Wisdom of the Dark

Welcome to NPC Tuesday night. Tonight we get a glimpse at two NPCs where the main interaction will be tomorrow night. Tonight we meet those with wisdom of the dark as the dark ones move in to enact their plans.

Wisdom of the Dark


Che was born a very long time ago and remembers the first wars with the shadow. The son of a Ryokughan Merchant and an elf he has an extraordinarily, some may say unnaturally, long life span. Because of this he is looked after by the Harimasu family and guarded constantly because of the knowledge he holds.

The wars of his younger days may be over but the horrors he saw live with him today. Now that there is a call to arms again he may be the only one who remembers how The Shadow was pushed back last time.

Master Fukiyomo stirred in the dark. His eyes and ears moved about the cities, towns, castles and halls as he struggled to hold onto the connection he had outside of his confines.

Takeo had proven himself useful but the creature, his captor, had began to thwart his efforts in the castle and the spy worried.

The sound of ripping fabric snapped him out of his connection as the creature pushed its way into the dimension where he was kept.

“you know you’re tricks won’t save you forever” the old spy said to the faceless creature as it moved around the room. “The emperor will see through your illusions.” The creature ignored his words and brought forward a bowl of food. The old spy knew there was no poison in it and that the food was a way of keeping the man alive. Resigned to his fate he ate the food quietly.

“What is light and warmth but can’t be seen or touched. What pushes back the darkness but is brittle and breaks with pressure?’ the creature asked as it suddenly appeared crouching over the old man.

Master Fukiyomo considered the creatures puzzle before shrugging and eating the remainder of his food “I guess some form of magic crystal?” he replied. The creature exhaled in frustration before leaving the dimension, the sound of ripping fabric resonating through the small chamber.

The old spy smiled. “Hope” he said to himself as he finished the last of the food. “There is still hope…”

Moving forward with the plot and theme of this month we have the objective of this week we have a bit more detail coming on Wednesday with Catching a Shadow.

Thanks for yet again joining me for another night here at Brazen Wolfe Tabletop. As I prepare for a two day Warhammer tournament I wanted to still give a little something for tonight. In order to progress the story and have a mixture of content I settled for some images and a few bits of insight. Don’t forget to come back tomorrow night for our twist and, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe

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