Merry Christmas

As the setting sun created a golden glow on the white snow the adventurers trod towards the town gate. The watch guard called out a greeting towards the travelers who stopped pulling their cart that was laden with loot.

After a brief exchange the outsiders to the town were let through. The sack containing the remnants of a nearby goblin camps treasure stash brought the most attention from the village.

The villagers celebrated, calling out to more of their kith and kin to witness the proof of their hostile neighbours demise. Ale was called for and great fires lit to cook a feast. The adventures were sat at a table and they handed out little sacks of looted goods and treasures to the townsfolk who eagerly opened them to reveal the gift within.

Soon the meads, wines and ales were flowing freely, the people dancing and merry as they celebrated not only the success of the mission but the winter solstice.


The goblin chief sat down infront of a new campsite filled with old tents. As the goblins from his clan gathered round he told them of the tales of his ancestors.

A child asked why they had to move and the chief grinned broadly, revealing his sharpened teeth as he was proud of his cunning plan. Explaining this to the child was easy as the cost of the move and the loss of their treasure was worth the price the adventures had asked.

No more killing the humans, gnomes or repugnant elves. They were to move but leave what they stole. But what they crafted or hunted on their own was for them to keep. They could leave with their lives and their things as long as they were gone by the rising of the sun.

This loss of stuff was worth far less than the lives of the tribe. The children, grand children and great grandchildren. The friends, friends of friends and… Not quite friends. The survival of the tribe and mercy of the adventures was a new story to tell for generations to come.

As the last tent was placed a great fire was lit and hunted creatures were put on spits. Soon the tribe started to chant and give thanks to their gods and ancestors. Afterall it was the winter solstice and they had survived another year due to the lessons from their ancestor’s and the cunning of the chief.

From me and mine to you and yours, have a great and merry Christmas and a wonderful end to this year,

The Brazen Wolfe