Shade Trap

Welcome to another Monday night where we return to Heavens Reach Castle after discovering some more insight into what the creature in the castle is capable of doing. This week we look at how the party will spring their shade trap to catch the creature. Well at least try to any way.

Shade Trap


After returning to Takeo to reveal what they had seen in the Library as well as heard from the staff in the castle. “It sounds like its as master Fukiyomo was right. A lot of the characteristics of the creature appear to be similar to the Lóminau.” Takeo said nodding, but his affirmation never reached his eyes. “However something doesn’t add up. The Lóminau are said to be vengeful demons who prey on others life force as only once bathed in the light of a creatures failing life do they regain their shadow and leave for their own plane of existence. But this creature, to our knowledge, hasn’t killed anything so according to the scripts it can’t be a Lóminau but there is another creature that it could be,” Takeo began before a sound came from a corner of the room.

Two daggers were hurled through the wall at incredible speed from Takeo’s however the figure caught the blades before they hit the figure. “Good Takeo. But it is most definitely a Lóminau. I have seen it myself” Master Fukiyomo said as he moved forward and handed the daggers back to Takeo. Clasping Takeo’s shoulder the master spy bowed deeply to Kyoko but averted his gaze from Liz. “It is not often that we see one who is blessed by the light in this castle. I dare say its your presence that has the Lóminau stalking these halls.” the old man said with reverence. “The sooner we get you and your guardians away the better, the safer for you and I dare say Lady Kyoko as we will be able to better trap the Lóminau outside of the castle.

Takeo nodded but the party caught the flicker of confusion in his eyes. Walking over to a desk in LIz’s room he grabbed a quill and paper and scribbled something down quickly, folding the paper twice before muttering a short incantation of words.

“Another one of your tricks Takeo?” his master said as he walked over to him.

“Just a list of reagents and supplies to catch the Lóminau” he said as he handed the note to Master Fukiyomo. Taking the note he unfolded the paper and read through it.

“Powdered iron, crushed garnet, Lotus petal. Good. I’d suggest silk as well for good measure but each to their own” the old spy said as handed the note back to Takeo who scribbled down silk before taking it to the party.

“Whilst you follow this note to the letter can you do me a favour my friends?” he said, strange emphasis placed on the words he spoke. “I have neglected my knives – When we fought the Kapa I chipped the top of my knife in the cave. Are you able to get it sharpened?” he said as he clamped the letter tightly in the closest party members hand and nodded knowingly to them. “Remember what I said to you in the Kapa’s lair after we had fought the wolves?” he said – blocking the view of others when he moved in closer to the party as he muttered a string of words. “A blessing for you all. May the light reveal what we seek.”

With that Takeo and his mater left the room.

Unravelling the note the party were confused, there was no record of the ingredients on the note apart from the hastily written “SILK” over the top of a few words.

“Wall”, “Shade”, “Knife” and a single word that was foreign to them “Lómipilu.”

Kyoko looked over their shoulder, a best as she could. “Lómipilu – that’s a name I am not familiar with” she pondered. “but I do know someone in Heavens reach who would know. Che Shenyuo” she said as one of the more astute party members crept towards the wall where Takeo had thrown daggers. Two indents in the wall were present which matched the size and shape of Takeo’s daggers.

Moving forward with the plot and theme of this month we have the objective of this week. Catching shadow by use of a Shade Trap. Whilst not a physical trap the party have a name, some notes and perhaps a lead suspect in the hunt for the creature.

This week makes some big assumptions. In this post the player characters neither hear the daggers hit the wood, investigate Master Fukiyomo or detect magic. Neither do they have true seeing or witchsight.

If they hear the daggers hit the wall (passive perception 18) or investigation check same dc then they will know that Master Fukiyomo is the creature. They also could check arcana on when Takeo muttered either whilst writing the note or when he handed it over to them. A successful Dc15 arcana check would reveal that he cast a spell on them to conceal the contents from those who weren’t the bearer of the blessing. A dc17 arcana or lore check (disadvantage for non Ryokughan natives) would find that the Lóminau is a creature that steals shadows. Not one without shadows. Those who speak elven would understand the words but not the creature.

Thanks for joining me tonight and the continuation of this months adventure. Don’t forget to come back each day this week to stay up to date with the content and, always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
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