Wounded and Cornered

Welcome to Friday where we look at our weekly fightnight content that contains the combat encounter or potential combat scenarios that we need to plan for. This week is one of the latter where potentially we have one or several scenarios my where combat may be inevitable, maybe. A bit too ambiguous? well dear reader read on!

Wounded and Cornered


The glimmer stag is an elk like creature from the Kunagi Ranges which typically has white or light grey fur, large antlers for the males and shorter sharper ones for the females and a long bushy fox like tail.

Herbivorous by nature but territorial by temperament these creatures are not any when it comes to fighting especially when feeling threatened, cornered or in the mating in season.

They attack with a goring charge and stamping hooves which bruise and lacerate their targets.

Appearing something like a serpentine, winged and scaled vulture, the Voltrix is a flying scavenger the size of a large dog with a beaked reptilian head, bat like wings ending in gripping hook like claws which they use to grip and cut into their food, cutting and ripping open skin and middle to expose softer tissues like organs and fat.

Whilst not aggressive they generally are encountered when they are feasting with their heads buried into a carcass or corpse. This brings us to their nature, they are quick to startle and have a habit to leap and scratch in their desperate attempt to escape from what ever has startled them, this can leave the person with nasty infections or worse due to the lack of hygiene that these reptilian birds display.

After the stampede the party may find wounded or lost Glimmer stags who are frightened and alone who may attack the party out of fear. They would start with 2d6 less hp but are ferocious despite being wounded. However if they can they will retreat and rush on past the party of there is an opening.

The Voltrix is likely to be found if there is a dead Glimmer Stag or something else in the parties journey. Its gorging on organs sees its head buried in the body which when startled it will wrench out before launching itself at the nearest creatures before flying off. Its not a solitary creature but will fight other Voltrix’s for food which can lead to several of the creature feeding in the one corpse which can be a bit of a surprise for the party when several startle and lash out in fear.

Thanks for joining me tonight and for looking at two creatures that we may or may not see tonight. Don’t forget to come back tomorrow for more content and, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
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