Kugani Ranges

Welcome to Thursday where I wanted to get my view and vision of this wonder of nature that is a natural funnel for any would be invaders to or from the Harimasu and Toshio lands. As I prepare for another week of my Warhammer League I had another toy around on Inkarnate and produced what I am quite happy with. Perhaps a bit too heavy handed on the snow colouration in the plains but otherwise I am happy with how it turned out.

Kugani Ranges


The small village on the road through to the ranges is dwarfed by the Kunagi ranges to the east and the valley between the mountains is long enough that it takes the fastest of horses a day to travel through. Snowcapped, cold and desolate the ranges themselves are home to wandering spirits and creature’s that would love nothing more than to catch a party unaware.

Rumours from the villagers would speak of a shadow that has come over the mountains, a creeping entity of malice that seems to bode all that travel ill in their journeys but no one has seen, heard or experienced anything other than the normal creatures and spirits of the lands.

The road heads due east and to the south east of the village there is the campsite for this weeks adventure, well part of it – but more on that tomorrow – and further south is one of the only fresh water sources for days travel, except for the well that froze solid mysteriously a few weeks back.

Scale is hard and this week was no exception. Originally having larger trees gave the map a vibrant and life-filled feeling to the slightly cold and chilled landscape but the scale as off, giant trees that dwarfed the village and even the mountains. Shrinking the trees to be half the scale of the mountains and the about the same scale of the village meant that it felt better, more realistic however having smaller trees didn’t look as ‘pretty‘ but the price to pay for not looking odd was worth it in the end, I feel.

Thanks for joining me tonight to look at the map I created and get some bearings to this weeks adventure. Don’t forget to come back tomorrow for some encounter goodness and, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe