Hoofprints in the snow

Welcome to the Wednesday where tonight I wanted to partake in one of my favourite past times, separating my human mind and imagine what it would be like to think, act and move like something else, in this case a beast,.

Thrill of the Hunt


The trail before her glowed with a purple light, the footprints glowing in her minds eye as she feed dug through the frozen crust of the earth and into the ground underneath granting her faster speed and control as she tore off through the night. She would be faster if it wasn’t for the foul corpse that rode stride her back – but she who summoned her had declared that this was her will and despite her cravings for flesh there was something about the newly risen dead that churned her stomach.

Taking a sharp left around a patch of tall trees she came across a small patch of grass that looks like it was disturbed by hooves and boots, inhaling the pungent aroma or horse she snorted out and snuffled around for the other scents in the area, the zombie on her back breathed in wheezily – a muscle reflex she was sure but still the sooner she could be rid of the zombie the better. A faint sweet smell lead her to a tree – the human that walked around the horses, the only set of boot prints that moved in the area seemed to be almost expertly concealing his presence and movements, if it wasn’t for the musk of the horses and the speed at which they were moving she would not have been able to track them this far. Following the sweet smell she could tell that there was seven in total, seven humans on six horses. it wasn’t long until she picked up the trail again and in ecstasy she reared up and screeched into the sky before tearing off after the footprints.

As her clawed hooves tore into the ground as she weaved behind and around the spruces she took particular delight in the branches that crashed into the body who rode atop her causing more than once a sickening thud to resonate through the legs that gripped her chest. As she chased through the snow glazed trees she could almost see the thick musk of the hoof prints that the horses left glow in the indents in the snow. After an hour of pursuing the trail the hoofprints came to a stop by a stream and it looked like they had stayed here for quite some time. Smelling around she found the cooling left overs of a deer near by which she inhaled greedily before approaching the camp fire, the embers still giving off some warmth. They were close, chasing the sweet smell was difficult here as there were several trails of human smell; where they stalked the deer, sat, relieved themselves and ferreted for food for the horses.

The horse trials led to the stream but the humans appeared to have mounted the beasts again before entering the frigid water. Crossing the stream the train completely stopped, looking around for signs of magic, hoof prints or anything she couldn’t see anything except her own frantic prints as she hunted for her quarry. Screaming into the sky in frustration she walked back to the camp, adamant that she must have missed something she nearly buried her snout in the snow as she approached the stream. It just by chance that she looked up and saw the tiniest trace of horse hair caught on a rock as the water washed across it the stream and she grinned revealing two rows of razor sharp teeth. Clever, clever, clever she thought to herself as she looked up and down stream from where the horse hair was. Walking in the stream would mask their smell until they got out – but how far that would be, and if the prints would disappear before she got there was another question. So Northward or southward was the question and the correct answer would lead her to her prey.

Turning her snout towards the moon as it descended and the sun began to take his dominance again the Onikage made a decision and raced off north, hoping that she finds her prey soon, or has enough time to turn around and pursue them southward.

A bit of a shorter one tonight but a nice relaxing fun writeup for me which I hope painted a bit of a picture of this weeks additional content and what we expect in the end of month writeup this weekend, or what spills over into the next months adventure – who knows. Don’t forget to come back tomorrow night for more content, and, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe