Captain Parks Request

Another Wednesday has come and this week I welcome you to read through Captain Parks Request. This week the king, his maid and his friend Park attempt to set a trap for would be assassins and thieves. But Park has his own agenda which . So sit back, grab a coffee and let’s roll into tonight’s adventure!

Captain Parks Request


Park looked the adventurers in front of him and nodded. They will do nicely. “Thank you for agreeing to meet me. I was not sure if adventurers of your stature would be willing to help without any forewarning. I hope that the guards approaching you did not alarm you but we are in need of a group of your capabilities.” Park said as he purposefully took off his gauntlet and ran his hand through his hair. “The King, my friend, is mad. Ever since he was attacked by a magic user years ago his mind has been addled. I believe that he is either hiding something or something has cursed him and keeps his mind prisoner.” he paused as he wiped his eyes.

“What my request is is twofold. I need you to fulfil the kings request and act as a hidden guard and look for a killer. But I also need you to sneak into his chambers and search for evidence of witch craft or sorcery. The room will be unguarded but the guard, my men, will be busy guarding the party.” Park said, a twinge of guilt at the betrayal of his friend panged his heart. But this was for him and for the kingdom. He had justice in his heart and believed that this was necessary.

“You will be rewarded, once by the king and once by me once you have searched his room. What say you?”


Now… Park isn’t a pad person, but what he is doing is close to treason. He knows this so he needs to have some scapegoats. Enter the party. Employed by the king and employed by him to investigate the kings madness, or so it seems.

Thanks for joining me tonight. Don’t forget to come back each day for the rest of this week as I develop the scene and tests that we will go through this week. As we expand the adventure more I hope more details will be revealed, except one… that one is a secret for the weekend. Don’t forget to set aside some time for your tabletop this weekend and, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe

Informant with a forked tongue

Welcome to another twisted Wednesday night where tonight we look at the the interaction between the party and the informant with a forked tongue. Now other than a play on words this week is about influence and who can be trusted to assist the party. Yesterday we met three NPCs that may help, hinder or simply not care about the quest of the party and tonight we look a bit further into one of them. Well, really two of them but only one of them is taking the stage. So sit back, grab a coffee and let’s roll into tonight’s adventure!

Informant with a forked tongue


As the party sat down and tried to make sense of the city that had places to worship gods and deities as well as preaching that they didn’t need them. It was a confusing place indeed and the day’s events and what happened upon Lathander’s temples’ steps. An abrasive squeal heralded a chair being dragged over to their table as a confident looking woman sat down next to them.

“You don’t know how hard it was to find you. But I could tell when I saw you in the crowd around the temple that you were them. We have a problem in Shirkwall. It’s going to go down tonight or tomorrow, I don’t know for sure,” she continued without looking at the party’s faces – almost to the point of ignoring them. “Now I have a contact who will meet you at the greasy hog, I know not a great name but apparently it’s a family, name, thing.” She looked up at the party after she seemed satisfied with looking out the door.

“Now they will be behind the counter, ask for directions to the Red Tulip and they will know you’re working with me. I wish I could be there myself…” she stopped as she looked at the faces of the party.. “You are the people that Hunter sent aren’t you? The famed adventurers who rid the cathedral of Elris of its heretics and slew the demon that was controlling them…” She sighed and held her head in her hands. “I am mistaken. But if you are not them then we are doomed. No one can help me to stop the rising of the Behemoth…”


Now ideally the party will help the lady in front of them, the identity will be revealed in the final writeup. You know for thematics and such. I am enjoying what we are doing this week so far. Now having a few NPCs playing against each other is exhausting for the DM. Both to keep track and keep it believable. However, it can enrich the play experience for the players which is why I am employing it in this weeks adventure.

Tomorrow we will have a look at a map. Now It may not make much sense immediately but that’s ok. I also hope to have the second part of the twist tomorrow as well which will sell it.

Thanks for joining me tonight as I expand this weeks adventure. Now for a paragraph made up by a 7 year old this adventure is really taking shape. Influence and inspiration can come from everywhere and I am happy to use them both as often as I can. It’s not an easy job being the Dungeon master so what ever we can do to make it a bit easier can make the world of difference. So don’t forget to come back each day this week as I expand it even more. And, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe

The Ballad of Buck Underbranch

Welcome to Wednesday night where the herald of Arbiter Zed brings to us his newest song, The Ballad of Buck Underbranch. The town of Heartsfern is in trouble and while Trent and Shelly take action to prepare themselves as much as possible there is one who thinks that its not enough. Fire in his veins and a blood on his mind he takes a different approach to the defence of his family.

So sit back, grab a coffee and let’s roll into tonight’s adventure!

The Ballad of Buck Underbranch


While Trent and Shelly fussed about the fortification of the town, with what little material they had Buck stalked the edge of the town. Not much of a builder, more of a fighter he stalked with a long bow in his hand and a short sword on his waist. It was three days until the blue moon and despite the relief the town felt when the adventurers showed up he was uneasy.

Buck Underbranch – created in Artbreeder.

A figure stumbled down the road ahead. The jittery, stumbling hop that the figure gave was all to familiar to Buck. In fact the horrible sing-song voice from his memory also carried along the wind from the figure ahead. The undead bard had appeared again.

“You won’t enter this town again” Buck muttered to himself as he took off on a jog towards the figure. Stopping occasionally to check the range with his bow in case he needed to fire in a hurry.

“There once was a man that was brave and bold, his cloak was new but his sword was old….” the voice carried on the wind towards him causing him to stop and aim at the figure that was sixty feet away. “Despite his age he ran ahead, to gather glory and bring home bread. But the glory he sought was all for naught since he never made it home. A cunning bard holds the cards that will cut him to the bone.” the figure stopped about thirty feet away, stumbling and breathing deeply. a low laughter could be heard coming from it. “There once was a man that feared the truth.” he muttered barely loud enough to be heard.


Buck leant in, his bow trained on the chest of the creature before him. So intense was his focus on the creature that he couldn’t hear the shouting from behind him. “The man didn’t realise that every step tightened his own noose.” the figure stood up, the same rotting visage from last time greeted him, a laughter burst outwards. “There once was a man that feared no dead! But mark my words, the Ballad of Buck Underbranch ends with him losing his head!” As the final word sprang out Bucks nerve snapped and he loosed a the shaft towards the creature. But it was too late.

Two blades had been thrown from the rotting man and soared towards his head, cutting through the string of the bow both blades hit their mark as the arrow punched through the chest of the creature knocking it to the ground, in pieces. The blades bit deep, the left one into his shoulder but right one into his neck. As he dropped to his knees he gingerly felt the blade. A fatal wound.

Laying on the ground and waiting for the thundering footsteps to reach him he tried to apply pressure to his wounded throat. But even as the terrified look of Shelly’s face, the concerned adventurers and his friend, Trent, appeared his consciousness dwindled.


Sadly every story needs a trigger point for action. This one here is the injury and potential death of Buck Underbranch. The interesting part about this is that healing potions, spells or even a medicine check will save Buck. So his death isn’t guaranteed but it should push the party forward regardless. In fact I fully intend that Buck will live through this encounter.

This gives the party a connection to the people in the city and I think that could be enough to help them decide to save the town. I also plant this scene here to give the party advanced warning of the combat ahead. While most zombies are slow and clumsy these ones here show some dexterity. I think this will give the party reason to pause, think and adjust their plans.

Or not, it’s up to them in the end!

Thanks for joining me tonight. Tomorrow night we will look at the maps and extra things that make this adventure just that little bit more. So don’t forget to come back tomorrow night, and Friday while we tie the last pieces together for this week. As the week is already coming to an end I want to encourage you to prepare some time this weekend for your own tabletop. Whether its painting, building or playing make sure to set aside yourself some time for your hobbies. And as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe

Not all Thieves

Welcome to Wednesday night where we discovered that not all thieves are the ruthless cutthroats we know and love. Tonight we find out that the Feline Filcher steals and fights for a cause that is close to her heart. But will the party and the city guard see the cause behind her crime spree or will one of her nine lives come to an end. Let’s roll into tonight’s adventure and find out!

Not all Thieves


As dawn started to peak its head over the edge of the buildings Sarline stood in the doorway to her room and sighed deeply. Tonight wasn’t without its hiccups but she did manage to get home with the item that was requested of her. Walking over to the loose board in the wall she pried it open to reveal the hidden chest that she kept there. “It will have to do for tonight” she told herself as she stashed the urn made from amber into the hidden chest.

The Feline Filcher – created in

Shrugging off her outer hooded cloak she lay it on the back of a wooden chair before moving to get some food and water. Her lodgings were humble but comfortable and she had a basin of water at least. Using a touch of the magic she had been blessed with she cleaned the marks from her clothes before turning her attention to her hooded cloak. Pushing the ears of her hood back into their pouches and once satisfied she turned to the rest of it. Calling on her magic again the pouches were sewn back shut and the dark soot she had forced into the the clothes were cleaned created a light red hood. Very different form the back it as last night.

No visitors welcome

“Welcome home Sarline,” a voice said from the doorway, “you continue to amaze the boss”.

Sighing Sarline turned around to the man in the doorway. “Well, this is an unwelcome surprise. Didn’t you read the sign out front. No visitors are welcome.” she snapped.

“Now now, the boss just wants the item and in return you get what we promised.” the man sneered as he knew he had her where he wanted her. “Unless you want to go back on the deal that is?” he goaded.

“Shut up Pike. I’ll meet you in the alleyway in two minutes.” she added as she stalked towards the man. Retreating he nodded and left leaving Sarline to retrieve the amber urn. A few moments later she had climbed down from her window to the alleyway and was prepared for the trade. “Alright. Here you are. But I need proof that the barter on your end is made” she said to the men in the alleyway.

Dirty business

“now, now Sarline. Your words offend me. To know that you think so little of me hurts deeply.” a man with a voice like cold steel said from a doorway. “If my word isn’t enough then,” he clicked to punctuate his sentence. Several children were produced at the end of the alleyway and released with a kick. The children ran off without a moments notice and disappeared from their captors. “surely that suffices?”

“You gave your word that you wouldn’t harm or kidnap any more children. This is the last job then I am done Seth.” Sarline snapped as she handed the urn to a lackey who took it straight to the thug-boss.

“I would hate to think you would abandon the other children. Alas I caught two of the little devils trying to steal from one of my shops and I had to avoid them being arrested by Captain Cole now didn’t I?” he smirked

“You bastard!” she screamed in response. “Release them!”

“One last job. You have my word and everything and anything is done. If the children are caught stealing again then the guard can handle them next time.” Seth said with a look that pleaded honesty.

“Whats the job you scum?” she sighed, clenching her fists to prevent her from laying into the man.

“I’ll send word to you. Two nights from now.” Seth said as he walked off, chuckling to himself and his crew.


So the cat burglar turns out to be working to save children. I normally try to avoid these common tropes but this week was just too easy to flow into and, I think it will be an exciting adventure. In fact I hope to be able to run this adventure this week or very soon.

Thanks for joining me tonight but don’t forget to come back this week as I continue expand our adventure. As we learn that not all thieves are evil. Tomorrow we look at the extra content, but I want this week to be a theatre of the mind event – so I will look at what I can organise. Don’t forget to visit to find out what I come up with and as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe

Boglet’s Barter

Tonight we see the middle of the week adventure update includes our party dealing with Boglet’s Barter. A cunning and tricky merchant to pin down Boglet will only dish out the best information when properly bartered for. In fact he has a request for the information that may just suit our Binding’s own agenda. But let’s not spoil that early and let’s roll into tonight’s adventure update!

Boglet’s Barter


As Boglet saw a promise of his safety flashing before his eyes he decided to give a bit more information to help seal the deal. “Did you notice the strange mists that cling to the rock and the trees in the hills? Hmm? Did the twang of a taught bowstring echo across the valley and give you chills? hmm? The Waargh has many such instruments of destruction, many killbows trained on the sky.” he muttered quickly, his eyes sparkling with the recognition of the truth in his words.

“For the right price I can give you the location of these great bows. Surely heroes like yourself would make use of such information.” he said nodding in almost a sage like manner.

“What about the price of your life Hobgrot?” Brung barked as his hand moved to his hip.

“Now now Duardin. If I die the knowledge does. Fair trade is the motto of Boglet. Answer me a question truthfully and I’ll answer one in return. Information is valuable yes?” he mused as he stared nervously at the duardin.

“Ask your question then Hobgrot.” Kathe commanded as she stood a few feet from the creature.

“What are you doing out here in the hills?” he asked after a moment of contemplation. When the binding responded he nodded with satisfaction. “The killbows are being moved to point towards the humans and their allies. By dawn tomorrow there will be more bolts in corpses than the living. They aim to fire from that ridge,” he stopped and pointed to a high ridge in the hills behind them. Half a days march at most. “They will be guarded though…” he mused tapping a knowing finger on his chin.


“Guarded by what?” Gwen asked, her curiosity getting the better of her.

“Now that information is a different price.” Boglet grinned. “Four phials of Aqua Ghyranis”.

After a moment of hesitation, bartering and some disagreements the price was paid. “The boss and his Vulcha guard the bows. Only he knows exactly what the plan is and he commands all. He is a dangerous boss but there will be moments where he isn’t with the bows, when he talks to the shamans or the Orruk megaboss. So I would avoid him at all costs.” he mentioned. After a moment he asked as he was investigating the phials. “What do you plan to do?”

“Destroy the bows, kill the boss,” Kathe said definitively, “it will tip the scales in our favour and potentially save the dawners.”

Boglet considered the answer for a moment. “Killing the boss is worth more than four phials..” he said as he passed the Aqua Ghyranis back. “Kill him dead and we are even” he muttered as the binding took their Aqua back.


To kill a Killaboss on Corpse-rippa Vulcha is no small feat. These things are tough. But perhaps if the party were to come up with a cunning plan its possible. The aim of this week is to intercept the deadly artillery and remove the head of the snake of the army. It will take a great feat of strength, some luck and a whole lot of mettle to best this foe. If planned right the killbows wont have a chance to shoot!

With tomorrow almost here I am looking at the Soulbound zones again. Checking to see if I can create a robust enough map to served the thematic scene I have in store as well as creating something that is both versatile and reusable. So as always, I hope to grant you the rerolls on your casting and I hope that you return to this adventure again soon,
The Brazen Wolfe

The Giant King

Welcome to another Wednesday and tonight I am introducing you to The Giant King. Not officially a king but the difference between a rightful ruler and one that is not is those who follow you. Now without giving much more away let’s sit down, grab a coffee and roll on with tonight’s adventure.

The Giant King


As the Aarakocra prince brought back the heroes that had agreed to come help his people another power as rising. In the rocky hills below Taloncrest there was a tribe of bugbears and goblins. Not unusual for them to flock to suck remote areas but at the base of Taloncrest it was a dangerous place for any who were sensible. The Aarakocra were fierce warriors and magicians and to confront them or invade their lands meant death.

However, there was one amongst their horde, an outcast who feared nothing or no one. This being called himself the King under the crest and with his direction this giant had rallied the bugbears to raid the hatcheries of the Aarakocra. With their young being captured the Aarakocra were powerless to stop the giant and his followers as they ravaged the land, spreading chaos and destruction. Prince Sashik had flown out to remedy this.

The Giant and his followers hadn’t constructed a mighty fort. With the threat of the Aarakocra kept in check none dare to go against the will of the king. Instead they had several large tents, a pit for fighting and cages for prisoners lined with humans and the hatched chicks of the Aarakocra.


When we said the King feared nothing we omitted a single detail. The King however did fear the wrath of his own people. Scorned as a young warrior and humiliated in a trial by combat he had been exiled. Alone in the world he had vowed for revenge. Upon uttering his quest for revenge a hag appeared and showed him a glimmer of a vision, his future.
The vision showed the hatching season for Aarakocra, their defences and a way in for the cunning to snatch a crown. All the King needed to do to cement his crown is wait for a golden moon and the hag would reappear, claim her price and he would rule.

The golden moon was close, approaching too fast for the wannabe King. He needed to retrieve the eggs now but the Aarakocra were on high alert now. A final push while their people lay trapped in cages would see the eggs, and his crown become his.


A rescue mission or frontal assault. A variation of the “fetch” quest this adventure will see our party pushed to make the tough decisions of all out combat or cunning to retrieve victory. The Giant King will bellow out demands at points where the party can determine whether the king is bluffing or not. Then using information gathered or gained they can make a plan.

Thanks for coming tonight and spending your evening with me. Tomorrow night we look at the maps, hopefully I can do some justice of Taloncrest and I get to create another camp. Exciting! So don’t forget to come back tomorrow night for more D&D Content. This weekend I will be attending a DM round-table event where I can share my experience with other DMs, new and old. Being able to share this passion of mine with others and to also get insight from other Masters of the craft I think will be extremely rewarding. Who knows, maybe they will become readers like yourself.

So look out for something different this Saturday night and lastly, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe

The White Prince

Welcome to Wednesday where tonight I want to look at the White Prince. The White Prince is new to these lands but power hungry and despite his young age, ambitious. Using what he has found he begins to be more aggressive and this is what brings the adventurers to Pine Ridge. Curious to meet the Prince? Well let’s sit back, grab a coffee and roll on with tonight’s adventure.

The White Prince


As the last of the kobolds moved through the cave he looked across his minions with satisfaction. However he knew that it was a matter of time before a larger male moved into this spot. Well that was his fear. He knew that unless he instilled fear into his pathetic minions that they would default to the next big boss that arrives here. As one of the kobolds was carrying what appeared to be a large polished dish of steel he lashed out with a claw and with a sickening thud separated its head from shoulders. The large dish rolled to the ground

The other Kobolds in the cave stared at him opened mouth and wide eyed, the musk of fear was palpable. With a cold, high-yet rumbling voice he spoke to the humanoids. ‘Let that be a reminder to you. This vermin was coveting the riches that are mine. All riches in, above and around these mountains are mine.'”‘ he spoke as he crawled forward to grab the polished dish and jammed it between roof and floor, creating a distorted mirror.

Some of the remaining kobolds skittered forwards and grabbed the twitching body and head, dragging it out whilst they moved around the lair with renewed vigour. Smiling the prince admired himself in the custom mirror and the food and growing treasure from the area near his den. But the pile was small, growing still, and he wanted more. Looking towards the larger, stronger Kobold nearby the Prince barked at him.


‘Kizzet, where are the other treasures? I thought you said that we had more!’ a mote of white smoke-like drifted from its nostrils ‘Are you keeping some from me?’ he snarled.

The Kobold turned around and dropped to a knee, this one did not smell of fear at all. ‘My Lord. We ran into a issue. a warrior from the village ambushed us and slew a few of our people. As we rallied the female retreated with some of your treasure. We gave chase but she escaped.’ the kobold reported.

‘You will find this warrior and teach this female a lesson. No one steals from me!’ the prince roared as he threw himself onto his treasure and killed animals and started to take his frustration out on the meat.

‘You heard the white prince!’ barked Kizzet, ‘Rally the warriors. We move at dusk!’

Thanks for dropping by tonight. This see’s us with the beginning of a two-stage adventure planned this week where we have Kobolds attacking the village and then the hunt for the white prince. So don’t forget to come back the last few days this week as we explore more. Also don’t forget that with the weekend approaching fast to set aside some time for your own hobby. Whether its painting, building, reading or rolling dice make sure to nurture that creative spark. And lastly, as always, don’t forget to roll it with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe

The Parrots Call

Welcome to Wednesday night where we look at the advancement of our adventure this week as our party heeds the Parrots call. Now this one is a bit of a riddle to this week, with combat but perhaps with a twist. So sit back, grab a coffee and let’s roll into tonight’s write-up.

The Parrots Call


The Parrot looked around the room at its silenced audience. A man stood up from his seat where moments ago he was slumped over.

“Shank. Shank foretells the arrival of the Flying Owlbear. See I am not crazy. The stories are true!” and he roared with laugher, ale froth still caught in his beard. With that the room cleared out, everyone running for the exits as the booming canon fire could be heard getting closer and louder. As the party went to move the parrot, Shank apparently, looked at the party. Its odd almost human like extra toes seeming to skitter across the table was it walked towards them.

‘Wait,’ it said as it got closer, turning its head to stare at the party with a ghostly eye. ‘Sin’s of the son wealth haunt the father. One unable to return to the place of his living, the other unwilling. One cursed to still live, the other lives a curse. Both existences healed only when both returns to ones place of birth.’ The parrot hopped closer and repeated it staring at them. Saying it loud enough that the sounds of canon fire seemed to punctuate the rhythmic sentences. Then the canon fire stopped and the parrot flew to land in front of the man who cried out before. Then with a groan of wood from outside signalling the arrival of something, the parrot flew towards the front of the Tavern and passed through the wall.

The stomping of boots came from the front of the tavern after a moment. Slowly the doors opened and a ghostly man strode in. Looking around he tavern he strode towards the bar, passing through a table, part of his ghostly body knocking over a tankard that bounced across the floor.

‘Rum, please.’ he said to no one, but a bottle flew across the table with a glass and he poured himself a glass.

‘So,’ he said as he turned to look at the party and the crazy man who remained. ‘Do you know where my treasure is?’


Tonight the riddle, the parrot, Bryce (the crazy old man) and the spectral NPC (Percy Bryceson) all play an important role. The riddle is hinting that we need both the Father, Bryce, and son, Percy to go home. There is the treasure and the encounter for the week. Well the encounter is on the boat as well – but let’s see if we can convince the party to get on a ghost ship that travels across the land…

Don’t forget to come back for the last few days of this week as we continue our adventure. I have some interesting maps, I hope, that I plan to do for this week as well as some more additions for our adventure. So I hope you will not forget to visit daily and, as always, don’t forget to roll it with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe

Ambush at dusk

Tonight we expand our adventure forward by looking at the two trigger points for this weeks Soulbound adventure. This weeks pivot starts with an ambush at dusk and devolves into a frantic race and struggle to survive. Intrigued? Well sit back, grab a coffee and let’s roll into tonight’s writeup.

Ambush at dusk


The party sailed low in the small airship, a modified grundstock gunhauler, as it head towards the edge in the direction Lord Brighthammer had sent them. The light of Hysh was high in the sky when they saw ruined research outpost that they had been flying towards. Setting down near a relatively intact tent, that wasn’t completely riddled with bolt or arrow holes and large gashes they threw a large length of cloth over the kharadron vessel to keep it from being discovered easily, as metal tends to attract the wrong typoe of attention in these lands.

Searching the outpost they didn’t find the remnants of the people posted here, nor the guard that was meant to stand watch but evidence of them being here was everywhere. The binding found a few vials of Aqua Ghyranis which they stockpiled for later and eventually found a barricaded door.

Forcing their way in they found what looked like the remains of the scouting team, cut to ribbons in the cruellest of ways. But what was more shocking was that they had all their belongings and supplies still on them.


The beating of large wings drew them to take a defensive position inside the doorway but a familiar, yet surprising and unwelcome, voice called out through the camp. The Dawn Keeper had flown here on his two headed griffon and was looking for the party. When he saw them the amber mage’s face lit up with glee as he raced to greet them.

“Boy am I happy to see you. And I see you have found the scouts. I do apologise but time is short. Lord Brighthammer has sent me here to retrieve the Amberbone as quickly as possible. The Orruks are massing and we have no time to waste. Sigmar is bringing down his stormcast but we fear it may be too little. We need the amberbone to guarantee our success and my griffon is blessed with Ghurian magic. It will get the amberbone quickly.” he said as he looked around for the amberbone.

Not taking no for an answer the ruler of the Dawnbringer crusade grabbed the amberbone and clambered onto his griffon, barking out gutteral words that made the hair on the back of the bindings neck stand on edge. The griffon shrieked with primal energy as it took to the sky and flew off at great speeds towards the centre.

Ambush at dusk

Watching the mage go the glint of steel flashed from a nearby peak and a bolt of metal and wood slammed into the griffons side. A mass of feathers and meat fell to the ground and the Keeper with it. However within a few seconds the form of the falling battlemage shifted as he took on a primal shape as wings sprouted from his back and he darted low and into the setting sun.

I was evident that there was something on a nearby hill that had its great weapons trained on the skies. The binding could risk take off and hope that the setting sun protect them or wait a few hours until the light from Hysh had vanished. But there was no telling what lay in wait in the hills or what had killed the scouts within the outpost. Regardless of the choice the binding was in for a tough decision and potentially many tough days to come ahead.


Thank you for joining me tonight as we continue on with our Soulbound adventure. Tonight I wanted to capture the essence of the adventure, discovery, tough decisions and overall danger. I have added elements of risk into each action or outcome this week and I want the players to feel that. The world of warhammer, and by extension soulbound, is a cruel and unforgiving space and there are more sad stories than happy ones. It’s now upto the power of the binding, and their choices, if this ends up being a happer one or a sad one.

So to end the night I wish to say thanks for joining me for another day but there is more to come. Tomorrow night I look at maps and the extra things that make it just so right. Friday and the weekend we have our encounters and, hopefully our writeup for this adventure. So to aid you in this week, I wish to grant you a bonus to all save rolls. Perhaps that extra chance to shrug off something aiming for a weak spot will come in handy for you, perhaps not. But having it is nice regardless,
The Brazen Wolfe

Haunting of the Inn

Welcome to Wednesday night’s update to our weekly adventure. Tonight we reveal what’s happening in Crelion Manor where we look at the haunting of the inn.

But why is the party of adventures the only people who stay in the inn and, why does Tom glare at them constantly? Let’s read on tonight and during the week more will be revealed!

Haunting of the Inn


The rain continued well into the night and while the party sat by the warm roaring fire they wondered when the storm would let up. The manor seemed to be equipped for just about all their needs and when ever they asked Jane about something of interest she would be able to provide some advice or tool to assist. There was enough space for the adventurers to stay in a single room or in several and the beds were comfortable, much more so than the open road at least.

As the night continued onwards the party members retired for the night and eventually the manor was silent except for the howling wind and battering rain. One by one they drifted off to sleep and one by one they suffered a nightmare that when they woke they felt more exhausted than they had in the morning. When they complained about their sleep they began to realise that they all suffered the same nightmare. The same creatures had attacked them in their dreams and where they suffered wounds they hurt the next morning but without physical harm. The innkeeper Tom stood at the doorway to were they talking and, with a hint of sorrow to his frown filled face nodded towards the door once more.


As the party moved to the front door of Crelion Manor Tom looked both sad and gleeful at their choice to depart. After the haunting night they could not be blamed after all. The days sun barely pushed its away through the stormy louds above and the rain and wind made it difficult to walk. But they continued outwards and beyond.

‘See you real soon, take care!’ Jane called as she leant against her quiet husband at the front door. As the wind whipped at the capes Jane had provided them for fear of their health. It wasn’t long until the rustling of footsteps could be heard behind them but as with last time nothing could be seen. As the further they got from the manor the more frantic they became, desperate to reach the party. As they continued faster away from the hounding footsteps a crack was the last sound they heard as a branch from a tree fell down and hit them.

Soon they woke, the images and sounds of pursuit still haunting their waking thoughts. Sore but comfortable and warm, the sounds and smells of food cooking brought them back to the present. ‘Hello dears. Oh you’re lucky we found you when we did. Tom brought you back after you ran into the woods in the middle of the storm. Don’t you worry you are safe here with us.’ Jane said as she came in with plates filled with delicious smelling food. Cured meats, eggs and bread piled up high.

The book

As they looked at the food Tom appeared in the doorway and shook his head, sadness appeared in his eyes as he frowned at them and clutched his guest book tighter. But… was that a purposeful look at the book. Jane turned around at that moment. ‘Tom… Oh yes that’s right. They still need to sign the book with the duration of their stay, come in dear and give it to them. Make sure the ribbon is on the right page – we want to make sure the guest book is in good order now.’ Jane said with a broad smile as she walked out of the room.

Tom brought in the book with an inkwell as well and slipped the quill into the back of the book before handing it to them. As the party grabbed the heavy, large leather bound book he stared at them and then the book as he adjusted the feather in the last page. Tom then stood and left them to the book and the food.

As the party opened the guest book to the ribbon they noticed that there were hundreds of names in the ledger and each of them had a season and day of listed down in there. Turning to the last page, where the quill was jammed into the book they noticed a different list. Twelve names were on the page where eleven names ran down the page with a gap at the fifth line, each with a number next to their name. There was a blood smeared fingerprint on the page and the last name was separate and at the bottom of the page.

Thomas Dottery – 0


Alright the time to start the puzzle has begun! This week we have a list that is the key to working out the puzzle and a few horrifying encounters planned. Every night the party sleeps they are wracked with nightmares of being attacked, alone by some unknown creature. When they wake they feel more exhausted than before they went to bed and what’s more, each other member of the party has had the same dream. If they try and leave they get so far before they are attacked or otherwise injured and knocked out When they wake the yare back in the Crelion Manor with Tom standing nearby looking at them with sadness and frustration.

I designed this week to try and move away from the traditional format of my adventures being fetch or stop and look at a Learning one. Learn what the message on the last page is and then you can be free. That’s it.

Thanks for coming tonight and sharing this with me. As tomorrow is Maps and bonus content I hope to have the letter and a few maps organised as dream scapes are the maps of the week. So don’t forget to come back for them and, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe