and saw the tiniest trace of horse hair caught on a rock as the water washed across it the stream and she grinned revealing two rows of razor sharp teeth. Clever, clever, clever she thought to herself as she looked up and down stream from where the horse hair was. Walking in the stream would mask their smell until they got out – but how far that would be, and if the prints would disappear before she got there was another question. So Northward or southward was the question and the correct answer would lead her to her prey.

Turning her snout towards the moon as it descended and the sun began to take his dominance again the Onikage made a decision and raced off north, hoping that she finds her prey soon, or has enough time to turn around and pursue them southward.

A bit of a shorter one tonight but a nice relaxing fun writeup for me which I hope painted a bit of a picture of this weeks additional content and what we expect in the end of month writeup this weekend, or what spills over into the next months adventure – who knows. Don’t forget to come back tomorrow night for more content, and, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe

She who brings the frost

Hello and welcome to Wednesday night where tonight we reveal the tip of the iceberg that is The Snow Queen, the Toshio bride and the one who brings frost.

Frost Maiden


As the woman descended the stairs the room dropped in temperature so suddenly that the collective held breath fogged the air over the table when the guests exhaled. The woman was just over five feet in height and appeared to almost float across the ground despite her white slippers that stood on the slowly frosting carpets and rugs that covered the wooden flooring.

“Ah, my queen, you have finally arrived” Teng said, reaching out and helping her towards the larger of the two seats before sitting down in the less impressive of the two. “How was the village?”

A few moments passed as the woman sat, her hair and blindingly white robe seemed to float above her skin as she sat in her throne. Her shoulder length pitch black hair a sharp contrast with the pale blue-white skin that was revealed from underneath the robes. “They did not take the blessings we presented them Lord Teng so I showed them the mercy that we do bring them. Eventually they came around and I believe their leader will come pay homage within a few days to swear fealty” The woman’s drifted over the room, pausing to look directly at Siu as well as at Kyoko and the Party. “I see you have guests, foreigners even. I had thought that they were lost to a warband of Nats, or so I had been led to believe” the woman’s eyes narrowed as she looked at Kyoko. “Why do they sit at my table?”

“My Lady, they come to request aid and return horses that my cousin, Lady Toshio, provided them when they were in need. However I believe that they had lost some along the way – which surprised me to see them present themselves before me and asked for aid despite them being now in debt to our family” Teng said with a knowing smirk, the ploy and plots revealing themselves.

Gritting her teeth Kyoko leant over the table to the party and whispered “I hope you found some evidence” before she stood up to speak. The lady in white floated upwards to also stand, her feet leaving the ground so that her head was above everyone else’s in the room as waves of cold washed across everyone present at the table shaking any remanence of doubt from the minds of those present that she wasn’t a spirit.

“You Lordship, I come before..” Kyoko began before Teng scowled and stood up angrily.

“You will address My queen!” Teng roared, visibility shaking with anger of cold one could not tell.

The spirit smiled cruelly as she taped her finger on her arm want stared down Kyoko.

A short and sweet update tonight as the next bit really is dependant on what the party managed to find, or plant, and how they navigate this political situation. Don’t worry though as more will be revealed in the coming days as we look into what happens during the confrontation over dinner, what happens after and as we move into the last few days of the month what this means for our party and Ryokughan. Don’t forget to come back for the last few days and, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe

Chilling Silence

Hello and welcome to a Twisted-Wednesday night in the come halls of the Toshio family fort in the cold western mountains of Ryokughan. Tonight we look at one of the quietest person who walks the halls and maybe get a glimpse at something more sinister in these family halls

Silent Wanderer


The halls were filled with noise, gossip from the families servants and guards all talking about the presumptuous arrival of the Harimasu heiress and the wounded and weary people that travelled with her. Hana didn’t see that, she saw her family and hopeful salvation. As she crept along the hallway, keeping to the shadows and doorways she watched the visitors from a distance away.

Her cousin seemed well, the foreigners she kept around here seemed strong, she even thought the powerful suited them as they walked with no sign of the conflict that she had heard about.

“You’re saying that that princess and her pets defeated a Nat army? Lead by an elder?” She heard muttered from one doorway over, peering across she saw one of the ladies of the house, one of the soldiers wives if she wasn’t mistaken.

“Yeah, we found the bodies on our patrol the day after they got here. Either the Nat’s had a turf war and the Harimasu girl came in and mopped up the fighters after they were tired or she has an army hiding in the woods outside of our lands. Either way we are to keep an eye on them, especially the foreigners.” The man who was leaning against the doorframe next to the gossiper replied, sipping from a cup of warmed alcohol. “Regardless of orders I wouldn’t trust what they have to say. I heard that the horses they brought with them were stolen from Reagent Toshio’s daughters very own escort. I knew the Harimasu family was corrupt.” the man spat onto the ground to emphasise his point.

Hana clenched her teeth at hearing the lies and if it wasn’t for her standing in the family she would correct the gossips right away, but she had learnt over the last few years that she needed to watch what she did, as she didn’t have a voice to stand-up for herself in these walls.

Moving from the doorway she followed the Harimasu party through the halls, carrying a pile of dirty linen as a way of trying to look like she was going about her daily duties. As she turned a corner down a hallway that the people went down she came face to face with the foreigners who greeted her, smiling briefly she bowed and rushed past them hiding her face from Kyoko as she rushed to deposit the dirty laundry.

Hana sighed, about the only noise she could make, as she reached the room and opened the door to the heated room. Metal pipes lead to the hot springs below and through some artifice working a lever would see that hot water enter the room and the steel basins so she could wash the fabric she unceremoniously dumped onto the floor. Looking out a window she could see the stables nearby, the wagon that was once would have been part of a caravan stood near the few horses that were lined up in the stables. She had seen the creature and rough looking people moving around the caravan, and in and out of it over the last day but it appeared that they were ignored by most other people which she found odd. She was so lost in thought that she didn’t hear the door open and close behind her.

“Have these washed for dinner” she heard as she snapped out of her thoughts. Turning she saw one of the heads of staff for the family house. Who sighed “Lost in thoughts again Sasha..” the older lady sighed. Hana, who didn’t understand why everyone had suddenly started to call her Sasha, around the same time her voice disappeared, looking around to make sure there wasn’t someone else here the head of staff sighed. “You, yes you maid. Make sure you wash these clothes for Lady Harimasu and her guest. Lord Toshio’s wife is returning tonight and it’s been requested that everything is ready for dinner for our guests.”

As the lady finished her instructions she left Hana alone in the room to hold Kyoko’s and the parties clothes. Smiling he saw hope, since that woman arrived, her voice disappeared and people forgot who she was Hana had lived in constant fear and worry of that woman. Kyoko visiting gave her an opportunity, one that meant her freedom if she could play her cards right and maybe in some time her voice and her identity would return to her.

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Across the Rime

Welcome to Wednesday where we look at a twist or secondary plot as midweek madness takes over my brain and the weekend begins to look more and more appealing. Tonight I’ll go back to a format I love, do too infrequently but get good results in doing it. Confused? Me too so let’s kick off.

Shifting Shadow


The milling bodies and withered husks that shifted around the rocks, roots and rotting logs did not phase the hunched creature who stared into the encroaching darkness, its unblinking orbs of inky blackness darting from noise and burst of light in the distance.

As the sun fell and the dark moon begun take its place in the sky the creatures began to move out from the twisted trees, caves and shadowy alcoves to gather under a tall twisted rock. The creature who watched this unfolding snapped harshly at a young excited creature with long arms as it bumped into his side. Growling it unfurled it’s large limbs which it preferred to lay on and began to stride towards the gathering rock, as tonight in the pale luminous moonlight they would receive instructions.

The bouncing, snapping throng formed a single breathing entity as the same manic energy buzzed around the gaki and half-breeds gathered, largest and eldest of their kind stood closest to the pillar of stone and dirt. A figure in white drifted above them, ascending the rock as if climbing into the skies itself as a Oni wearing the skin of a human stood beside it.

“Tonight,” the voice boomed from the humanoid – causing the entire congregation of beasts to still and silence, “tonight you make good your oaths to the shadow. Tonight you storm the walls from the inside, you smash their defences and, some of you may impress our Lord enough to strike a blow that the mortals won’t soon forget.” The human said causing some of the gathered to roar.

The creature below sat on its limbs again, this was hardly worth the effort of getting up from its cave. Shaking its head in disbelief as the throng of creatures rushed towards the east it wondered how long until it was told to move.

“you’ve lived for quite some time old one,” a soft cold voice spoke in its mind. “Head to the west instead, gather the stragglers as I have a more important job for you.

The creature looked around to find the source of the voice and finding nothing it decided to ignore the command.

As it stood to leave back to the dark and damp hole it lived in a cold presence shot up its side. “You are not so old to ignore me young one. This comes from the shadow as its interests are threatened. Succeed and be rewarded, ignore the call and be punished. My lord awaits your decision”

The presence drifted off, and the creature still looked towards where it’s home was. The wrath of the shadow is not something it wished for. Shaking its head it turned towards the west as dozens of smaller creatures started to skip, jump and yip around it like young excitable pups.

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