Turning Point

Welcome to the end of the monthly content and the last Monday of the month. This month we followed our party as they reached a Turning Point. The battle against The Shadow has swung in the favour of good as they removed the Lómipilu. This week we continue that turning point a the party uncover exactly just what they found within the Shadowy dimension.

Turning Point


The party found themselves on the ground and the blinding light lessened as their eyes adjusted to the room. From down the hall the sounds of footsteps could be heard approaching at a quick pace. As they picked themselves up off the ground doors burst open as guards spilled into the room they were in. The guards greeted them with spears and swords drawn as they eyed the glittering and shining items on the ground. Looking down the party found scattered weapons and wondrous items that shone as if the sun was contained within.

“Wait. Hold I say.” a groaning man spoke as he picked himself up shaking from the ground. “Lower your weapons. I must talk to Lord Harimasu immediately” said Master Fukiyomo.

“That’s what the last Master Fukiyomo said too.” muttered one guard. “How do we know you are who you say you are?” another said.

“That’s because I believe him.” Spoke a commanding voice from behind the guards. Turning towards the voice and lowering their weapons the guards stepped aside as Lord Harimasu strode into the room followed closely by Takeo and Lady Kyoko. “In fact my daughter and Master Takeo have vouched for these adventurers and have informed me of the plan to rid our kingdom of this Lómipilu.” he continued.

Takeo and Kyoko smiled briefly towards the party before their eyes, much like the emperors, were drawn to the pile of artefacts on the ground. “It seems you recovered our lost treasures as well. We have much to discuss.” the Harimasu emperor said as he smiled broadly.

“Might I interject?” spoke a voice from above them all, “the situation at the wall grows Dire and my master has allowed me to break my vowel in order to let you know”. As everyone looked up Kyoko exclaimed in disbelief as a man-sized golden dragon flew down through the air as a snake would move across the ground towards the party.

“It’s been some time my friends…” Siu said as he turned around with a mixture of sadness and happiness in his eyes.

Well this week see’s us reach that turning point in the adventure as we strive forward quickly. Thanks for joining me with the re-emergence of Sui and the discovery of the Harimasu artefacts that went missing. Don’t forget to come back this week for more content as we push through the last week of the month and, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe