2023 Campaign Adventure 1

Good evening all and welcome to the night of my first adventure and the brief summary I want to provide for it. Whilst not giving away the campaign, adventure or mystery I will attempt to write up each adventure this year starting with my 2023 campaign adventure 1.

2023 Campaign Adventure 1



As the party, Mordakai and Tater, begin to form they are all survivors of a new horror that is spreading across the land of Faerun. To herald this new era of darkness that has spread across the land strange, feral creatures have been stalking the plains, roads and forests. The roads are no longer safe to travel and so the cities have banded together to create the great Caravans. Several companies have banded together to form caravans of wagons that are guarded by mercenaries as a, some what lucrative, way to travel safely.

Several major Towns and cities have had strange heralds appear in dark purple robes who proclaim to be searching for people who have seen odd creatures around, willing to pay people gold pieces for their stories and tales of such creatures if found to be convincing. Furthermore those who provide a truly convincing recount or have fought these creatures and survived may gain employment from the party they represent.

Those who are interested in sharing their tails can come to Wyrrondeep, a small but bustling city. Our party find themselves as hired mercenaries guarding one of the caravans on their way to Wyrrondeep, each having fought one of these creatures and survived.

Sam’s Wagon- created in Nightbreeder

Trouble Brewing –

However, as they reached the next rest spot after travelling together for a day or so they encountered the lone Guard of another wagon, distressed and obviously hiding something. In charge of guarding a wagon with four paying guests he was attacked during the night by wolves, beasties that set fire to the wagon and dragged his companion into the forest.

Upon investigating the wagon they found the patrons who Westley had claimed was safe were in fact dead, murdered and robbed whilst their wagon has been broken into and one of the bodies taken. After some probing and clever questioning it was apparent that the guard was the cause of this and as night set they discovered more. While they waited at a fork in the road for another wagon to join the caravan train they set up camp. Food was plentiful and after some strong, bad, wine was procured and shared it was revealed that Westley’s father owed a large sum of money to the very people he had apparently murdered.

Camp by the woods – created in nightcafe


But as they lay in wait for Westley to emerge from his drunken stupor they were attacked by Twig blights and a wolf. Each of them felled easily but not all was well. The wolf as unnaturally vicious. It was covered in wounds that would not heal and one of its eyes had its pupil split into two. As the wolf fell to the ground, succumbing to its wounds, Westley appeared and attacked Kai viciously. Tater rushed to defend his comrade and after delivering a blow that would cause any lesser man to fall he was nearly fatally wounded himself. After another deft blow from Taters great axe Westley fell only to have strange, tentacle like work creatures flee his body and burrow into the ground.

Main NPC:

Sam Gustave – created in artbreeder

Not being a warrior or scholar Sam finds himself a single parent to Will. Sam is the owner of the first Wagon that creates this particular Caravan and as such as is deemed to be the Caravan Master. In fact he and his guard, the Head Guard, run the caravan and ensure its safe arrival at its destination. Sam also owns his Wagon, a mobile Tavern that provides food and drink to the passengers. But despite his kind nature he is a business man and is not easily fooled or swindled.

Creatures for combat:

Having the twig blights initiate combat by moving into range removed some of the lethality of having only two party members. However, Westley and potentially the wolf, who died very quickly, posed a much larger threat.

Thanks for joining me tonight and to look at the adventure that initiated the campaign. I have a lot more in store for the party as we travel through Faerun and investigate what is happening across the land. So, do join me as we continue this adventure fortnightly!

Don’t forget to come back tomorrow as we wrap up last weeks adventure. And, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe