30 Minute Challenge, Train

So Saturday has come and with it brings a opportunity for a writing challenge. Todays challenge is to write an an adventure whilst on a train, about a train.

The normal restrictions are in place.

Rules of the challenge for me

  • Single word or theme
  • 30 minute timer
  • Must be a playable adventure
  • Must have at least one driver (Antagonist/protagonist)
  • Must be D&D centric and attempt to be of the fantasy variety.

30 Minute Challenge, Train


The party have been recruited to escort goods along a long stretch of road. Their employer is a paranoid gnome inventor who made his name known for creating constructs that can pull several wagons along that dont need food or rest. But they do require heat to provide the energy for their movement.

The goods in question are also one of his inventions. Steel hounds, dog like constructs that work like his wagon pulling constructs by turning heat into life. Burning wood, alcohol or anything else in their internal compartment will bring the construct to life.

Now the paranoia comes from a group of mercenaries trying to bully the inventor into giving them the steel hounds. He is moving them to a secure location as well as selling a few to a fiefdom to the east.

The convoy starts moving. Each series of three wagons is linked together with the six legged oxen like constructs tied to the wagon infront and behind them. During the first day they notice a group of riders travelling in the same direction but think nothing of it. However as they move further into the week long journey the riders are persistent and start to close the distance.

The first attacks come from a swarm of hawks attacking the party member’s, attacking the wagons constructs where the party isn’t available. During this attack some riders make it onto the wagon and activate a handful of the steel hounds using wooden bits of the wagon. The hounds and the attackers then move through the wagons attacking the party and looking for the gnome.

Moving between the series of 3 wagons ans the construct pulling them is dangerous but doable. If done slowly and tethering to guide ropes its safe but a slow journey. If not, creatures risk falling through the gaps and under the wagons behind them. The steel hounds are particularly poor at moving across these gaps due to their weight and construction.

The leader is a particularly good shot with a longbow and rides next to the wagon and will shoot at who ever appears at windows or tries to cross the 9 wagons. His crew know his tactics and generally avoid the windows, occasionally talking amongst themselves about why they avoid windows (incase the party are listening).

The front of the wagon series the inventor has six steel hounds activated with alchemists fire. He explains that this is particularly dangerous as the fuel source burns quickly and is volatile. The constructs reflect this and are more aggressive, attacking anyone not the one who activated them and if the containment vessel is damaged they explode. The damage is equivalent to a 360 arc of burning hands being cast from the hounds torso.

Once the leader is dead they all retreat. If it doesn’t die but his men do then he will retreat with them to fight another time (and adventure).

A nice steampunk-esque vibe to this adventures. Don’t forget to come back tomorrow for more content and, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe

Three hundred nights

For three hundred nights he returned to the same place, the same four walls started to haunt him. For three hundred nights he questioned the darkening room if the his insanity was imagined. On the three hundredth night the darkness answered back.

It wasn’t that the task was impossible, it was barely difficult most of the time it was just that it was different. Instead of joining the others of his family in their habits and rituals he put pen to paper and wrote. He wrote for the hell of it, he wrote for fun and he wrote to get the voices from his mind into a book. Somewhere they wouldn’t intrude upon his waking moments.

The voices at the beginning were scattered, unbridled and unfocused. Erratic at best but cohesive at the same time. A true complex being like none other he had dared to imagine before. With time they became structured, reigning in that power within the void of his mind he channelled the raw potential towards tasks. And from power, quiet and darkness life was born.

At first it was simple things, little things. People and places, things and occurrences. Good and bad, happy and not so much. Inspiration was taken from day to day life and that spark of creative energy created a torrent of imagined fire that tore across the pages of the paper and etched in an image of a world foreign yet familiar.

The darkness spoke, the pages questioned and the darkness answered in time.

Parents, brothers, sisters, wives, husbands and friends all came forward with questions. Requests were spoken and the solution was murmured to the darkness where the heroes lay in wait to answer their call. They answered the call to write the wrongs, to find the lost and defend the defenceless. The wrong doers, the villains of this sprawling world contained within his mind fought for control and supremacy of thought. Some nights they won and the heroes in the dark corners of the room were forced to seek aid from high powers, from others.

Puppets on strings is all they were, but the puppeteer was not to be seen. The forces of good and evil both waged a war that was predetermined from the initial conception of their weekly fate. A course set in the stars, in the charts of man and the paths of beasts determined where the sword fell and where arrows soared.

For three hundred nights the man returned to the dark room. But, darkness has a strange way of finding the light. As the light grew the temptation to reject the raw power the dark offered. The comfort in silence and in numbness to the outside world. In the dark there was nothing more, no colour, no person, nothing to distract from the task. In the dark the monsters battled the heroes of the nightly test and he witnessed it all and scribed it down.

A chamber of dark is prone to summoning the light.

For in the light there were monsters as well. Oh yes monsters dwelled there too. In fact he learned that for each positive force of creativity there are equal and sometimes more powerful force of deconstruction. Deconstruction as opposed to destruction as these monsters taunted from around the chamber. Across the room hidden behind barely visible forcefields the monsters called out for him. They begged for release, for the attention they craved and they needed. For they could only survive if attention provided them opportunity to take the power that dwelt within the man.

The power waxed and waned as his attention drifted. The more the creatures pulled his pen from paper the harder it became to return to the dark. They moved his mind from transcribing the world that only he saw one that only he could record. These beasts, not always terrifying and horrible sometimes beautiful barred his path. One which would see him return to the power of creativity. The one he wielded with deafened ears and closed eyes.

For three hundred nights he contemplated what the purpose of his scribbles were. The recording of a world that a random few were privy to, one where everything was intangible yet very real to him. The rises and falls of power of those that inhabited the land ceased to exist when pen forgot paper. The creatures milled arounds hills and marshes and looked at the settlements of men. In fact they could only ever just watch. For without the spark of creation, the inspiration of the scriber they were unable to move and to fulfil their purpose.

The time to summon the dark again beckoned but the scriber was adrift.

The heroes grew tired and rusty. Indeed, no longer were they able to perform grand acts of bravery for without him they were nothing but shadows in the corner of a room. Light had worked its way into the life of the scribe and with it brought a sense of peace. The voices were muted behind the lights and the distractions the light brought. Gone was the sharp focus that the darkness had brought to him. Others of his kind had infiltrated the chamber of scripture and pulled him away from his task with promises of merriment and leisure. At times the he forgot the power that the darkness had offered him. With the fall of the darkness the voices that spoke to him of people, creatures and places also fled from the light.

However he did not anticipate the power the darkness held over him and his mind. Soon the voices became disorganised and rose in volume. Creatures began to preach of revolution. Heroes pillaged and burned and the villages that had been built over three hundred nights vanished. He looked upon the world he was a guest to and lamented, what had he done? Nothing was the response from the darkness.

Picking up the pen was the easiest decision he had made in a long time, in fact three hundred nights to be exact. Gazing into the world and extinguishing the light he plunged his mind into darkness again. Blocking out the sound of life throughout the attached chambers and retreating back to those four hallowed walls he put pen to paper. The heroes returned and marched against the forces of evil. Villages rebuilt, creatures scurried and thundered across plains and through forests and the great god-beasts of his mind bellowed out.

Back to the darkness to save a world hidden to all.

The darkness had brought him back, had shown him what the distractions the light had to offer. He realised that there was power in the darkness, in blocking out the noise of the light. In fact the same power that powered the spark of creativity also powered the distractions the light offered. He realised that now and a world with both light and darkness awaited.

Brazenly candid for a moment.

Tonight I wanted to get some thoughts onto page. The effort of writing consistently and consecutively for three hundred nights in a row comes with a price. Even if the writing comes naturally, even with a plan and a framework there is always distractions.

New technology, changes in the family dynamic, changes at work outside the ‘dark‘ of the office and in the light of the outside all influence my ability to write. There have been times that I have wondered if I should stray from the path I have set myself on, that I wonder if I had done enough. But these distractions and the pang of longing to return to my writing tells me I have done the right thing in sticking it out.

So tonight I wanted to reflect on three hundred (and three as of this blog update) nights of consecutive writing with Afflictions True Nature. Seeing my little gathering of readers grow is reward in itself. I hope that this coming year I will be able to push it up to the next level where I promote myself a bit more, clean up my content to a higher standard that I want to set myself too and produce content that people actively seek out.


That will be all from me tonight. Don’t forget tomorrow is my end of month big write-up so drop by and and check it out. Next week marks the last leg of the journey for the party. I will ask that if you are continuing to join me for this final leg of the year that you let me know your thoughts on my experiment this year. Should I do another year long campaign or should I try something different? Send me a message or leave a comment below.

And, before I head off for the night, don’t forget to keep focus of what drives you. Find your own power, your own call to the dark where the peace, and lack of distractions from the light of screens, shiny new graphics cards or devices is kept at bay behind closed eyelids and blocked ears… or loud music playing through noise cancelling headphones.

Take care everyone and don’t forget to continue to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe

Magnus Vex – school days

As the sun rose and peaked through the window above his bed he knew the farce was up. Sighing he pulled the pillow off from his face as he swung his legs over the side of the bed and looked around his room.

The Sony’s light was slowly blinking yellow, obviously he had forgotten to turn it off after playing witcher last night. He’d already clocked if a few times over but he just loved the game. He couldn’t explain what it was but immersing himself in a fantasy setting just felt so right to him.

Standing up and picking an older T-shirt from the not-so-dirty pile he looked at the calendar on the back of his door. With a loud groan he realised it was three weeks until his birthday. His guardians had insisted that he invite some friends over but he wasn’t one for friends. He found it hard to connect with kids and normally kept to himself. That and his guardians were an embarrassment.

His ‘dad’ was a collector of things. He never spoke about work but the den was filled with trinkets and oddities. Magnus thought he was an archaeologist or tomb-raider but when he spoke he wasn’t cool enough for that. So Magnus had to deal with a lot of very old very weird things like ancient voodoo fetishes and staffs made from human bones and skin. Super weird shit.

His ‘mum’ on the other hand was a black widow. The boys at school all teased him on how good his mum looked and it got to his nerves. Whilst his dad was a hulking easy six feet tall and built broader than most football players his mum was thin, athletic and terrifying. She was russian and he wouldn’t be surprised if she turned out to be an assassin or spy like black widow from the avengers.

Leaving his room he was greeted by silence. His guardians were rarely home and when they were they spoke to each other like team mates or colleagues from work.

Walking down the stairs, his skinny frame and mop of dark hair completing his “hipster but not cool” look of jeans, boots, his anime T-shirt and a light jacket that was there to keep his skinny ass warm in an Australian Autumn. “Mag. Bus is here in five minutes!” Erin called out, his mum.

“Thanks Erin.” He said as he entered the kitchen and looked at the store bought lunch kit that sat on the bench. She did not cook. “Gerald will be out of town for a bit so its just us” she said with a smile that didn’t reach her eyes.

“Sounds good. Maybe you can teach me some karate or jujitsu? I want to learn” he said as he stuffed a square of cheddar cheese and a slab of ham in his mouth. Looking up at the clock as Erin thought about it he saw he was late. “Shit. Got to go. See you tonight Erin!” He said as he ran out of the kitchen, down the hall and out the door to the bus stop at the end of the block.

He made it with a bit of time to spare and checked his bag for everything. Shit. He forgot his lunch. As he contemplated going back he sensed someone standing next to him.

“Hi. I’m Alice” the person said standing next to him in full school uniform for his school. “It’s my first day.” She said with a nervous smile.

“Uhh.. I’m cute. I mean you’re cute. I mean I’m Magnus. But everyone calls me Mag..” he said with potentially the highest amount of stuttered words ever. He cursed himself as he turned towards the bus that was arriving. Saved by the bus. Alice just giggled and blushed.

Stepping up onto the bus Magnus plopped himself down in the first seat available, next to the driver. It was a pretty full bus today. Looked out the window at the suburban houses. When he felt the seat move next to him he groaned inwardly as he realised Alice ha sat next to him.

“So Mag. What do you do for fun around here?” Alice asked, still a bit flushed in the cheeks. As the bus moved forward with a lurch she slid on the seat a bit and bumped into him. “S-s-sorry” she stammered as she moved away hurriedly.

“Don’t worry about it. Uhh. Well I guess kids go shopping at the mall. It’s not much but it’s ok for a small to..” he began to say before the bus stopped abruptly. Magnus looked out the window just in time to see Erin knocking on the bus door holding his lunch.

“no-no-no..” he muttered as he tried to hide but it was too late. She had spotted him and the bus driver opened the door.

“you ran off so fast that you left your lunch. Growing boys need proteins, fats and minerals to ensure healthy maturation.” She said as she gave him the bag of food. “I’ll see you at home around six. I’ve got a client to see…” And with that she turned and left the bus. The girls laughed and giggled the boys, after closed their mouth whistled loudly.

“uhh.. was that your mum?” Alice asked holding in laughter.

“she’s not my mum… She just looks after me..” Magnus replied as the bus took off again with the chorus of whoops and laughter.

“well… She was a pretty hot mum…” Alice said in a muffled voice as Magnus groaned at the start of another shitty day at school.

Fall of the Sovereign

As Lord Tyson Tearn’swallow scurried off with the handful of infantry and the calls of rage from Duke Vorn as he charged headlong into the melusai to by Tyson time the Ghast Courtier looked down at Krak who’s wounds were severe.

“You men. Stand here and hold off those cursed snakes. The rest of me on the king!” he shouted as two flying knights came into view. The two massive women nodded to the king and threw themselves into the khinerai as their shadow queen charged towards Vorn as he tore apart more melusai.

The attack on the daughters of the god of murder had been in vain. There was no glory here only death and two kings had died fighting valiantly as the snakes twisted and coiled around their dragons in their death throws.

The Shadow Queen and Morathi would claim the crown. The Sovereignty had fallen from Krak Crowncleaver and it would take some time until his forces would be strong enough to try and best such an intimidating foe.

Hail to our Sovereign

Hello and welcome to a small update for the end of my Warhammer dedicated week. Tonight I wanted to give a final hail to our Sovereign and post some photos of the painting I managed to get done this week for my Flesh eater courts.

Hail to our Sovereign


The Journey to my darkly themed ghouls.

While not step-by step guides I managed to push through and get two models that sat primed but not fully painted done over the weekend too. The Ghoulish pile of shame has shrunk by a few hundred points.

While I stress over cleaning up the ghouls a bit more over the next few weeks in preparation for the local tournament I wanted to capture some of the progress I made.

The other thing left to do is reveal the results of my matchup against Skaven from the other night – so let’s see if my memory can go through the results from the two armies posted Friday.

As Krak and Liss’s combined forced crested the hill the buildings around them rustled to life as the horde of Skaven had been uncovered. The infantry, the serfs of Krak’s court surged forward to create a defensive line between themselves and their king as dark magic whisked through the air and the Kings called their warriors to the field.

Another champion, some winged knights and more ghouls appeared on the far left flank, staking territory around a suspicious warp-filled hole that had appeared in the ground whilst Liss contemplated the battlefield. As her forces surged forward towards a cache of powerful realmstone so did the rats and soon the serfs, courtiers, knights and dragons were outnumbered and it thought the cache lost. That’s when the ground quaked and a great bridge forged from bone appeared. from across the bridge bounded rat ogors, whipped into a frenzy and their charge didn’t stop there as they bounded into the serfs that defended the kings. On the flank more rat ogors charged the reinforcements that had come to assist the kings and the impact alone saw the infantry torn down to a handful of survivors, the knights also lost a man. Defending Krak the infantry savaged the other rat ogors, cutting them down with fervour however in their death frenzy they fought back, killing the noble defenders and their supporting courtier. Alloren and her dragon didn’t take kindly to their invasion and struck back removing the ogors and suffering a few small scratches as payment.

A cheer broke out from somewhere amongst the masses but just as it commenced it died down again with the re-emergence of an equal number of rat ogors near their foul master.

It was time for the court to go on the offensive. After a phenomenal mustering the flanking serfs and courtier, a mighty Varghulf, positioned themselves to charge into the enemies flank and remove their pesky hero’s who could return the ogors to life. The dragon and terrorgheist moved forward supported by more ghouls as they prepared to charge through enemy lines and remove threats.

The terrorgheist swallowed a master moulder whole, devoured clan rats and removed half the rat ogors from their pack. The infantry and Lady Alloren removed more ghouls and pushed in deeper to stake a claim to the cache of realmstone. The counter charge was brutal with a verminlord warbringer declaring a vendetta against lady Alloren and after a ferocious duel Lady Alloren and her dragon were lost, but not without Thanquol almost being devoured whole by Duke Wicksplitter’s mount. But the cowardly rat fled from the conflict as the rat ogor’s pressed their advantage.

With the fall of the King the serfs were rattled and a charge from rat ogors nearby saw the end to the infantry threatening the skaven daemonlord. However, more infantry had appeared on the far Skaven flank and it was at this crucial turning point that Krak knew he had victory within grasp.

Weathering the counter charge of the rats Duke Will charged in ferociously. Removing rat ogors, killing the verminlord before making another push towards Thanquol and the pesky master moulder. However a counter push from the Rat ogors shortly after saw the terrorgheist flee the battlefield but not before feasting on the last of the rat ogors with no more to return to the field. The new reinforcements from the flank had engaged with more clan rats and victory in that skirmish was within the grasp of Kraks Forces. That was until the realmstone Cache ruptured sending shards across the battlefield. One into well defended Skaven territory and one to land at Kraks feet.

Thanquol made his presence felt removing all the serfs from the battlefield with his mounts terrifying warpfire – but, Krak and Liss sent out a call for aid and twice it was answered. With only the Master moulder to support him Thanquol and his puppet retreated from the battlefield and complete victory was claimed for the forces of Krak Crowncracker and Liss Lipsnatcher.

Thanks for joining me tonight for more Warhammer content. Don’t forget to come back this week as we resume out normal D&D content – apart from hobby updates over the next few weeks that is – as we see our party march towards the wall. Don’t forget to keep an eye out for the league results, I will post them this week and, always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe

Gore Matted Fur

Hello and welcome to a small update post for tonight. As predicted in last nights blog I took my ghoulish list and clashed against a good friends Skaven and boy was it a bloodbath. In addition to Gore Matted Fur and a large feast for the surviving members of Krak’s Court many lessons were learnt across both sides of the table. So tonight I wanted to provide my final list, my opponents list and a scene from the end of the match…

Gore Matted Fur


Liss and Krak stalked across the field of dead. Lord Tyson Tearn’swallow darted hear and there directing a handful of infantry that had managed to survive the inferno and raw power that the Skaven had managed to muster as they assaulted one of the nearby towns that Krak had under his control.

Tyson scurried forth and bowed low between the two rulers, both of which were holding back their bloodlust at the carnage around them. “We found Lady Alloren, she will live. And Duke Will Wicksplitter is trying to reign in his terrorgheist as its given into its bloodshed. We lost ninety infantry, Lady Allorens dragon, Lord Carth Bonenibbler and some of our mounted knights” he said as he shrank away from Liss. Liss looked across the battlefield hungrily.

“What did they lose?” she asked as she saw more ghouls pouring over the hills towards the great feast.

“Close to Eighty putrid Rat-men, twelve of their brutish rat ogor, some of which appeared to spring out of the ground at the call of their masters, which we will remember. We banished their deamon lord who fled through a gateway and Duke Wicksplitter almost managed to kill that wizard-rat on massive ogoroid – but he fled the battlefield too with the one remaining beast master on their end. A master Moulder I think they were called.” Lord Tyson said at last.

Good. It was a good fight and the bodies left behind would fuel the replenishment of her army. Even now she witnessed the other courtiers that joined them on the battlefield pushing their way from under the piles of dead.

Krak called to his remaining serfs, his beloved ferocious zealots did not survive the initial combat with the brutish, hulking rat-men abominations – but the presence of Liss and her chosen had pushed the fight in his favour and routed the cowardly rat-men from his lands. Not that he would admit it. As he picked his way through the pile of bodies and gore mattered fur he knew that this war for sovereignty was not over.

“Sire,” a skittish voice said from near by. “The knights and scouts you sent out have come back saying that there is a gathering of worshippers of Khaine on their way to your lands. If we prepare now and strike a decisive blow against their leader, Morathi, I am sure that we will emerge victorious” said the ghoul.

Nodding he looked towards the direction he sent his men and women. War was upon him again and like it or not he would have to rely on Queen Liss again.

Thanks for joining me tonight. I will post the results and a replay of the battle this weekend but it was close. In fact down to a matter of two points in the end. Don’t forget to join me this weekend for some more hobby updates and, always, don’t forget to roll with advantage re-roll those ones,
The Brazen Wolfe

Beneath the Reagents Keep

Welcome to game night where tonight’s match determines the fate of Krak and his crusade. If I win tonight’s match I am in the semi-finals scrapping it out for first place or I am left picking up the scraps for third of fourth place in the three month league.

Tonight I will try the variation on my other list that got me into the finals and we will see if I end up taking a heroic victory or if I fall from grace.

Beneath the Reagents Keep


Liss stalked the dilapidated halls of Krak’s keep as she sought out the self proclaimed reagent and ruler of these lands. As she moved passed the door-less frames, the gore streaked walls and the many coloured lichen that grew in these dank rooms her feral grin grew.

Outside of the keep she could hear the screams and cries of ghouls, hundreds of them as they bayed for a feast day and above it all the terrifying screech of the massive bat like creatures, Terrorgheist’s. In particular she could hear Goreshadow, the mount of her champion Will Wicksplitter, one of the largest beasts she had ever encountered.

The ghouls and minor courtiers that stalked the halls outside the vast entrance room huddled and cowered against the wall. She supposed that to them she would appear as something quite feral and unnatural. How ironic as they were cut from the same cloth. Well maybe not as regal as her but the same none the less.

Ever since she was sired she was different from the other ghouls. Twisted by dark magic of a vampire lord and coerced to complete dark and violent acts of cannibalism she morphed into the being she is today. Rather than becoming twisted by some grand delusion of a king she was aware of what she was, what she did and she revelled in the power that came with her depravity. In fact she relished the ghoulish acts she committed and enjoyed feasting on the flesh of the realms mortals more than the ghouls she commanded.

“Queen Liss…” a quivering voice from the doorway in front of her spoke. “Arch Reagent Krak, the Crowncracker, bastion of hope and champion of light sends for you.” The Crypt Ghast said in a quiver.

“Does he now?” Liss replied, not expecting an answer. “Show me to Krak. I have grave tidings”. As the ghast bowed and hurried through the doors, the only ones that appeared to be functional she breathed in the heady smell of fresh meat.

Pushing past the piles of bones she stepped up to the table and gave a polite curtsey to the most arrogant ghoul she had seen in some time. Krak slurped the marrow from the bones of of some duardin that they had fought recently, feathers of a phoenix framed his throne and a shard of ghurish magic buzzed in a crown – fragments of an Incarnate she was sure of it.

“Queen Liss, your presence here is either a great of foul portent. Which tidings do you bring to me this eve?” Krak said as he slurped red liquid, blood, from a skull.

“My scouts have tracked strange happenings, disappearance of serfs and the odd knight to mines near your keep. I suspect that something particularly fowl is taking them and that they have eyes on your keep and have come to grant you my aid.” Liss said with all the decorum of nobility. After a moment of silence Krak roared with laughter, followed immediately by his courtiers.

Arrogant king Liss thought as she bared her fangs and warped teeth, the room silenced immediately. Her ferocity, strength and bloodlust was well known. “I do not offer my assistance lightly as I also bring proof.” Liss screeched into the room. A moment later the flapping of wings answered her call and a great shape blocked the failing light from a nearby large window.

With the flapping of torn wings a Crypt Flayer, a large bloated ghoul with great spiked bat-like wings flew through the window and landed next to Liss. As it landed it dropped a large bag in front of its queen and bowed low to her. Liss reached for the bag and slowly began to untie it – her long dagger like claws still able to demonstrate a great deal of dexterity despite their capacity for violence. The courtiers leant forwards as did Krak as they watched with their foetid breath held in anticipation.

Liss reached in and pulled out the contents, a body. Its brown fur was mattered with sticky blood and what remained resembled a rat – a particularly large rat. It wasn’t until Liss threw the body to the table that the full extent of it was revealed, the rats head was part of a larger corpse – one with humanoid features including a torso and large muscular arm with a triangular symbol lashed to its wrist.\

“I caught this trying to drag away one of my serfs into a hole. Fear-riddled creatures it soiled itself and died before I could question it fully. Following the holes though my scouts found that it lead to the mines near your Keep. So with this as proof I once again offer you my services, and that of my champion, to eradicate these vermin from your lands.” she said as she watched Krak stalk towards the corpse. After a moment the Arch reagent picked up the body and bit into the fleshy part of the bicep.

A wicked grin crossed its face as he strode towards a nearby window to address his kingdom. As he stood there he held the body up high and a bestial roar burst forth from his swelling chest. “Tonight we feast!” he called as he threw the body down the the heaving masses.

Turning around Krak stalked towards Liss. “When do we leave?” he asked.

“Immediately” replied Liss as her smile turned into a feral snarl. The bloodshed she craved was about to happen.

Thanks for joining me tonight as I prepare to fight for my place in the finals for my local league. Don’t forget to drop by tomorrow for the results of my matchup and, always, don’t forget to roll with advantage re-roll those ones,
The Brazen Wolfe

The Queen Reagent

Welcome to a weird Wednesday where today we are looking at a twist of the list I brought to my qualifying match last week and presented yesterday. Tonight we look at an alternative list for me to take – adding another powerful Arch Reagent and a Terrorgheist for the mortal wound output.

The Queen Reagent


First off in traditional Warhammer style I have the list.

Now to explore the changes to Krak’s list let’s delve into it a bit.


Name: Lissandra Lipsnatcher

Unit: Abhorrent Arch Reagent

A contender for Krak Crowncracker’s claim to the throne Liss is a powerful and rare queen amongst her kind. Ferocious and brutal she commands the more terrifying legions of the court when the goes to war. Not one to share she finds herself in a strange position where she wants Krak to both fail and succeed. Krak faces down the most terrifying of entities without fear but his fearlessness makes him reckless. This both intrigues and repulses Liss as recklessness is how the previous Arch Reagent lost his head, and crown.

Never seen too far away from her second in command, Duke Will Wicksplitter, she detests the boisterous knights of the courts of fellow rulers. Because of this she rarely allows them in her presence, except for the most feral of them that swoop from the skies to skewer her enemies.

Liss isn’t like the other Flesh Eater Courts abhorrent rulers – she is aware of her delusion and see’s herself for what she truly is – and revels in the carnage, bloodshed and putrescent gluttony that it enables. This makes gives pause to all those who would oppose her as she appears as a feral beast amongst their midst and rarely looks like the benevolent rulers they see themselves to be.

Name: Duke Will Wicksplitter

Unit: Abhorrent Ghoul King on Royal Terrorgheist

One of the reasons for the armies that Liss commands not containing Knights is Duke Will Wicksplitter and his mount. In the eyes of the court his mount is something akin to a glorious resplendent phoenix, its died and came back to life immeasurable times before the courts eyes. The Terrorgheist however has a nasty habit of feasting on the biggest of the courts minions – the knights – and their boisterous nature calls to it like a cat to a mouse.

For this reason, amongst others, Liss and Will don’t allow foot knights to be in their presence when they ride to war as it proves more deadly for their forces than that of their enemy.

Now being different to the other list I removed the knights, they pose a meaty punching bag, anvil and occasional brutal hammer to counter my opponents infantry. However I find that my Crypt Ghouls pose enough of a threat that I don’t have to rely on the less numerous knights to fill this role.

However my list lacks mortal wounds and the terrorgheist has it in spades. Pared with the supporting buffs from the three other spell casters as well as its own ward it can be a shredder when it comes to chewing through enemy lines. Rerolling hits and wounds from the overlapped spells makes it a great candidate with the average damage beating that of the Krondspine Incarnate. The ability to make it a 3+ ignoring 1 point of rend (Finest day and Mystic shield) as well as a 5+ ward make it nearly as durable as the Krondspine and when paired with the Chalice the wounds it does take are likely to nearly vanish at the end of the turn.

Adding two more expensive heroes does create a problem though – I also drop my 30 man ghoul unit into a block of 20. But in my experience the full 30 ghouls were never all getting into combat any way – so this way I have a smaller footprint to manage and get the same number of attacks per ghoul in combat.

Thanks for joining me tonight to look at a revised list that I will be testing out tomorrow night. I may swap around some of the spells (perhaps flaming weapon on Will and blood feast on Liss) but I will give it some thought tonight. Don’t forget to come back tomorrow as I hope to show off my army in its mostly painted glory and, always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe

The legions of Krak Crowncracker

Welcome to a a bit of a different change of pace from the normal NPC night tonight as I gear up for three weeks of competitive Warhammer. Tonight I am exploring the legions of Krak Crowncracker and what the army list is that I am considering taking to the next three competitive matches.

The legions of Krak Crowncracker


First off in traditional Warhammer style I have the list.

Now to explore the legions I have something a bit different.


Name: Krak Crowncracker

Unit: Abhorrent Arch Reagent

Krak Crowncracker stole his crown from the previous king. Being an older, more experienced Abhorrent King the overthrowal of the old ruler of the courts wasn’t a particularly difficult task. In fact with the support of the Lady Reagent and his most loyal courtiers it was child’s play.

Wearing the dermal robe, a treasured artefact, he is a particularly potent spell caster. With his natural abilities no surprise that he is able to bolster his knights to perform greater feats of bravery and heroics.

When fighting near his two supporting kings, those that rule over kingdoms nearby who swore loyalty to him, he is a potent commander.

Name: Lady Alloren Drakrender

Unit: Abhorrent Ghoul King on Zombie Dragon

Kraks second in command when he is not on the field Alloren is a ferocious combatant with or without her dragon. Leading the charge and wading into the masses of bodies she shows The legions of Krak Crowncracker how its done. She herself fights harder to convince the serfs and knights to follow her, and her dragons, foot steps. With her ferociousness in full display, and the ancient dragon under her command, it is a rare sight indeed for troops, serfs or otherwise, to flee from the battlefield when she is nearby.

Adorning the Decrepit Coronet she is chosen of Krak to lead his legions, for this battle at least, and the legions of serfs are more than happy to follow her to their demise.

Name: Duke Bryce Tallowswallow

Unit: Abhorrent Ghoul King

Lord Bryce Tallowswallow is ruler of one of the fiefdoms of Krak Crowncracker. Bryce inspires the troops he oversees to fight harder, the serfs and knights are normally eager to prove themselves to Bryce as he is in charge of distributing the most delicious of loot.

Bryce wasn’t always third in command, no, until Krak took over he was fighting wars with the previous reagent. However the demonstration of Kraks’ power, his cunning and his ruthlessness to get what he desired swayed Bryce take a knee instead of taking up his sword.


Name: Bran Hoofgnasher

Unit: Crypt Haunter Courtier

Bran is a huge knight, and a bigger Crypt Haunter at that. Standing way taller than the average man the magic and blessings from his king swell him with pride, fervour and the desire for bloodshed. Normally positioned near the thick of it he is not afraid to bound into melee himself. With the bolstering of his king, and the artefact he carries (the Flayed Pennant) those around him and in particular his knights are fast and brutal first engagers.

Name: Lord Tyson Tearn’swallow

Unit: Crypt Ghast Courtier

Unlike Bran, Lord Tyson is a small and weaselly man. Thin of nature he manages to whip the Serfs that follow him into a frenzy and even has displayed the uncanny ability to bring order back into the hosts when they start to waver.

Name: Luke Bonespittle 

Unit: Crypt Ghast Courtier

Not yet given the title of Lord, Luke is a relatively untested courtier who has followed Krak to the battlefield to gain experience in commanding troops. Whilst not as thin and weasel-like as Lord Tyson he is just as persuasive to the lower classes, coming from one of them himself, and they follow his orders. Given the smallest contingency on the battlefield, except for Kraks Scouts, he is generally well organised and follows the plan to the letter.


Name: Bran’s Burning Knights

Unit: 6xCrypt Horrors

Leader: Kale Ironshot

Brans Burning knights are the biggest of his knights and when they charge the impact of their blades is felt across the battlefield. These knights are the true hammer of the court and are able to smash through and battleline or regiment that is foolish enough to stand in their path.

Name: Shining Tooth

Unit: 3xCrypt Horrors

Leader: Reginald Tongueslitter

Quicker and more of a skirmish unit than the Burning Knights the Shining tooth pick off key units and wade into them without fear for their safety. To them the mission is all and if they can prevent invaders and those who challenge Krak or Bran from reaching their lords and kings then they consider their mission complete.


Name: Tyson’s Fury

Unit: 30xCrypt Ghouls

Leader: Kitty Flayedback

Kitty Flayedback leads the most zealous and ferocious infantry and footmen that Krak has ever seen. With a single call from his horn, or inspirational command they throw themselves like cornered beasts into the enemy and bring them down with blade, pick or axe. Although not as big or armoured as the knights, generally just wearing the colours of Krak’s courts they fight as if they were the mightiest warriors on the battlefield – and they might be just right.

Name: Bolstered Bulwark

Unit: 20xCrypt Ghouls

Leader: Kate Goredribble

Whilst not ferocious and hungry for a fight as Kitty’s warriors Kates are staunch defenders and never falter. Listening to their lords or kings last orders they carry them out to the letter regardless of what crests the hill in front of them or kicks down the gate. Proving themselves resourceful multiple times they have earnt a seat at Krak’s table – good things are in Kates future goblet

Name: Sparrowhawks

Unit: 10xCrypt Ghouls

Leader: MIA

Not given a specific title based on the deeds of a few in the group Krak’s Sparrowhawks are the first to spot the enemy. Generally used as a rear guard to ensure that the Arch Reagent, his courtiers and lords are safe from an ambush. This has however resulted in a higher than average turnover of this specialised group and they are always seeking new members.

Now you may have noticed that not all the names are called out in the list or the alternative writeup for them. This is because characters, such as Vorn Blackblood – my Varghulf courtier from last nights For The Sorvereign, are reinforcements who join Krak nearly every conflict – however they rarely appear on the battlefield originally.

I also tried to explain the role of each of my units as well – some have very specific roles such as providing areas of denial for teleporting (deep striking) or for counter charging (The Burning Knights) or even pinning something down for a turn (Shining Tooth) and their purpose doesn’t really change in the Legions of Krak Crowncracker.

Thanks for joining me tonight to get a glimpse at the thoughts behind my list and what it constitutes. Don’t forget to come back each night as I expand upon my thoughts behind my Warhammer and, always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe

For the sovereign

Welcome to a what I am calling as my week off. As I prepare for the first age of sigmar tournament I am attending this year, sovereign smash, I am left asking myself. What do I need to do to prepare for the sovereign?

I have my army, one I will perfect over the next two weeks as I prepare for the sovereign smash tournament. Now I just need my theme. Theme and the story behind my army is important for me to really invest in the success for my Warhammer and a long standing army of mine is still king. Well Arch Reagent. The Flesh Eater Courts.

This week and the next I prepare by taking my army through the ringer against a couple of local players who are both excellent hobbyists in a local league finals. Yeah, I managed to get 3rd place overall and got into the finals to decide the who were take home the 1st place crown.

So I wanted to write up a bit about my current formation of my army and allude to possible future iterations. So I give you my great delusion.

For the Sovereign


The green grass of the field ahead of them was only broken by the pillars of woodwork and stone that his men had erected years ago. The vibrant banners flapped in the winds as his followers, mighty knights, his courtiers and the largest gathering of serfs that had been witnessed on a battle field for many years now.

Looking across the battlefield the serfs had just finished setting up the tower from which he could sit upon and conduct battle. It was a fine day for a fight and these interlopers, these invaders were here to fight to claim the title Sovereign. It was his title and not one that he would share lightly. In fact there was only one other that he would consider sharing this title with and she was vacant from this battlefield. Probably wise as her appetite for bloodshed was almost as high as her other appetites.

Climbing his throne-like tower he stood high above the surrounding lands and looked across his men. His general caught his eye. A woman of rare bearing and even rarer martial prowess, much like himself. Tall for her kind and despite her ruthlessness in combat she shared a strange fondness for the beast she rode into battle. A dragon. Shaking his head, his twinned moustache floating in the spring breeze he heard the first trumpets of his scouts saw the unholy minions of darkness streak towards the ground in bolts of lightning.

“How she can manage to keep astride that beast and still manage to direct troops is beyond me” he muttered to himself.

“Arch Reagent!” a portly man, one of his courtiers, Bran Hoofgnasher, called to him as he strode swiftly towards him. “The invaders have fell beasts on their side. The knights are ready to engage but I fear the Serfs will falter.” The man was correct, he rarely was wrong when it came to his knights and their ability to sew chaos and bloodshed.

“Well I better hope that Lord Tyson Tearn’swallow and Luke Bonespittle can keep their men in order until reinforcements arrive. This is a battle we can not afford to lose as I hear rumours of a gathering of others who would wrestle my crown from me.” The Arch Reagent, Krak Crowncracker, said as he looked over the gathering of men, beasts and knights.

Besides. We also have a dragon.

The call to arms went out swiftly and with a sudden burst of movement the enemy was advancing towards them. Foul black knights in armour the glimmered and shone in foul mockery of their dark nature formed walls of flesh and steel. ‘Clever’, he thought to himself as he noticed the key positions that they sought to hold. The giant dragon, foul scaled and crackling with fouler lightning landed on the left flank to bolster the small contingent of forces that had gathered there.

“Sire! They have a sorcerer!” a call shrieked out from the front lines as bolts of putrid lightning and thunder rumbled forth across the battlefield bolstering their warriors and shaking the serfs nerves.

Dashing forward he climbed the tower with ease, for someone of his physique it was an easy test. “Do not falter!” he called, his voice magically bolstered by the holy robe he wore. “Do not fear, my people. We will beat these invaders back. They have brought foul sorcery and dark beasts to our lands but they have not faced our might and fury before. Onwards to Victory!” he roared above the din of the contingents.

A chant broke out from Lord Tyson Tearn’swallow “For the Sovereign!” the call went out. Soon the serfs started to mirror the chant. “For Krak Crowncracker! For The Sovereign!”. He smiled and swelled with pride at his footmen, his beloved infantry who had served him well for years. The knights bellowed and soon his general, Lady Alloren Drakerender and her mighty companion flew above head to land just in front of him. The dragon bellowed forth a rage filled roar. Challenging any and all to come towards its rider or the Arch Reagent they served.

The serfs moved up, maintaining regimental rank and keeping their banners and weapons high. These were highly trained troops and as the enemy forces finished their positioning they too had mirrored their hold on the key positions.

His anvil. The knights and his courtiers the mighty keening hammer that would drive the invaders home he thought to himself. But, he also knew no fury like the serfs. They were loyal and ferociously so to not only himself and the lady Alloren Drakerender but also his adjutant Duke Bryce Tallowswallow – and unfortunate name for one of his rank – but he had proved himself time and time again.

Watching his serfs, their courtiers move and mirror the invaders brought a smile to his mouth. For he had organised a surprise gift for the invaders. Grabbing a horn from his side he pressed the cold metal to his lips and blew – the sound like a screaming horse split across the sky and the same haunting sound came from the flanks of the opposing forces. Lord Vorn Blackblood, his mightiest courtier was joined with a contingent of his fiercest of serfs and drove the enemy back one of the key defensible positions.

Blowing a second time and his scouts returned from off field to join him by his side.

“You called sire?” they yelled as they ran towards him, the rest of his forces moving up to take the field and key positions.

“I need you to watch our territory. I feel as though they are holding back from us. This can not be the force we heard about there are far too few men.” he said as he counted only 20 foot knights that accompanied the large drake-like mount, the dragon and the hideous feather winged abomination that some had called a Tauralon.

The scouts nodded and retreated to climb a nearby house to watch for other invaders.

Noticing that his opponent was on the backfoot he blew into his horn again and raced down from the tower. It was time to go on the offensive.

“Onwards Lady Alloren Drakerender. Show them how its done!” he called out as the drake roared and charged into enemy lines. Moments after a torrent of fire roasted two knights in their armour and their bodies fell to the ground with foul lightning forking out around them.

The serfs, courageous and hungry to prove their might to the Lady, also charged into the dark warriors. Brave souls they were as a few of them were struck down with foul lightning on the charge. His knights also charged in – bolstered by his call to combat they made short work of the distance between them and the foes.

Krak Crowncracker watched as his small contingent of elite knights met a fiery end as the dragon breathed fire down upon them. One knight and his steed survived the fire onslaught but that made the remaining warrior all the more ferocious.

Soon the dragon, the knights and even Vorn Blackblood had charged into the invaders and the knights fell shortly after. Foul magic whisking across the field keeping falling warriors alive by unholy magic and the arrival of anther five knights looked to cause an issue for the noble warriors.

Then the dragon fought back. The brave knights that charged into it and his warriors were gone, cut in two by those putrid claws. The serfs, courtiers, knights and Alloren had killed the land drake, a Dracoth, was ripped in two by the ferocious jaws of her dragon. After a few heated moments of conflict his forces had decimated all the foot knights and a few small lords on foot. However the dragon and winged creature posed a threat.

The counter charge was brutal. His instincts were right as the most unholy creature fell to the earth – a Lord Celestant-Prime, his ancient tomes had warned of their dark magic and ability to single handily win fights. He only had to get his troops to hold long enough so that his reinforcements could arrive and all would be well – Lady luck was normally on his side.

After the dragons fire, claws and worse his entire left flank was gone. The middle contingency of troops was down to a few standing but those approaching with Vorn were nearly uninjured – a few scrapes and scratches. The dragon had killed Bryce and Tyson and there wasn’t anything between him and his foe. But, a horn sounded in the distance and another unit of his fiercest troops appeared, a unit of 30 strong!

Lord Vorn Blackblood charged into the remaining troops and made the final push to hold the enemies position. His troops, his men and women controlled the field. There wasn’t an inch of land that wasn’t under his control and the enemy knew it. The crack of bones rumbled through the battlefield as Alloren Drakerender and her mount were killed by a ferocious and desperate charge from the dragon. The Celestant-prime strode up to Lord Blackblood and with a swing of its unholy mace his most loyal courier fell.

Cursing he screeched across the battlefield. The field was his but what remained was no match for the foul creatures. As he pressed the ornate horn to his lips to bellow a retreat another horn rang out. Reinforcements were appearing and the thundering of feet on ground sounded the arrival of more of his zealous serfs. The battle was not over and with a bolt of dark lightning the Dragon, Tauralon and Celestant-Prime fled the battlefield. A chorus began to spread across the battlefield. “For the Sovereign!” and his loyal troops returned to gather around him as they grabbed the bodies of the fallen to form piles of the dead. There would be a feast tonight in their honour.

Thanks and, always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe