Hunters of the alone

Hi all and welcome to this Friday fightnight where this week we look at the beast that lurks in rivers, ponds, lakes and, in this case, a cave under a waterfall.

For those who knew it was a Kappa well done. One of my favourite Japanese folktale creatures with, somewhat disturbing folklore but for the purpose of this adventure I’ll leave those parts out…

The Kappa


The creatures that attacked the party from the waterfall pool are short, between that of a dwarf and a halfling, scaled with webbed feet and hands each ending in three vicious fingers complete with long sharped curved claws. Each of them have a bony ridge on top of their heads that created a bowl with water that, by some magical or mystical nature, never spills unless an external force forces the water to spill.

A large ridged shell covers its back and, for some, a bit of their chest. Despite being humanoid almost no body hair grows for both males and females and generally its just enough hair to surround their head bowl. They have enlarged nostrils that flow into a bony growth like beak surrounded their teeth filled mouth and their eyes seem to bulge lightly from their tiny-constantly scowling eye sockets.

The Kappa will fight for food quite viciously but they are also smart enough to know the value in their own lives and are more than likely to flee if the alternative is their death. In this encounter 2-3 Kappa’s should be attacking the party – by now I would believe we would have level 6 characters in the party so that should make the encounter easier. Once one Kappa falls the next wounded most wounded Kappa will retreat and swim back under the waterfall, the next Kappa will do the same but will try and bring down the party member who struck its fellow Kappa down.

Inside the waterfall cave everything is dimly lit, so the Kappa are considered to be lightly obscured. The Kappa female is twice the size of the normal Kappa and so her HP should be doubled. It will be her any any wounded Kappa that managed to escape +3d6 hp healed back to their wounded HP score if they had water left in their head bowls.

Well thanks for joining me tonight to look at the Kappa. ‘Translating’ from DnD 3.0(ish?) rule sets into 5e is hard and not an exact science at all times but I tried to keep the essence of the Kappa there. Don’t forget to come back this weekend for more D&D content and as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe

The afflicted

Hi all and welcome to Friday also known as Fightnight!, this week the stat blocks don’t really matter as much as the mechanics behind the encounter(s). We find our group on board the Dancing Drake and sailing towards a port town that will see them travelling further and deeper into Ryokughan.

But what if the threat came from some other place not the of this world, not of the Material plane. This week we touch the tip of that.

Shadowy Assaults


Those touched by the stones known as the Slivers of Shadow find themselves cursed to be ignored and unrecognised until they go through with their end of the bargain – or they can pass the stone onto someone more strongly willed at which point they are released of the curse.

Now I will save the reason why for later this month but those who find themselves on the precipice of being unable to remove the stone because there are none who can recognise or see them will find themselves quickly pulled between two planes, the Material plane where their body resides and the Shadowplane, Shadowfell, where the entity known as “The Shadow” holds onto their essence, their spirit/soul and this instability of planar existence.

For mechanics I want to keep it simple – A successful Charisma Saving throw vs Stealth check OR Insight vs Stealth will reveal the creature to the one who made the check.

Until the creature attacks they are treated as being invisible and being under the silence spell. All attacks against them are made as disadvantage until they are revealed (Faery fire doesn’t work here as its not a sight based clouding of senses) and when they attack they make their attack with advantage.

Now the nature of the creature doesn’t matter, human, crew member, Jade point refugee – but I wouldn’t have them too strong as it already has the party at a big disadvantage. I would have several people, maybe 6 encounters where the last one is two of the touched attacking at once – at all instances they will ignore the party and go straight for Liz – or through the party to get to Liz as the case may be.

Thanks for joining me tonight – it was another short one tonight but I still wanted to get something out to you all while I am still recovering. Don’t forget to come back this weekend for more content on both Saturday and Sunday and, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe

Inevitable boarding

Hi all and welcome to Friday, also known as Fight-night! Tonight I wanted to had a small random encounter for whilst the party is still in the marshlands – aboard the ship or on foot.

So sit back, enjoy, and let’s get into it.

Ethereal malcontents


As the mist wafted across the waters surface the the onlookers assumed nothing was different to the previous nights where the same phenomena happened. That is until movement from within the mists foretold the appearance of humanoid faces gliding atop shadow and air which writhed towards sentient life like a leech does blood.

Now, being someone similar to the Shadow we would use them as such except that they are a lot weaker than a shadow. Ambushing, stealth and infiltration before wearing there targets down before draining them of life.

For a party of 4 level 5 characters we would probably look at around 8 of these – enough that one per turn per player will go down but they will still be able to give that sense of dread and danger to the player to let them know that they are in danger.

Well after the last few nights being larger than I had intended tonight is a bit smaller than I had intended but I also didn’t want to overload what we had for this month as its quite busy. Don’t forget to come and see the final product at the end of the week and, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe

The Oni

Hi all and welcome to Friday (fight night!) where I want to have a bit of a look at the Oni, the warrior race of people who have inhabited the northern mountain ranges and who formed pacts with the Shadow, a dark entity who only wants to see the world turn to darkness and chaos.

Not to be confused with the Oni from the Monster Manual (although its relatively close to the Oni Shadow Blessed) theses creatures resemble and act like a highly disciplined, brutal version of the hobgoblin – driven by the pacts made with the shadow to do unspeakable acts to the other humanoids of the continent.

Face of the Shadow


A martial race known for otherwise being brutal and calculating warlords and raiders who capture the more civilised races of Ryokughan for their brutal shadow overlord.

Oni – warrior caste

The Oni warriors are brutal warriors that take advantage of the generally weaker humanoid races of the Ryokughan continent and to ensure their success each young Oni undergoes extreme and violent training and battle drills to make sure they work as an effective army when the time comes to raid the weaker races.

Leaders of the warrior race.

Oni warriors that excel at battle drills and display extraordinary leadership qualities are granted the title of captain, if they survive their first dose of power from the Shadow – a process that claims more lives than it blesses.

Those that survive the rituals are driven to do harvest bodies, information, wealth or anything else the shadow desires but they are seen as chosen warriors – creatures which the other Oni follow blindly into battle and follow what ever orders are given to them.

Born blessed

Oni that are born blessed by the shadow grow incredibly fast, strong and large but despite their large size they are smarter than most Oni, sometimes put together, and capable of some magical abilities.

Able to turn invisible and summon unnatural darkness they live to ensure their knowledge continues to aid their kind, and the demands that the Shadow makes of them are completed.

Inherently magical these creatures hunt mages, wizards and young dragons to drain them of their magical essence and knowledge so that the shadow not only loses a potent enemy but that the Oni Shadow Blessed can gain in power and strength. The oldest and most powerful of these Oni tower over all, bigger than even some giants.

Thanks for joining tonight to look at the Oni, ever since seeing both the Oni and the Hobgoblin in the monster manual I always thought that they belonged in an oriental setting and this was a great opportunity to adjust them slightly to fit how I see them in this continent and world.

Don’t forget to come back for the end of week writeup and the hobby update this weekend, or perhaps a writing challenge (I am not quite sure which it will be yet). Don’t forget that next week is the end of the month and so a end of month writeup is on its way so look out for that. As my brief pause of normal work ends and I look to going back to my office job I wanted to thank you all for following me on this journey, exploring this endeavour with me as I really appreciate it and always get a jolt of excitement when I notice people read and like what I put out there. I won’t forget that feeling which my first few posts brought me and I hope that you will continue to join me.

Finally, let’s not forget, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe


Hi all and welcome to a Fightnight where this week we are finally looking at the creatures for this weeks encounter, and a bonus writeup.

So I’ve got a bit of work to do including borrowing some stat blocks and modifying them to suit as well as making stat blocks from scratch!

Predators and Prey


The Longsnout

The Longsnout Sharptooth is a huge six legged reptile that resembled crocodiles and alligators with have two large fleshy appendages that are capped with fleshy flower petal like sensory glands. These creatures lie in wait in the water amongst the reeds and use their antennae like appendages to locate prey and lure them in before lunging at them and dragging them into the murky deep waters of the marsh.


These creatures despite not being outright smart have ambushed the unwary in the marshes for as long as they have been around.

While not afraid to fight with large creatures they prefer to fight anything that can fit in their mouth – such as medium and small creatures.

The Mirestrider Kookastem

This curios four legged, mostly flightless bird is beautiful yet stupid and easily spooked. Males have brighter plumage whilst females are adorned with large flowing features that quickly muddy (which causes these creatures to go into cleaning frenzies to keep their feathers immaculate).

Faster than most creatures and hyper aware that its the bottom of the food chain, delicious and weak this creature will run as fast as possible the moment its spooked, normally running directly into the mouth of another creature that’s waiting for it to do just so.


Now there isn’t much strategy to these creatures, the moment it detects something (passive perception) it will spook, run and jump (gliding with its stunted wings instead of a traditional jump)

Trapping, ambushing or shooting these creatures from a distance is the best bet to capture a tasty meal with bright plumage.

Giant Marsh Newt

The Giant Marsh newt is slow but opportunistic.


It will try and eat anything that is smaller than it by 2 sizes, but can swallow and attempt to eat something that is one size smaller. If the party has a small creature (such as a Toad-kin)

Whilst generally peaceful when driven to hunger it will greedily attack anything it deems an easy meal, trying to swallow it before disappearing into the mud.

A few hours before the party met Varda…

The first hour has been a nightmare, sticky mud that stuck to ankles and boots as they head further into the marsh, their guides, the two toad-kin, jumped and walked nimbly across the mud banks but were obviously slowed down due to the adventures behind them.

Several moments of croaking and crouching over some disturbed mud revealed a set of dragging footprints. The two diminutive humanoids were obviously trying to explain what it meant to the party that followed them when a large lingering shape walked between two bushes. A large slimy lizard appeared, well on closer look it was an amphibian.. the more experienced survivalists would call it a newt yet the size was immense compared to thr tiny creature’s that they may have read about or encountered before.

The two toad-kin looked looked nervous but unafraid as the creature stood still and looked at the party before walking backwards into the grasses.

As the party continued on one of the Toad-kin, the older looking one, went back and picked up a small carved talisman that one of them had dropped. The rustle of grass the only warning before large jaws lined with needle sharp teeth appeared and grabbed him between its jaws. The Newt then backed away as thr party as stood in awe for a moment before it turned and began to lumber away. The party have chase, several large flightless birds spooked and flew over the marsh flats quite some distance from the commotion of the party following a giant newt.

Add the party shot arrows, spells and swing swords at it the creature, covered in a slippery slime, moved ever forward towards the water edge before whirling around to perhaps face its attackers it finally succumbed to its wounds.

Slowly something moved from within the mouth of the newt and a toad-kin slowly pulled itself out. Do entranced by the near escape of one of their guides that they failed to notice several birds flying away with haste from nearby or the large figure splitting the waters surface as it approached the bank where the party were.

In a heart beat a huge shadow appeared from the water, jaws clamping shut down on the newt, breaking bones, splitting flesh and the wheezing of the last air being forced from its body as a 15ft monster crashed onto and around the party, its jaws grabbed the corpse and a massive tail beat down and knocked the party away as the beast dragged the bleeding body into the water. Six massive, powerful scaled legs making short work of dragging the creature into the murky depths.

Bruised, broken and battered the adventurers and two toad-kin edged away from the waters edge, the toad-kin sporting more serious wounds as they lead the party in a different direction, heading away from the creature in the water and towards somewhere a lot safer, they think.

Now with the missing puzzle piece revealed and this weeks story fully revealed I hope that it was worth the wait.

Don’t forget to come back this weekend for hopefully another hobby update as I prepare my Skaven for another skirmish on Monday as well as the end of week write-up on Sunday. And, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe

Marshland Marauders

Hi all and welcome to fight night! It nay be Friday night for normal people but for us here at Brazen Wolfe Tabletop we know it to promise encounters, puzzles and other goodness.

Now there’s a saying in Ryokughan that the dragon holds a ember of fire in it’s cheek incase the night is long… No, not really, but still the message is always keep something in reserve and today I have just that!

War Chief


While the Toad-kin are a peaceful those particularly blessed by the shadow grow to large intimidating sizes, the smallest at which being the size of the largest of a faerun orc, and with their size comes a hunger for violence and destruction.

Whilst violent and destructive these war chiefs of the toad-kin are cunning, calculating and meticulous in their planning utilising and commanding great throngs of lesser toad-kin usually by bulling and intimidating the clan chiefs and eating the smaller toads who defy them. True servants to the shadow these creatures have forgotten the way of their people, the worship of light, life and nature and seek only the glorification of themselves and the gratification of brutality.

The war chief toad-kin occasionally reaches large size, gaining a thicker hide, mightier constitution and more cunning after surviving so long. These Large ogre sized creatures are rare but extremely powerful and should be feared due to the sheer volume of clans that they bully into service.

In this encounter lets assume that our party of 4 have all reached level 5, I think that would be fitting for being this far in the adventure-year.

That is a lot of critters and yes it does say deadly, but if we break it down into how these creatures fight then it will make more sense.

These creatures will send through the foot soldiers, the humble toad-kin, first before the chiefs will be riled up to fight. If the chiefs begin to falter (and they do easily not being dumb creatures and valuing their life more highly than most things) then the war-chief will wade into the thick of things to dish out discipline and intimidate through violence the lesser toads

Now that we have all the stat-blocks for this weeks encounter and a bit more of an insight into the hierarchy of these normally peaceful creatures we have ourselves a fight on our hands.

So don’t forget to come back for the weekend nights to get more hobby updates, the final writeup and hopefully something extra, if I can find the time to do so!

Don’t forget to let me know if you are playing along or if you have any questions around how to incorporate this setting into your forgotten realms campaign and above all else, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe

Skaven sighted in Soulbound

Hi all and welcome to fight night where tonight I am getting ready for a warhammer game against an old friend and rival who has requested that I bring my Skaven once again to the front lines and do battle with his noble Fyreslayers.

But, tonight being fight night and I did say that I would bring some more Soulbound this week I wanted to explore combat and the “Creature Stat Blocks” for Soulbound.

So I will take you through some of my beloved Skaven models and do my best to explain the concept of these stat blocks (as I am still learning how the system works).

So without begging forgiveness for any mistakes I made, let’s roll on!

Skaven in Soulbound


The Clanrat

Second only to labourers and slaves, Clanrats are the most numerous and low ranking of the Skaven. Despite this, like
all Skaven, every Clanrat is convinced of its superiority and the inevitability of its ascension to greatness. They clutch rusted arms stolen from dead rivals and seek any
opportunity to advance their station.
Individually, a Clanrat is no match for a prepared hero, in fact, a lone Clanrat is just as likely to squirt the musk of fear and flee than stand and fight. Yet Clanrats rarely fight alone, instead swarming together in hordes of frenzied fighters that throw themselves at their foes in a smothering wall of stinking flesh and chittering savagery.

So first things first, it looks a bit different to a Dungeons and Dragons stat block but there are a few things to go through so we will go from top to bottom.

The Clanrat is classified as a minion, they are lowest fodder on the battlefield and really only strong in numbers, as true to Skaven on the tabletop as possible.

They have Poor Melee, Accuracy and Defence (but rated as average with a shield). This relates to the ladder I mentioned in my first glance of the system. If you have poor defence then the Clanrat will need to have a Difficulty Number (DN) of 4 Body (Weapon skill) where from the dice pool they create from both their Body attribute (down the bottom of the block) and the levels in training they have in their Weapon Skill skill they need to roll 4 or better to beat your defence of poor. But, if you have Average defence then they will have a DN of 5 which means from your dice pool you need to roll a 5 or better to hit. If the Clanrats target has good or better defence then only a 6 on the dice roll will hit.

Having an armour of – means that any damage that is dealt (the number of successful hits + any damage modifiers from the weapon) isn’t stopped by armour. Armor reduces the damage dealt to the creature by 1 for each point in armour.

Toughness is the stamina before the creature takes damage through to their wound. Having a toughness of 1 means that they can have 1 point of damage allocated to them before they stat suffering wounds. The neat thing about toughness is that it will recover outside of battle if you spend a few minutes (I think 10) having a short break before charging into the next throng of enemies.

A wounds of – means that they are truly weak creatures and that by reducing their toughness to 0 that they will suffer a mortal wound and die.

Mettle is a resource which Characters and strong enemies have that enables them to push past the normal barriers in ones physical or mental training and or one moment gain and advantage. Having no Mettle is common for creatures.

Now Speed. To understand speed we need to understand how the game field is laid out in what we call Zones. A zone is an area of space, generally seen as 15ft but its broken up by natural barriers like a wall, fence, trees, door, a incline or decline (trench or parapet). The area where your Character stands is called “Short Range“, the zone adjacent to your zone is “Medium Range” and the zone adjacent to that (2 zones from you) is called “Long Range

So if your character is in a room and you hear skittering outside the zone you are in now (the room) is short range, the space outside the door, a small field where a fence divides the wheat field and mill from the yard around the building you are in is Medium range, the field is Long range and the mill within the Field is “Extreme Range“. This helps to imaging distance as something relative rather than having a grid to move your character along 6 squares at at time which represents “30ft”.

Now back to Speed. If you have a Slow speed you can move anywhere in your move action to move within their current zone (short range) and must use the run action to move into the zone adjacent (medium range). A Normal speed, such as our Clanrat, means it can use a free action to move within the current zone “Short range”, use a move action to move to the zone adjacent (Medium range) and the run action to move into the next adjacent zone (Long range). Most creatures have a Normal speed but you can encounter creatures with a Fast speed which can move as a free action within their current zone and use the move action to move up to the two zones adjacent (Long range). See simple right?

Ok maybe not simple, its a big change to D&D but I think it does make sense.

Initiative is your Mind attribute and your the levels in training in the Reflexes and Awareness skills. I love this. No longer is it just who is quickest of body strikes first but those who are aware and keen of mind also can think and react quickly to danger. So our little Clanrat has an initiative of two.

Natural Awareness is really Soulbound’s version of Passive Perception.

Skills are shown here in their training level. Training level is represented by xd6 where x is the level the creature is trained in. This little rat has awareness (+1d6), Stealth (+1d6,+1) and Weapon Skill (+1d6).
You may notice that out little Clanrat has a Stealth skill of (1d6, +1) which represents that he is trained in Stealth 1 level and that he has 1 point in Focus. Focus is really a floating 1 value that you can apply to any one dice roll made. An example is needed I feel.

This Clanrat is sneaking up through the wheat field and wants to make sure he is not found, mainly so one of the other Clanrat’s around him takes the first arrows and not him. he rolls DN4:1 Body (Stealth) he has 1 point in Body and 1 level of training in Stealth so he rolls 2 dice. He gets a 5 and a 3 but has 1 point in focus so he turns that 3 into a 4. This grants him 2 successes (nice!).

The next is traits. These are little things that the creature can do that make it.. it really. In this case this poor little Skaven Clanrat feels stronger and braver with friends and begins to fight as one horde of seething, chittering rat-men when he has friends! When he is joined by buddies they become a swarm of Clan rats where you attack as one when they are in the same Zone. This is reflected by gaining +1d6 to their attack pool and having +1 toughness (where each damage dealt kills 1 Clanrat per toughness decreased). However, area of affects (spells, weapons with a spread property, cleaving strikes and the like) deal double damage to a swarm.

Now attacks. This creature has two attacks and can pick one or the other. In this instance the rust blade or the rusty spear *(note it’s not trusty.. its definitely rusty) these attacks are both poor, have 2d6 in their dice pool (1 from body and 1 from weapon skill) and deal x+S damage.

The Rusty blade deals 1+S Damage which is 1 damage base + the number of successes. The Rusty blade is one handed so the Clanrat can wield a shield with the stabby-blade an bring his defence up to average from poor). The Spear deals more damage (2+S) but is just as bad as the rusty blade but is two handed – so no shield (watch out little rat!)

Finally we are down to attributes.

Attributes are simple in Soulbound – Body, Mind and Soul

Body represents your physical strength, your reflexes and coordination, and your overall body awareness. Characters with a high Body tend to be able to hold their own in a fight and rarely balk at manual labour.

Mind represents your intelligence, your awareness and perception, your deductive reasoning, and your ability to think on your feet. Characters with a high Mind are often inquisitive, quick witted, and studious, and are adept at thinking their way around a problem. Mind is also important for wizards and practitioners of the arcane arts.

Soul represents your inner being. It is your sense of self, your spirit and determination, and your ability to resist the influence of Chaos. Characters with high Soul are frequently spiritual leaders or champions, and are absolutely assured in their beliefs.

All attributes feed into Defence, Accuracy and Melee effectiveness as well as toughness, mettle, initiative, natural awareness and skill tests. Each test will be based off one of the three attributes and then a skill. The attribute may change from time to time (so Awareness may sometimes be related to a Soul (awareness) check instead of a Mind (awareness) check if something is trying to overcome your resistance to chaos.

These also form your basic pools in combat. Body for Melee dice pools, Mind for ranged pools and spell checks (Mind (Channelling) test).

Now, I wont go through it all again but lets look at the brutal muscle of the Skaven forces – the Rat Ogor

The Rat Ogor

Stitched, grown, and mutated under the claws of Clan Moulder’s most demented fleshcrafters, then sold to the highest bidder, Rat Ogors are the horrific fusion of Skaven and Ogor. Hulking masses of muscle and claw capable of ripping entire battalions to shreds, the Rat Ogors are singularly violent monsters, who’s only drive is to kill.
While effective in the right circumstances, Rat Ogors are brutally stupid beasts, incapable of comprehending even the simplest of orders or using any weapons aside from their own teeth and claws. Yet with the symbiotic grafting of a secondary, and always unwilling, brain into the proceedings, a Rat Ogor is somewhat elevated. While the creature will never gain true intelligence, the parasitic brain can enforce its will upon the Rat Ogor, allowing it to follow commands, and more Importantly, wield weapons.

As you can see the Rat Ogor is a champion with exponentially better in melee a whopping body of 6 with weapons training (+2d6), a bunch more toughness (with Armor!) and a few other traits and attacks that make it a lethal killing machine.

I could go on and on giving more examples but, frankly, I don’t have that much time left in me for tonight and this would turn into a book rather than a blog post.

I am excited to bring some adventures through to you for Soulbound and hope to have a few games to build up interest for my local gaming group (and maybe beyond).

Don’t forget to come back this weekend for more content including the end of March writeup (yes its April already.. but I will wrap up March first!). And, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe

Pit Viper

Hi all and welcome to another night here at Brazen Wolfe Tabletop where we create adventures weekly and we reserve Friday to all things fights (Fightnight!).

So this week we have found ourselves in a slithery situation where the party have come back to where their ship has set down anchor to repair and replenish supplies and the crew and captain Kyoko are missing. After some investigation, and a small wild looking girl pointing them in the right direction, the party came across a temple high in the mountains that appeared to be dedicated to snakes.

So tonight, lets look at some snakes.

Snakes in a Pit


So without much waffle tonight lets look at the stat blocks for this weeks content!

Swarm of Poisonous Snakes

A pile of snakes, the idea behind these will be the people that abduct and grab the people from the beach (the crew members and Kyoko) will be a bunch of snakes shifted into a humanoid form and when they are back in their temple, their prey before the deity that they worship (seen below) they return to their serpentine form.

Being a more challenging foe I wouldn’t expect more than one or two of these for the temple.

Giant Poisonous Snake

Not as giant as the giant constrictor snake but still large and dangerous these creatures, like the snake swarm above, will take the form of a humanoid to abduct victims from the beech. I would anticipate these snakes will be the main one that is found in the temple and will support either a swarm of snakes, the giant constrictor snake or even the Naga.

Giant Constrictor Snake

Reserved forms of the larger and stronger (more faithful) serpents that serve the Naga these snakes will be seen to have a place of respect – grappling a creature whilst the swarm of poisonous snakes slither forth and bite the prey that is grappled.

These snakes are large, as and with the 10ft threat range on the bite (same as the poisonous snake) makes these creatures a large threat.

Abyssal Naga

The commander, the boss of the temple and being highly intelligent, immune to conditions and poison and being able to cast spells these creatures are impressive to behold.

This creature wont be alone and should have a few snakes outside its room/alter and should reveal itself from hiding (having a high stealth ability). It should try and convince the party to worship it, as it is arrogant and believes itself above all others but when it fights it will attempt to control the biggest threat (mage) and will then attack the others with spells.

Thanks for joining us tonight, I hope that you enjoyed what you have read and are looking forward to the end of week write-up as much as I am.

Don’t forget to come back this weekend for more work, and if you have a word for my “one word challenge” then feel free to propose one for me to write to this weekend!

Oh, and as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe

One with the storm

Hi all and welcome to fightnight!, well, Friday night which happens to be when I try to produce statistics for meaningful combat.

Tonight we are looking at the vicious pirates who are boarding the Red Fleets Dancing Drake, Kyoko’s ship. To save time and conserve my writing reserves I will kick it off without much pomp or fanfare.

Wave Walkers


As the silver dragonborn strode across the gangplank he deflected arrows, bolts, blades and clubs that launched at him with not even the slight shimmer of his curved sword moving to intercept the weapons.

Those who ran around him seemed to dance across the planks, float effortlessly through the air on corded rope and glided around the waves that crashed around them. If they weren’t stabbing, cutting and swiping at the crew and party the way they moved across the ship and between them could almost be considered beautiful.

Milligan Silverborn

Born on the seas and pledged to the lord of the waves Milligan grew up with a connection to the weather and to the pirates he called family. After several years he grew so used to the rough seas to the west of Faerun that his proficiency went from something inherent to something mystical and those who fought with him also became like water and wind across the decks of those they sought to plunder from.

Silverborn’s Crew

The crew that follow Milligan Silverborn are more accustomed to life on the waves and amongst the storms than others and believe that their captain and the sea itself will protect them. As such they rarely wear any armour so their movement can flow across their prey like waves spilling over a deck

For this fight let’s assume that the party is Level 4. For this fight Milligan wont appear on deck unless his crew look to be having trouble, which they will with our party, and when he does fight he will bring 3 to 5 of his crew into the fray with him. He uses them much like a sailor uses knots, to hold things in place while he can make the most out of the situation at hand and control the flow of the battle. For this encounter I would have 2 to 3 pirates attacking every 2 rounds, roll a d6 and add the number of pirates that are left fighting the party on the Dancing Drake if the result is 4 or Less then another 2 or 3 pirates will also join the fray.

Once 10 pirates have been dispatched then Milligan and his crew will join. If Milligan drops below 20 HP he will retreat to his ship and if the party look like they will dispatch the rest of his crew easily he will cut the lines (if not already cut) and will flee with his remaining crew to not return. He will plead a parley if he cant escape and is injured.

Thanks for joining me tonight for a glimpse at the pirate Milligan Silverborn and his crew. Don’t forget to come back tomorrow for a special Saturday writeup. Don’t forget if you have a submission for a 30 minute challenge please send it my way in the way of a single word and any restrictions (or mandatory elements) you wish to challenge me with and I will do my best to come up with a one shot adventure within 30 minutes (or a designated time frame..)

Oh, and as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe

Leaving the docks

Hi all and welcome to Friday night here at Brazen Wolfe Tabletop!

Tonight is fight-night which means that we explore anything and everything to do with encounters, puzzles or settings to test our parties problem solving, dungeoneering and combat capabilities.

Tonight, being the first step onboard the ship to adventure, I wanted to put a few ideas out there for a random encounter that could happen on the waves, either as the party leave the coast or any time after on their journey. So on with the stat-blocks!

Scouting party


As the party look over the endless waves ahead the wind picks up the huge red sails and pushes the boat along at a surprising speed. Staring at the waves that are made of a medley of blue’s and greens the party notice three large figures swimming under the water a few hundred feet way and parallel to the boat.

After some time the three figures move closer, growing in size as well as the boldness of their approach before large fishlike bodies emerge from the water to next to the ship, the riders of the large coiled creatures each equipped with a spear and a shell crafted into a shield.

The classic Merfolk and Giant sea horse combo. Nothing strong but the conversation, messages, and potential for role play is something that cant be overlooked.

If the party say something that the peaceful sea dwellers don’t like then 3 steeds and 3 riders would be enough for a medium encounter – I would grant the rider advantage on their spear rolls if they attack as the result of the sea horse charging but they wouldn’t engage outside of the water.

The information that can come from the scouting party may be about what lies in the water, dark tiding from the western waters about whole underwater communities vanishing to the murky depths or sudden storms that come from no where. The limit here is really up to the imagination of you and how the party engage in the encounter.

Thanks for joining me tonight, don’t forget to come back on the weekend for more content and, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe