The Snowman of Snowtown

Welcome to the twenty fourth night of Dice-ember where tonight we look at the final plug for our adventure, The Snowman of Snowtown. As tomorrow is Christmas and next week I’ll look to wrap up the final product tonight will, more or less, be the final post for Dice-ember 2022. So sit back, enjoy a coffee and read on.

The Snowman of Snowtown


A frigid breeze blasts down from the Gritch mountains and brings with it the deep rhythmic singing of the goliaths that call the mountains home. The town of Snowman sits amongst these large mountains, surrounded by wooded forest and it once was a bustling agricultural town that supplied stone and food to cities further south. That was before the accident that caused the quarry to close and now the town is on the brink of collapse with only the shipments of food and livestock keeping the town going.

But the shipments from Snowtown have stopped and rumours of the forests nearby being haunted by malevolent spirits have come instead. The one city that is unwavering in their support of Snowtown (and the animals and goods that the town supplies) has requested aid from local adventurers to go and check on Snowtown and see if they require assistance.

Meanwhile a young enchantress deals with the loss of her girlhood crush, the rejection and persecution by a narrowminded community and the offer to work for a madman. It must be the crazy season.

Thanks for joining me tonight. With the final parts of the Snowtown adventure coming together I want to thank those who have visited and who have supported this little endeavour of mine for this past year and a bit. Next year I will change things up again to bring more one-shot content and go back to what the true intention of this blog is. But before we get to that I want to wish you all a Merry Christmas and holiday season. I hope you all get to spend some time relaxing and celebrating with those near and dear. And lastly don’t forget to roll with advantage, we never know when we may need it,
The Brazen Wolfe