Thanks for adventure

Thanks for adventure. Like many people I started my RPG journey, and game journey in general from my parents. My love from collectable things stems from Pokemon whilst my thirst for adventure, story telling and world building comes from Dungeons and Dragons, in particular AD&D.

A long term DM and GM for other systems I have my Dad to thank for setting the right example when it comes to story telling. Having twists, challenges and not making things easy is something that I got from him and my experiences as a player, as infrequent and seldom as they are. The ongoing support and guidance (and supplies of the new books and goodies) comes from both of my parents but dad always showed me the way.

Dad was also willing to be one of my players as well, providing advice as well as just getting stuck into it. No prejudice, no back-seat-DMing (something I am prone to… oops) and full commitment to the role and the adventure at hand.

Really we all have a mentor figure who guides us through the expansive, I mean truly massive world of Dungeons and Dragons. Whether you are like me having your father teach you or whether you got into it because of a celebrity or influencer Dungeon Master (I guess that’s what I could categorise Critical role and High Rollers as?) it typically starts with one person. So today, tomorrow being fathers day in Australia, I wanted to say thanks to that special person who started it all for me.

If you’re reading this today Dad, thank you, you didn’t just welcome me into your world of Role play and dice. In fact you guided me into all the adventures I have had since opening those first few tomes (can’t really call them books now can we… they were thick..).

From hunting stirges in caves after being ambushed by bandits to having wizards rob me blind. To finding out about magical beings that you needed enchanted swords to best, to understanding that not all loot is gold and treasure. To my first adventure reset where I went down the obvious wrong path as I was curious what lay in the endless skies and to the first adventure closure, with the death of my Gnome tinkerer-Fighter, Tinkerbell. The first steps that you took me on, the first set of dice that I got in Melbourne from Mind-games (which I still have here with me, on my desk…) You helped to start me on this journey and, really, you made this blog and all of this possible.

So for the gift you gave me, like so many other fathers or father-figures out there, thank you now and for eternity for the gift of adventure.

Instead of my normal closing remarks I would like to extend my thanks to all those who started the journey to adventure. To fathers, step fathers, mothers and step mothers and everyone in between thanks for sharing your world with us, and enabling us to share our world with our own kids. As much as my 3 year old doesn’t understand proper roleplay etiquette and much prefers to roll the number-shapes I am sure that one day they will ask me the question. “Can I play Dungeons and Dragons with you?” and I will know that the journey has come full circle. So don’t forget to thank your adventure mentors when you next can and, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe