Hail to our Sovereign

Hello and welcome to a small update for the end of my Warhammer dedicated week. Tonight I wanted to give a final hail to our Sovereign and post some photos of the painting I managed to get done this week for my Flesh eater courts.

Hail to our Sovereign


The Journey to my darkly themed ghouls.

While not step-by step guides I managed to push through and get two models that sat primed but not fully painted done over the weekend too. The Ghoulish pile of shame has shrunk by a few hundred points.

While I stress over cleaning up the ghouls a bit more over the next few weeks in preparation for the local tournament I wanted to capture some of the progress I made.

The other thing left to do is reveal the results of my matchup against Skaven from the other night – so let’s see if my memory can go through the results from the two armies posted Friday.

As Krak and Liss’s combined forced crested the hill the buildings around them rustled to life as the horde of Skaven had been uncovered. The infantry, the serfs of Krak’s court surged forward to create a defensive line between themselves and their king as dark magic whisked through the air and the Kings called their warriors to the field.

Another champion, some winged knights and more ghouls appeared on the far left flank, staking territory around a suspicious warp-filled hole that had appeared in the ground whilst Liss contemplated the battlefield. As her forces surged forward towards a cache of powerful realmstone so did the rats and soon the serfs, courtiers, knights and dragons were outnumbered and it thought the cache lost. That’s when the ground quaked and a great bridge forged from bone appeared. from across the bridge bounded rat ogors, whipped into a frenzy and their charge didn’t stop there as they bounded into the serfs that defended the kings. On the flank more rat ogors charged the reinforcements that had come to assist the kings and the impact alone saw the infantry torn down to a handful of survivors, the knights also lost a man. Defending Krak the infantry savaged the other rat ogors, cutting them down with fervour however in their death frenzy they fought back, killing the noble defenders and their supporting courtier. Alloren and her dragon didn’t take kindly to their invasion and struck back removing the ogors and suffering a few small scratches as payment.

A cheer broke out from somewhere amongst the masses but just as it commenced it died down again with the re-emergence of an equal number of rat ogors near their foul master.

It was time for the court to go on the offensive. After a phenomenal mustering the flanking serfs and courtier, a mighty Varghulf, positioned themselves to charge into the enemies flank and remove their pesky hero’s who could return the ogors to life. The dragon and terrorgheist moved forward supported by more ghouls as they prepared to charge through enemy lines and remove threats.

The terrorgheist swallowed a master moulder whole, devoured clan rats and removed half the rat ogors from their pack. The infantry and Lady Alloren removed more ghouls and pushed in deeper to stake a claim to the cache of realmstone. The counter charge was brutal with a verminlord warbringer declaring a vendetta against lady Alloren and after a ferocious duel Lady Alloren and her dragon were lost, but not without Thanquol almost being devoured whole by Duke Wicksplitter’s mount. But the cowardly rat fled from the conflict as the rat ogor’s pressed their advantage.

With the fall of the King the serfs were rattled and a charge from rat ogors nearby saw the end to the infantry threatening the skaven daemonlord. However, more infantry had appeared on the far Skaven flank and it was at this crucial turning point that Krak knew he had victory within grasp.

Weathering the counter charge of the rats Duke Will charged in ferociously. Removing rat ogors, killing the verminlord before making another push towards Thanquol and the pesky master moulder. However a counter push from the Rat ogors shortly after saw the terrorgheist flee the battlefield but not before feasting on the last of the rat ogors with no more to return to the field. The new reinforcements from the flank had engaged with more clan rats and victory in that skirmish was within the grasp of Kraks Forces. That was until the realmstone Cache ruptured sending shards across the battlefield. One into well defended Skaven territory and one to land at Kraks feet.

Thanquol made his presence felt removing all the serfs from the battlefield with his mounts terrifying warpfire – but, Krak and Liss sent out a call for aid and twice it was answered. With only the Master moulder to support him Thanquol and his puppet retreated from the battlefield and complete victory was claimed for the forces of Krak Crowncracker and Liss Lipsnatcher.

Thanks for joining me tonight for more Warhammer content. Don’t forget to come back this week as we resume out normal D&D content – apart from hobby updates over the next few weeks that is – as we see our party march towards the wall. Don’t forget to keep an eye out for the league results, I will post them this week and, always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe