Welcome to Tuesday night where we get a feeling, hopefully just that, for what is the antagonist for this months adventure. Yesterday we found a shard of ice that permeates cold and refuses to melt, tonight I will try and put out something that maybe adds to it but still keep it a mystery. Well that’s the plan so let’s see if I can pull it off.



Created in Art Breeder

The cold air blasted along the rocky outcrops high above the valley below like a great exhale from the frost itself. As the mountains awoke, small creatures scurried forth from their dens to begin a day of foraging for food and keeping an ever watchful eye above and around them for predators.
The trees braced against the wind as flurries of snow and frost spattered their frozen trunks with the white powder, great long icicles growing from branches like teeth from the jaws of a many jawed creature that waited for the foolish or unprepared to wander within. As the wind jostled the branches high in the ranges a wagon crossed beneath down far below the edge of the lip of a crater that has been carved out by sharp ice over many years.

The groan of axle and call of great of burden could not be heard over the wind, the mountains song, but creatures spooked by the presence in the ranges dashed for cover, a fox cowering under the roots of a tree that clung onto the edge of the cliff. Scenting the air around it the fox moved out on soft deliberately placed paws, its eyes darting around as the sense of danger was strong and it had a burrow to return to.
Dashing across the snow, its twin tails leaving a wisp of a trail as it moved from hiding hole, to bushes, to ledge as it slunk towards its den. A final check to see if the coast was clear before it darted for the base of a tree where the entrance of its den lie. The Fox should have moved slower, or kept one eye on the sky or simply should have waited between the cage of frozen roots as no sooner than it leave the seclusion of the ledge a sickening thud followed by a crunch as a row or everfrost descend down upon it, piercing and severing multiple organs at once.
The warm red blood splattered across the snow, a similar contrast to the colour of red of the for from the fox as it died shredded by ice.

The creak of an axle, groan of a wheel and cry from a hawk high above the scenes below joined the wind in praising the strength of the mountain, a song for its power and its unquestioned rule.

Trying to give the mountains themselves a personality rather than following one or two individuals was a challenge that I found enjoyable. Hopefully the hints about the antagonist, a few and scattered as they are, start to get some creative sparks going.

The mountains themselves are dangerous, hazardous even and given that the environment itself kills then the creatures within its rocky and frozen peaks must be just as ruthless.

Thanks for joining me tonight for what I hope is a bit of creative provocation. Don’t forget to come back tomorrow for the Wednesday twist for our week where I put more mystery and disturbing occurrences for our party. This all leading up for next week and the end of the month which I hope you don’t judge me too harshly if I build it up too much and its underwhelming. So don’t forget to not miss a day and, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe