Frosty Reception

Welcome to Monday night for another week in the Kunagi ranges. Last week we encountered some of the creatures that call the plains home and in their desperate flight they had found wounded, dying or aggressive creatures in their return to the village that calls this area home.

Ice Shard


As the party walk back into the village they are see many of the people that call this place home are busy repairing doors, windows and shutters that look as if they were torn open or broken into forcefully but despite the party offering help they receive a brief, fake, smile and their help is refused.

As the party move through the village they see that the inn seems to have received the worst of the attacks that happened the night before as the owner, Hugh, and a few other villagers were busy rebuilding a wall. Upon seeing the party he moved towards them looking nervous.

“You cant be here, the spirit-folk somehow knew that I had spoken to you and I woke up to one of the inns walls being ripped down.” He paused as he nodded to Jason “when this is over please do come back, but I can’t lose the inn, not after all it has cost me.” As clasped Jason on his should and nodded a sorrowful nod to the party, Kyoko, Hana and Kuang he looked at the wall as it was put back into place and stood there with his hands on his hips.

Following his gaze the party noticed that the wood itself looked like something large, wide and sharp had bit into the wood on one corner of the wall and ripped it out with very little effort – no evidence of blade, club or other known weapon seems to have caused the damage. Moving up towards the wall while Jason took the princess, her cousin and the general to get more supplies for crossing through the ranges the party noticed that large shards of extremely hard ice were imbedded into the wood along the mark where the wall had suffered the blow that tore it from its housing. Taking a shard of it the shard of ice seemed to permeate cold through the holders hands and only several layers of cloth, or two bags could stop the chill from numbing the flesh. Whilst holding and examining the ice Ester appeared behind them “It wont melt. We tried everything the first time we found it -in our well – we call it forever frost, or permafrost for those who found that the name sounded too much like an attempt at poetry. Don’t hold it for too long as it will bond to your flesh and start to freeze your insides. Shen found that out when we had to cut off his frozen finger before it spread to his hand.”

Jason arrived not too long after and after Ester did and after some some quick goodbyes they jumped into the back of the wagon and were heading off – towards the Kunagi ranges whilst the weather was still on their favour.

This week is about preparation, the party should be warned about how dangerous the ranges are, the trials and trepidations that they will be expected to face. It is also a time for us to be preparing for the other pieces in play to be moving and the cause of the hardships of the village to make another play. Sound aloof? Well it has to be as that’s next weeks reveal but this week we should try and build up and weave some mystery in it for the party.

Not a big one tonight but I found that when I was planning this week that Wednesday and even tomorrow would be larger days. Thanks for dropping in and looking at the setup, a small mysterious shard of ice that doesn’t seem to melt so don’t forget to join me for the rest of the week to uncover more of the mysteries of the ranges, and, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe