On Stolen Horses.

Welcome to the whatever Monday where tonight I look to add bits to the story to enrich the players experience in their Ryokughan adventure.

This week I’ll look at following on from last weeks end of June finale and what to means for our party.

Eastbound Retreat


After riding for the good majority of the night, the fleeing dinner guests finally slowed their stolen mounts down to a trot as they came across a stream that was fighting back against the encroaching cold from the surrounding lands.

Kuang quickly moved around the area searching for tracks, the moonlight and his cursed vision enabling him to search for signs of spirits and other foul creatures that could have been sent by the Yuki-onna. The party watched him for a few moments before setting up camp near the stream, tying up the horses to a nearby tree securely so that they didn’t have to worry about them running off when the party was resting. “I found some tracks” Kuang said as he walked back through the thin snow, the sound of crunching snow underfoot the only sound that the seasoned veteran made. “looks like one to two days ahead of us, maybe, it all depends on how much or little snow has fallen as it could have been mere hours if we are behind a flurry of snow.” he said as he sat down and produced a flint and steel that he used to light a small fire to push back some of the darkness encroaching past the trees. “Regardless this area is safe for now, good to eat, get some water from the stream and feed the horses before we continue.”

Kyoko was sitting down the girl form the palace as she wrote in the thin snow with a twig in the flickering ember-light. As time went on it she revealed her name to be Hana Harimasu, and to Kyoko’s surprise it finally dawned on her that she was sitting with both her saviour and her baby cousin. As they communicated the party hunted some game, a young deer nearby and gathered what they thought was edible herbs and vegetables from under the snow nearby. As they washed the vegetables and fed some to the horses and ate the others the strips of venison to cook over the fire and once cooked the party began to eat the freshly cooked meat. Kyoko looked up form the flames and looked back towards the way they came.

“That horse, it was an Onikage. A creature that aligns itself with the Shadow but born to the shadowlands to the far north. A horse that dies whilst cursed by the shadowlands taint will likely rise as one but for that to be true then it was intentionally given to us as one and its transformation occurred as we travelled to the Toshio’s fort.” Kyoko explained with some observations interjected by Kuang where she got portions of it wrong. As she stoked the fire a familiar hissing screech came from the way they came sending shivers down their spines.

“They say that the Onikage are inhumanly cunning and will serve a master where they recognise the benefit to their partnership. I doubt that we have seen the last of it and we may find some benefit in travelling either up or down stream for a bit to have it loose our trail if it does follow us.” Kuang mused as he stood abruptly and began to start packing up their hastily made camp. “If we don’t want to be hunted all night I suggest we get moving, the sooner the better.”

The last week of the month where the next month is linked in, content is clarified or added too and I have a short break from the schedule I have placed upon myself gives me time to reflect and look over my notes created at the start of the month. For those who have joined me since the start, where I documented my process (post-its or sticky notes and mapping out adventures with the five key aspects of an adventure), I still follow this process but don’t document it as the month, three or four weeks of content, is normally spun up over the course of the weekend before the month begins. Going over my notes I remembered last week what the purpose of the horse was again and this week we will explore a bit more behind it, the machinations, symbolism and ties to the dark. So don’t forget to come back tomorrow for closure on Kyoko’s defenders and Wednesday for a change in perspective as we move away from June and look towards the collision of two forces months in the making, and, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe