Desperation Point

Hi all and welcome to the last week of the month where this week we compile the previous three weeks writeups into one post to be looked at as a single adventure.

Tonight I want to look at the easiest choice for the party to make and the easiest way forward – making a run to the town.

Jade Point


The Run down to the town wasn’t the be difficult part nor was the exhaustion setting in from days of poor rest. Dodging arrows and the ever encroaching mist hiding Oni or worse within was. As the party ran past a line of barely noticeable white stones in the grass arrows and bolts whizzed passed them to meet a rushing Oni as if two opposite poles of a magnet finally able to be united.

“supportive fire, lose when ready” a gruff voice bellowed up ahead as the party had to jump abruptly as a few logs came into view causing them to slow down or jump if they wished to avoid being stuck behind a 3ft high log. As they cleared a few logs they saw hastily repaired walls, well scaffolding, where a handful of archers stood and shot into the mist as the Oni slowly ceased their pursuit. As the party neared the wall several armed but tired looking soldiers rushed out from behind a door that was pulled open quickly and escorted in the party.

The moment they crossed the threshold behind the barricades they were surrounded by soldiers who had their weapons trained on them. “Take them to the inn. I’ll be there shortly once we know if the Oni are dealt with” said the voice before.

Three party didn’t have to wait long in a large, cold storage room at the inn before a haggard man stepped through, a fresh bandage covering the left side of his face. “Well, you best get talking before I send you out with the Oni. Where is captain Jake and private Yu?” The man began by sitting and clicking this fingers which caused a fire place to bloom to life in the room.

After a run of questions from the man in In front of them they find out he is Lieutenant Mattyias, second in command to Captain Jake who went missing sometime today. “Well, if what you say is true it sounds like we are both working for the same side. We came to the defence of this city on our way back to White fort and have been at a loss how to get the town’s folk our of here. If we could mend your ship and get the townsfolk, well those who remain, onboard we could save the rest of these people. But the Oni won’t let us leave or escape. Lost a few of my men and brothers in arms to that plan.” He mused out loud.

“What we need is a distraction, one that would keep them away from the town long enough that we can get these people out of here. I also want to find Captain Hart. He is one of the best captains we have and he cant be left in enemy hands. His knowledge alone is worth his survival and the Oni probably know that too. My guess is he and Yu are behind enemy lines.” Mattyias continued. “Perhaps you were sent here for a reason? Got any ideas?”

Thanks for joining me tonight for the wind-down before the wrap-up this weekend coming. Don’t forget to come back each day this week so that we can look into the tweaks, extra detail and additional things for this adventure and see what it creates at the end of the week. This week marks the end of my short break and with only a unit, and friends, painted alas I was unable to get through 80 miniatures in such a short timeframe but I will endeavour and push on! Don’t forget to keep an eye out for my extra content and as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe