Frosted roads

Hello and welcome to another Monday night in Ryokughan where we are begin our trek inland, away from the oceans and deeper into Ryokughan and its politics, hazards and dangers. This week has a few surprises in store so without revealing any now I will keep the intro short.

Glacial Ridge


After the party returned from their confrontation with Sai, their heads burning and buzzing from the poisons that the swarms of insects had graciously gifted them, returned to check on Takeo finding that the door was open and Kyoko was talking in hushed tones with Liz and Takeo. Noticing that the party were approaching she ushered them inside the door where Takeo quickly closed the door behind them.

“You fools, you could have died fighting one of the Locust clan – many have and many will continue to do so if they keep under estimating them.” Takeo berated them the moment the door was closed behind them. “Anything and everything that man, if it even was a man, has said is likely a lie. They can change their voices, their faces with a moments thought and..” Takeo was interrupted by a whinny from across the room. Next to Kyoko stood a mare, the one that was most definitely dead the last time the party saw it.

“There has been a development. Sometime during Liz healing Takeo the mare convulsed, wretched violently and stood up. There is something unnatural here so word of the mare’s death and sudden miraculous healing is not to leave the room” Kyoko began, tightening a muzzle around the mares mouth. “It’s also different – this beast is not the same we walked in with, this one is feral, vicious and there is a cunning in it that has me concerned” Kyoko said staring at the beasts eyes as it shook its head and relieved itself into the straw.

“Before something else foul happens to us or the horse” Liz commented as she began casting a prayer of healing over the party – the last of the affects from the poison slowly disappearing.

“I agree, I have made preparations for us to return the horses to a minor Toshi house, a cousin of mine married into the family and their husband has been perhaps the most welcoming to us in many years.” Kyoko said as she stepped away from the horse – making sure it was secured tightly to the building. “We will return for the horses and then leave to head north.

The road was well made, smooth but worn and relatively flat. Either side of the road lay distance mountains and forests that made up Shuimu’s ridge and to the east, opposite the ridge, lay farmland, rolling hills and snow capped grey mountains in this distance. “Beyond those is what we call the Shadowlands. It takes a long time to cross those mountains and those who complete that feat are rewarded with the regret that they did for beyond those ice capped teeth lie a foul waste land where beasts, demons and spirits hunt for humans to feed their monstrous brood, or, to corrupt and bolster their forces. They are the thralls and the armies of The Shadow and those mountains, and a great wall to the south of them are all that keep the endless tide of darkness from corrupting these lands” Kyoko said as she rode up next to the party.

The mare had caused little trouble as they made their way up the road towards their destination, a few days at worst they had been told but the Mare was showing some signs of ailments with some hair falling out in small clumps despite it eating, drinking and walking well – the exception being that it was dead at the start of the morning.

As the party continued on, the nights got colder and the days seemed to become gloomier. Kyoko’s men and the party started having to take more watch shifts at night as strange things walking in the hills and rocky outcrops of this unwelcoming part of the land. “This place is normally rife with deer and other passive creatures, but it looks as if even this far to the south east the shadows tendrils have crept in some how. We will see my cousin and her husband, the lord of these lands by tomorrow and we should be able to request the rest of the cure for these men and women who are afflicted by the shadows curse.” Kyoko said as she handed food towards the multiple wagons and caravans that contained those afflicted by the shadow bruise curse. Amazed that although she couldn’t detect many of them that the food still disappeared without her noticing it was gone from her hands – such was the curse.

“We will set up camp at the base of the next ridge, its most protected from the elements, easily defensible as well as only half a days travel to our destination. If we continue on we will arrive after dusk and will have to be prepared for fights in quite hostile and unforgiveable areas amongst the rocks and winding passes as we climb to the top of the ridge.” A woman, one of Kyoko’s guards, called out as she rode up and down those who travelled with the princess. “Check your gear now, there isn’t room for error or mistakes in the coming days travel so you best be prepared.

Well, the lead up may be a bit slow but this weeks adventure is already taking shape and I am excited to reveal what I have planned. Thanks for reading tonight’s updated but don’t forget to also follow up the next few nights to stay up to date with what is happening in Ryokughan and!, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe