Unwelcome Truth

Welcome to a Thursday night where we look at the bonus content and things that help drive our adventure forward with some unwelcome truth. Tonight I wanted to touch on some rules that will be in play this week that rely on a bit of complexity for us, the DM and a lot of role play for the party. This is something I want to call as Unwelcome Turth but its really misdirection from something that appears trustworthy source. In fact it’s where the creature or thing giving the advice whole heartedly believes it to be true themselves.

Unwelcome Truth


Now the thoughts on this are quite simple. The creature that is providing the advice or intelligence is providing miss advice believe what they are saying is true. They are either a secondary or first information provider and either believe what they have been told or believe what they saw or heard or experienced fully.

This means that under the effects of a Zone of truth, or highly insightful people (insight checks) that they appear to be telling the truth. They believe it to be true and so it is. Now this form of unwelcome Truth is something that the party can have issue with as it is pretty powerful. The player and the DM know that what is being said is a lie – but for all intents and purposes there is truth in what is being said. In fact they don’t just say its true they believe it completely.

This can make some tricky situations where the truth is farfetched. Like flying pigs. If someone believes that what they saw was definitely flying pigs and all attempts to detect lies, coerce the truth out of them or otherwise will result in the one result. Flying pigs. But the Party know there isn’t flying pigs but they cant convince the creature who believes in them is that they aren’t real.

In conclusion

This really comes down to belief. If the belief is strong enough then conventional methods of separating truth from lies becomes impossible. This leaves us, the DM, on a rocky road. How do we set up our encounter that there are situations where there is this moment of unwelcome Truth but it’s fair for our players?

Simply enough – make everyone’s version of the truth different from one another except for one element. Perhaps one person saw flying pigs, another saw flying cows and another flying sheep. All of them saw something flying but what else did they see. Perhaps they noticed that there was a particularly high pitched sound could be heard as the creatures flew by. Or that there was a smell of rotting eggs and ta trail of slime from a swamp could be found the following day where they saw the flying animals.

As long as we have a common element of truth we can always turn it into a logic puzzle or test to se how good of a detective our parties are. Then its up to us when we hand them a bone such as a “I didn’t see a pig. I saw a dragon covered in slime flying and grabbing animals from the farms below.”

Well thanks for dropping by for a bit of an update on what I have planned this month. Now to work out what the common element of truth is to help our party filter fact from fiction. Don’t forget to come back each night this week and, always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe