Mote of Radiance

Well it’s the second last month of the Brazen year-long content arc and we are finally off to have audience with the Ice Queen… Again.. This time however eyes high above the roads and plains spot the party from miles away like a bright mote of radiance as they travel towards the wall. But is ancient ancestral weapons forged by dragons and elves and the desire to repay the Ice Queens hospitality enough?

Mote of Radiance


Black feathers caught the wind currents under the dark ominous clouds and caused the large winged creature to soar above the ground far below. Beating its wings it looked down below at the group travelling along the road. It’s keen eyes picked out everything. From the colours of their clothes to the wear and tear on their cloaks not a detail was missed. That was until the hilt of a blade, the tip of a staff and the glimmer of an amulet glimmered from under cloth.

The resulting burst of radiance in the creatures view caused it to reel with pain. It wasn’t just its pain it was feeling but also its masters and its desires were simple. Don’t let them reach the wall.

Tucking its wings in the creature dove down the wind now aiding in its rapid descent as it plunged. Noticing movement from its left and right two of its brethren also had been urged downwards. However, their descent was halted as a bolt of radiance shot up from the travellers, connecting with the torso of the creature next to it. The tangled mess of skin, flailing limbs and gore tumbled down towards the earth as the creatures dove onwards.

Too late did the creature realise as the blades, limbs and bolts piece and shred their flesh that these motes of radiance were too much for them. Even as they began to flee shredded wings flapping in a panic they were cut down no far from where they made their foolish attack.

As the radiant light burnt through its flesh and it lay in a pool of blood and gore the power the Shadow had leant it all those years ago evaporated with the last beat of its heart.


This week we start the journey north-west, towards the wall that the Harimasu family had patrolled for years. With enchanted weapons and items the party are more than a match for anything they have fought previously and even now the minions of The Shadow don’t stand a chance. This week is to demonstrate this power and boost the players ego’s a bit at their newfound power.

The reason for it is a simple one. We want them to feel powerful heading towards the wall and so sending small ambushes on they way to the wall is on the menu. So this week is creatures attacking from everywhere and we need to make sure that they all fit the bill for fiend, fey or undead. Next week and the week after we hit the walls and beyond and take the fight to the yuki-onna.

Thanks for joining me tonight to look at the plot for this weeks adventure. Don’t forget that Monday is just the start of the week and that we have more content planned. It goes without saying, don’t forget to come back each day and, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe

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