Why Brazen Wolfe

The hardest thing to do these days is to put yourself out there regardless of consequences, to that purpose I am creating this blog.

Who am I…? Well I am Ben, but will go simple as The Brazen Wolfe. For me being actually and my thoughts heard is a daunting prospect, which is funny as I have been a dungeon master (not the red room kind) for upwards of 23 years as of writing this post.

I love to tell stories and have got quite good at it, or so my players tell me. This blog will be a mix of things, but primarily it will cover tabletop games. Roleplaying and the wargame side of things too.

I hope people can resonate with ideas, get involved where possible and hopefully take something away to kindle a passion in anything tabletop. If I can get one person to take up the mantle of Dungeon Master (or equivalent) I will call this blog a success.

Dont forget to roll with advantage, The Brazen Wolfe