Wisdom of the Mountains

Hi all and welcome to the Monday night post which means a new week of adventure and this week we look at finalising the month of May’s content.

Last week we left out party as they encountered the turtle-esque creatures called the Kappa as they hunted in the forest near the waterfall fed pool that they called home. This week we make our way further up the mountain, experience a new type of fear as they race against the sun to seek the answers they need. A bit cryptic, well read on viewers, read on.

Savage Welcome


Leaving the cave with their wounds and aches being cooled and soothed by the cold chilled water of the waterfall fed pools – carrying their gear and whatever salvageable loot they began to swim to the far shore of the small pool. The sound of snapping branches and the rustling of bushes indicating life was returning to the forest near by but giving them pause as they floated in the water looking about the fire-fly lit grove of trees that surrounded the rocky pool.

Movement up ahead and the bloop as a small stone hit the waters surface near the party revealed Takeo, still cradling his arm up, nestled in the branches of a nearby tree his face covered in micro-scratches and sweat. As soon as he noticed the party had seen him he gestured for them to be quiet as another crash nearby indicated that something large was moving through the trees, not just the deer and pigs that lived in these forested parts. The creature that was moving was large enough that it was breaking branches in its movement as it searched for something, the worried look on Takeo’s face told the party all that they needed to know – it was searching for him.

Looking up ahead towards their campsite they noticed that the belongings they had left near the fire were scattered around the small clearing and several branches, bushes and even a tree were broken, squashed, shattered and uprooted as what ever was nearby had apparently searched through their belongings in some haste.

The snapping of twigs and branches started to come back closer towards the pool where the party drifted near the edge. A large creature was near by, it’s heavy footfalls and heavy breathing – sniffing out something, could be heard as the party waited, hands on weapons. Suddenly the creature became silent as the sound of rumbling groaning earth and creaking wood reverberated through the stones and still clearing which shook as a sudden large vibration and whoosh of leaves came from within twenty feet of the party. A moment of silence was greeted by the parting of clouds above and the appearance of a nearly full luminous moon which flooded the forest with its last light as dawn approached from the horizon.

A ground quaking howl of rage split the near tranquil silence as a trunk of a tree the size of a battering ram erupted forth from the location of the creature as it flew through the air, exploding against the tree where Takeo was hiding causing the splintered to flutter through the air like autumn leaves. A violent howl of rage or satisfaction was bellowed from the creature as it strode forward on two powerful legs, a cascade of golden fur covered its head, shoulders and back, illuminated by the moonlight.

The creature stepped over the fire revealing it to be a giant ape, larger than anything the party had encountered before of its kind, golden with a long tail curling around what appeared to be a silver blade as it moved towards the tree that it had just shattered. The creature stopped before the tree, sniffing loudly as it searched for its prey and victim before turning around and staring directly at the party as the dawns first light touched its face – the brief moment of recognition of the party members, of Takeo who had somehow made it to another tree closer to the pool (without anyone noticing) and the rising of the sun crossed its eyes. A deep sorrow immediately paling the rage and white hot anger that filled its eyes as it dropped a sharp splinter of wood onto the path before dropping to all fours as it fled up the path, further into the mountains.

Takeo slowly dropped to the ground, his body bruised and battered. “I am not sure what that was, legends have it that these mountains are guarded by a golden beast that has long both terrorised and protected the monastery. I believe we met the beast and soon we will meet the monastery. It is not far ahead, in the direction the beast fled and I fear we are running out of time. Another night in these woods will be suicide.”

getting out of the water and piling some of the splintered, broken green wood onto the fire they were greeted with a smoke filled but warming light that allowed them time to rest, dry off and prepare for the mornings hike ahead – up the mountain in the shadow of the golden beast.

Well that was a lot of fun. I wasn’t sure what creature I was going to put at the centre of this weeks plot, but I know where we need to go, what we need to do and now how we are going to do it – so I am hopeful that this week will be story heavy but filled with challenges that I want the players to feel the thrill and anxiety dripping moments as they enter the territory of the beast, visit the monastery and seek the cure of the shadow’s curse. So don’t you forget to come back each night this week as I toy around more with Inkarnate for another map, potentially a regional map of the mountains, and of the monastery. Before I go I wanted to thank the new subscribers that joined whilst I was unwell these past three weeks, welcome to my tabletop and I hope you are able to use and are inspired by what you find here, oh and as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe