Keeping afloat

Hi all and welcome to Thursday where, for us here at Brazen Wolfe Tabletop we look at extra bits, items, maps, stat blocks, information and titbits that make our game richer.

Tonight, after an incredibly long day at work I have opted for the easy way out (but don’t fret! I will have what I originally planned as additional goodies for Sunday!).

Help from old foes


As the crew lit another fire and cooked the food that they or the Toad-kin had managed to catch for breakfast Kyoko stared at the ship, her ship, the Dancing Drake as it sat resting between two mudbanks which it had drifted between during the fight with the chiefs and the now friendly Toad-kin a few days ago. As a few toad-kin swam to the surface having slowly been patching the hull with twigs, leaves and a sap that grew from a certain tree in the nearby forest they looked exhausted but approached her joyously.

The croaks, grunts and clicks that came forth from them with gesturing and drawing in some soft soil near by indicated that they had something to show, and they were excited by it. “Go on, lead the way” she said as she shucked her layered lamellar┬áchest plate, bracers and greaves before following the toad-kin into the water using a rope that had been tied to the edge of the ship as a way to keep herself from being swept back out to see or pulled down into the deep river by the strong currents – no one here was a strong as a swimmer as the Toad-kin. As she drifted below the water several eel, and snake like fish darted away from the boats edge as she pulled herself along to where the hole, well was previously. Instead of broken boards and a gaping hole to the ship there was now an, albeit ugly, patchwork of reeds, branches, leaves and a hard semi-shiny sap like material that even as she looked at it under water was hardening and shrinking; binding the mess of plants together. Pointing up she surfaced and moved towards the shore, the toad-kin coming to help her as they were at home in the water as much as on the land.

“It looks, well not as good as new, but mended. When will be set and ready to sail?” she asked as she squeezed water from her hair. The toad-kin who had followed her drew three moons and circled the last one. “Thee moons from now. Huh, well its better than nothing and will do until we can get it repaired by the ship builders.” she said smiling. “thank you” she said as she patted the lumpy skin of the toad-kin in front of her who croaked with a broadening grin -revealing their sharp teeth lined powerful jaws.

“Captain!” a voice yelled from on deck, Sun Yu one of her crew mates. “We have two toads approaching” he yelled.

Moving around the side of the ship, grabbing her chest piece and strapping it back on as she moved she met the toads as they leapt onto the mudbank. “Princess Kyoko, star emissary, the adventurers have made it through the Marsh, and the jungle” they paused to breathe as a cheer went up, some bewildered faces at the Toad-kin speaking common were scattered amongst the crowd – including Kyoko.

“that good news. We should be on our way soon then it seems” she said with a grin, looking at the curious pendant that the Toad-kin was wearing.

“that’s not all – the Oni are attacking the town on the waters edge, the town is falling. The adventurers, Kookastem catcher and Long tooth slayer,” audible gasps could be heard from the toad-kin present, “stayed behind to go help the town but the Oni are shrouded in shadow – we must aid them if they are to succeed.

Kyoko gritted her teeth, this was not good but she could not let her crew know that she was worried. “I guess we don’t have three days to wait for the sap to set. We shove off tomorrow at midday on the morning – a day and a half shall have to do..” Concerned looks came from the toad-kin who had patched the ship but the camp immediately bustled with activity as crewmen climbed aboard the ship with buckets to start bucketing out water from below deck.

“Liz – a word if you will” Kyoko called as she walked towards her and Siu – concern on the face of the dragon-like beast called Siu as Kyoko picked up the rest of her armour and started to buckle them on as well.

Well I had intended it on being a shorter night but, much like last night, once I had worked out where and how I wanted to go with the write-up it just flew. Don’t forget to come back the next few nights for the last few pieces of content and, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe