Hellbent on Soulbound

Tonight I want to touch on something I want to explore more this coming year which is part of the driver for moving back to a series of oneshots rather than a yearly adventure format. I am hellbent on Soulbound getting more love. Not only does it bring two of my passions together but it feels nice to run as well. In fact there are no super complex rules to unpack middle of the game. Most of the maths and complexity is done at creation and periodically.

There is also, wait for it, an in game currency that forces cooperation towards a goal. Yup. Hate it or love it you’re stuck with these other characters of various races so you got to find a way around it. No more “its what my character would do” or “I hate that character” as it actually punishes you. Forced cooperation when done in a nice way is just refreshing to see.

So this year I want to create a single long adventure with a few mini adventures stretched out over the months. So I am excited to see how we go with more soulbound content and hopefully I can convince my local gaming group to give it a shot.

So stay tuned this week as I hope to have a teaser for it this week. I will also aim to have the final product of the Dice-ember adventure wrapped up and ready to go as well. If I can find a format I am happy with I will see how far my time and motivation goes to see what else I can do. Other than being hellbent on soulbound getting more love I also want to get more painting done. I have another two armies with of models either sitting in boxes or as grey plastic and its going to start driving me insane. So hopefully I can make it a reality.

Don’t forget to relax and be good to yourself and don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe