Guardians of the Tower

Friday has gifted us another fight night and tonight we look at two things. The trek up the tower as well as what lies up above. This week is about how the party navigate the guardians of the tower as well as the creatures that find themselves within. So before I fall asleep let’s roll into tonight’s adventure!

Guardians of the Tower


The inhabitants

The inhabitants of the tower is a fun one. Any CR 1 or 2 creature could find itself in the tower, humanoids make it a bit easier but you can have a wolf, or several trapped in a room. The nature of this tower is chaos. Each floor is more chaos until they are ready to move on. All creatures stat-blocks are created in tetra-cube.

The Guardians of the Tower

The guardians are simply copies of the players. Use the players stat blocks but maybe not their legendary or powerful magical items but if they wish to fight the copies of themselves they meet then they fight their own stat-block.

The second guardian is Drake. For the purpose of combat drake is a wyvern, but highly intelligent and has had some of his limbs and appendages tinkered with.

Drake – Created in Tetra-cube.

Thanks for joining me tonight. This weekend I have a few more exciting things coming as well as a new campaign starting. So don’t forget to come back the next two nights as we wrap up this adventure, and last weeks. I will also endeavour in capturing the progress I make with my campaign and will work out how that fits in with the blog. With the closing of a week it sees another opportunity for us to get creative. So take some time this weekend for your tabletop and as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe