Wake of Violence

Hello and welcome to another Monday that starts off the month. This month I need to get a move on and progress the story towards the finale of the adventure. So as the party move northward through Ryokughan they now have to witness the wake of violence the Shadows minions have left. But are they recovered enough after their terrifying combat with the Laelóng? Only time can tell.

Wake of Violence


Wake of Violence - ruined towns on the way to
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After the party had found some horses that were in need of some new, living owners they continued north. The hope of a warm bed and hot meals quickly fades when they passed another village that was in the wake of violence left by the Shadows minions. As they passed through the village they noted that only some of the houses were destroyed whilst others looked like they had sustained minimal damage. But regardless of which of the villages along the northern road they travelled there were always bodies in some stage of mutilation or being devoured.

About three days travel from the Kunagi Ranges the party came across a village that was untouched. In fact as they asked around they quickly became aware that many of the people in this village were refugees from the previous village or some to the East.

“What’s east?” asked one of the players.

“The wall, our last defence from the shadow and the hordes of creatures that it commands in the mountains” Kyoko replied.

“We best make haste to your home Lady Kyoko, I fear that we spend too much time on these roads” Kuang said as he analyses the buildings and faces nearby.


As the party left the Village and headed north she watched from the side of the road. Posing as one of the refugees from an earlier village she had made it to this small town without any real issue. Now that she was seen as one of those who drifted, one of those in need it was easy to move from place to place without questions being asked which suited her purposes.

“Soon we will be rid of that princess. Once she leads me to the light.” Mugrave muttered quietly to herself as she moved to get some food. “Once I have taken care of the light then our plan wont fail” she said to the voice in her head. The Shadow was pleased with his servant and retreated back from the busy street.

Closing thoughts

This week was another easy one. The deadline for moving the party northward to Heavens Reach Castle, Kyoko’s home, is fast approaching and I need to move the plot along. Bringing Mugrave back in at this time allows me to bring in an earlier story hook as well – remember the guards that were attacked in the field? No? Well I do and its time for some reinforcements to Kyoko’s retinue.

As we get closer to the end of this years adventure I cant help but looking backwards at the journey we have undertaken. Starting with strange happenings in a small marker port town, sailing over the seas and then trekking inland towards certain danger sounds like something you would get in a novel. This certainly makes it easier to write for.

But bringing in these obscure but already thought out plot hooks helps tie things together and can help cement in the grand scale of the adventure for us DMs.

Thanks for dropping by tonight for the kick-off of another month of travelling, actually that’s a joke. This month promises to be filled with opportunity to have combat, cloak and dagger as well as all out assault style combat. There will be some intrigue and a little bit of drama, I hope. But in order for you to keep up to date on the plot as it unfolds don’t forget to come back each night and, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe