Hunters of the alone

Hi all and welcome to this Friday fightnight where this week we look at the beast that lurks in rivers, ponds, lakes and, in this case, a cave under a waterfall.

For those who knew it was a Kappa well done. One of my favourite Japanese folktale creatures with, somewhat disturbing folklore but for the purpose of this adventure I’ll leave those parts out…

The Kappa


The creatures that attacked the party from the waterfall pool are short, between that of a dwarf and a halfling, scaled with webbed feet and hands each ending in three vicious fingers complete with long sharped curved claws. Each of them have a bony ridge on top of their heads that created a bowl with water that, by some magical or mystical nature, never spills unless an external force forces the water to spill.

A large ridged shell covers its back and, for some, a bit of their chest. Despite being humanoid almost no body hair grows for both males and females and generally its just enough hair to surround their head bowl. They have enlarged nostrils that flow into a bony growth like beak surrounded their teeth filled mouth and their eyes seem to bulge lightly from their tiny-constantly scowling eye sockets.

The Kappa will fight for food quite viciously but they are also smart enough to know the value in their own lives and are more than likely to flee if the alternative is their death. In this encounter 2-3 Kappa’s should be attacking the party – by now I would believe we would have level 6 characters in the party so that should make the encounter easier. Once one Kappa falls the next wounded most wounded Kappa will retreat and swim back under the waterfall, the next Kappa will do the same but will try and bring down the party member who struck its fellow Kappa down.

Inside the waterfall cave everything is dimly lit, so the Kappa are considered to be lightly obscured. The Kappa female is twice the size of the normal Kappa and so her HP should be doubled. It will be her any any wounded Kappa that managed to escape +3d6 hp healed back to their wounded HP score if they had water left in their head bowls.

Well thanks for joining me tonight to look at the Kappa. ‘Translating’ from DnD 3.0(ish?) rule sets into 5e is hard and not an exact science at all times but I tried to keep the essence of the Kappa there. Don’t forget to come back this weekend for more D&D content and as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe