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Tonight I decided that I wanted to look at a way of putting the most useful content in once place. So I created a new page in the blog called The Brazen Adventure Archives.

This will aim to have my Released Zines and, hopefully, all my maps one day where aspiring or experienced game masters can turn to if they are in need of an easy night. Recently I had the pleasure of sitting down with a fellow experienced DM who, like me, has been through a few additions. In the discussion of the hobby, our tactics, our dreams and homes for the TTRPG system we both love it validated what I do here.

It’s a hard job, this adventure business. You lose some good adventurers along the way and gods knows I have lost a few myself. But as the facilitators of the great world of Roleplaying Games we have the biggest job. Sure they may fight dragons, rescue princesses from marriage pacts with demons and face off against the endless hordes of goblins. But we spend ours, countless days over the year massaging their ideas, their actions and the actions of others into a world. This takes time and energy and that’s where I think I can come into it.

I am not the best Dungeon Master, I am not sure if anyone should hold that title either. But what I am is experienced. I can pull a one shot adventure out of my hat in 30 minutes. I can create magical items, creatures or settings with the right prompt be it image, word or song. Why not give what I can back to the hobby that has truly helped to shape my life over the years I have been doing this.

For the Dungeon and Game Master

So that’s what this new page is about – giving fellow game or dungeon masters the night off. If your party steal a ship and sale in the opposite direction, don’t worry. I have something for you – try Ophidian island, or if they find a tranquil pool and have been complaining how easy it is – have them try Kappa’s on for size and tweak Misguided resting place.

This is a place written for the creators of world and facilitators of epic stories. Not just a creative outlet for myself but I hope a tool or quick-win for that new or tired DM.

So while I look forward to populating the Brazen Adventure Archive with more adventures, maps, creatures and content I will also start to get more involved in the local gaming community. Give the local DMs the night off and let them roll some dice and experience something truly new. While I do this I hope you continue to read this here and I hope that if something truly inspires or helps you – you’ll let me know. Feedback is key in all parts of life whether its on the tabletop or off of it. Well what ever you do, I hope you do it with advantage because we can all use a choice to take the higher roll,

The Brazen Wolfe

Update to Brung Ironsoul

Just a very small Update to Brung Ironsoul today to announce that Brungs Character sheet has been uploaded now.

Using the free-form character rules and trying to capture the character and personality of him from my head I used a mixture of resources. The Core Soulbound rules, Champions of orders and Steal and Steel books.

This enabled me to customise the character and create the Arkanaut Admiral archetype that is represents what I think the Warhammer Age of Sigmar model would be able to do.

To recreate the Character I think the below steps would be necessary.

To create this though I whipped up a template for the KO archetype. Font for the typed in content (equipment) was Arial size 16, seemed to blend well enough with the template – see below for the template!

More content to come tonight as it’s a Monday so you can expect more than just the update to Brung Ironsoul.

Don’t forget to check out other TTRPGs out there (such as cubicle 7 – Age of Sigmar Soulbound) and as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe

Warhammer map – The hilly clearing

As I was creating the Cherpa Hill map today I also created a larger Warhammer sized map to be used in tabletop games.

Created in Inkarnate and then scaled to be 60″ x 44″ this gives a few options for the battleplan being symmetrical with the hills being about an even distance away from the centre. The other great thing about this map is that it could easily be used for RPGs as well if a large open space is what the adventure called for. So I will leave the image below.

Created in Inkarnate

Happy wargaming and don’t forget to roll more dice,
The Brazen Wolfe

Soulbound Zones

Welcome to the first post of 2023 and I wanted to start off with some Soulbound content, exploring the concept of Zones. The concept of a Zone is in its simplest terms the different phases of range for movement, sight and ranged combat. So for tonight I created a desert style map with a little oasis in it to try and get down pat two things. 1, the zones in a typical map and 2, me creating them in Inkarnate.

Soulbound Zones


Desert Map

The slope downhill towards the oasis is a welcome sight for sore eyes, however the step gaps in the craggy hills makes it difficult to move down to the refreshing water below. However as the Soulbound approach their destination the bestial cry of war sounds from down below and the screech of large birds fills the air. It looks like the party will have to fight for their right to fill their canteens today.

Desert with zones

Zones in Soulbound are generally areas that are broken up by natural formations in the land (as per this example), barricades, bar tables, walls, buildings and so on. This makes it quite easy with a transparent tool on Inkarnate to map out your zones to highlight where movement is possible quickly or when it takes longer.

This also can help stress the lay of the land a bit more. Perhaps its not distance as such and maybe to shoot from 3 zones away (blue to red) it is harder to be more accurate due to trees or weather. Maybe the steep descent and unstable footing makes it hard to move down to engage the Beastmen who have made this oasis’s their camp. What ever the reason the concept of zones helps control the flow and pace of the battle – two important things for us Game Masters.

As we move into the new year and a new set of challenges and adventures I wanted to start off with something simply just fun before we get back into the weekly adventures. Helping myself re-look at some of the basics of a RPG system that I will start to get more involved with this year is just the icing on this cake. If you are interested in trying a TTRPG this year I can recommend D&D (yes there is some changes going on this year), Openlegends RPG and, of course, Soulbound. Each one uses a different system for their mechanics and each is refreshing and rewarding to get involved with.

So come back to check in on this coming weeks content and lets roll into this year with a solid foundation. And with the start of a new year why don’t you look at rolling a luck check and don’t forget to roll it with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe

Adventure: The Snowman of Snowtown

Welcome to the last night of 2022 and the close of December. This year we looked at the adventure to Ryokughan and also the dice-ember adventure: The Snowman of Snowtown. It’s been a big year and I am happy to provide the first adventure booklet that I have worked on this past month. You can find the PDF of this Zine-style booklet attached and if you want to re-cap on the journey here you can read up on it all here.

As with all my adventures art is a mixture between Artbreeder, Inkarnate and now D&D stuff is tetra-cube, D&D Beyond and Kobold fight club.

Now that I have worked out the format for these documents I hope to be able to release a few of them in the coming year. I also hope to also encourage local Dungeon and Game Masters to pick them up and run these adventures with their parties.

Thanks for joining me tonight, this month and this year and, as always, thanks for your continual support.
The Brazen Wolfe

Encounters in the Frozen Wilds

Tonight I wanted to share some stat blocks that can be used for encounters in the frozen wilds. When looking at wildlife encounters in naturally cold places you can expect bears, wolves, big cats and the like to be hunters. It will be no different in D&D and especially the wilds near and around Snowtown. As much of a threat the Enchantress and her snowman army is there will always be the chance of natural predators stalking our party. Tonight we can look at that a bit more.

Encounters in the Frozen Wilds



The ambush predators, such as big cats, are likely our first encounter. Leopards, tigers and even sabre tooth tigers can all provide a moment of panic for our party. These cats generally hunt alone (unlike lions) and will attack the party from ambush. This makes them fun little random encounters for the wilds.

Pack hunters

The next category is easy, pack hunters. Primarily wolves will be our focus here but there are a plethora of wolf types (and subtypes) in D&D. One or two or a dozen just make sure that its about half what the party’s max is to just give them a sense of danger without being actually dangerous.

Solo hunters

Solo hunters as also relatively easy. Bears. Brown bears, black bears, polar bears and the dreaded owlbear. These creatures generally have a close knit family unit or hunt solo. They are generally an apex predator and they know it so they wont mingle with other creature and may even hunt the other predators nearby.

These creatures can throw something a bit more towards our party and make the time between travel a bit more enjoyable. Some people find Travel boring but if you throw in a few random encounters where they are the prey and not the hunters it can spice it up a bit.

I think it’s only fitting that my 365th day writing in a row finishes with one of my favourite creatures of all time. The Owlbear. Ever since I discovered them, quite some time ago, I have had a fascination for them and even wanted a ranger character of mine to find a chick and raise it as a companion. Thank’s for joining me again tonight and don’t forget to come back for more content in the coming days. Thanks to those who have joined me recently and those who have been with me for some time. Your support and attention to my creative hobby here has truly made it worth while. Don’t forget to spend a bit of time for your own hobbies this new-year period and, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe

Frosted Forest

Tonight I wanted to share some more maps for the dice-ember adventure where we look back at the snowmen within the Frosted Forest. Two maps were created, well one created and the second had the snowmen removed.

Frosted Forest


Snowfields without Snowmen

The slope of the snowy fields from Snowtown heading towards the forest impedes movement. Small mounds of snow are littered with rocks that have rolled to near the surface. Some rocks have stayed there for longer than most of the townsfolk lives. Normally the forest is a cheerful place where birds and animals seek refuge from the day. But lately its been quiet and even the game that used to call the forest home have been found out in the snowy fields or further away from the town.

Created in Inkarnate

Snowman in the Forest Encounter

The same map but with snowmen hiding in wait. Although not hiding that well its hard to tell if they are the animated ones that have been seen in Snowtown or if someone has a sick sense of humour and has decided to create the festive creations amongst the shade of the trees.

Created in Inkarnate

Thanks for joining me tonight for some more snow maps. The Frosted Forest was a fun map to make and I think I managed to get the colouration of the snow pretty good this week. Don’t forget to come back tomorrow night for some statblock’s and, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe

Beaten to the punchline

Tonight I wanted to follow on with the theme from last night where I had a random set of folk heroes that could work in any adventure. Tonight I want to throw out there a random twist that can work in nearly any adventure – the party is beaten to the punchline. Now the inspiration for this twist came about from me exploring what my first Soulbound adventure would be for the new year. But it definitely isn’t anything new or anything super special its just something that could be useful to drive a sudden change in the plot.

Beaten to the punchline


The Basics

To implement this twist is very simple. You have something bad which the party oppose and before they can stop it, it is stopped by someone or something else. This works for any of the four basic adventure types that I explored over a year ago; Learn, Stop, Escort or Fetch.

Let’s explore that a bit.

D&D 5e – Fetch

“Are you sure this is the place?” Arien asked the halfling not for the first time.

“Yes yes, it’s the right place alright. Just hurry up and keep watch. The Wand of McGuffin is not to be guarded lightly…” Darrel responded as he went to pick the lock in the shadow of his ranger companion. “oh that’s odd.” he mumbled as the door swung inwards with the lightest of pressure on the door. The scratch marks and strange powder on the doorframe told the halfling master rogue all that he needed to know. “Quickly. Walk away. We were not the first people to search for the wand and its gone.” Darrel was already blending into a nearby troop of performers by time he finished his command.

“what do you…” Arien began before she managed to peer through the opened door… “good gods.” she managed to squeak as the frozen form of a dozen guards stood around a magical device that thrummed with power in the centre of the room. A large chest that would have been hidden under floorboards lay opened and empty near the guards. “D. What do we do now?” she asked as her long strides make short work to catch her companion.

“That’s easy Ari. We have to out burgle another master burglar” Darrel replied with a grin as his cloak, moustache and pants shimmered as a powerful illusion changed his appearance.

Soulbound – Stop

The rivet gun’s clattered echoed off the stonework of the tower as the magazine was emptied into the locking mechanism. “Primitive locks are nothing against Kharadron ingenuity” Hank Geldenhammer said through his aether helmet.

“Well if these mages didn’t foresee our arrival and prepare for combat they are well aware now. Good job duardin.” Eros Witchblade sighed as she took her hand of her hips and strode forward unsheathing a pair of wicked looking blades.

“Now Eros, there may be no need for that. These are men of learning. Surely we can reason with them. The Realm stone of Chaos is cursed and evil. These wise men and women would surely know this and will see that their attempts to harness this stone to retake Barak Zundabarg is folly and dangerous” Tinxao the Lumineth Scinari Cathallar said as she walked calmly through the doors to the hall beyond. The tower itself was made of dark stone that seemed to absorb all light from around it, all light except for the glow from the Warpriests warhammer.

“This place is cursed. I can see the tolling of a great bell. Lord Sigmar’s light does not pierce this blackened stone. We should be all aware of ratmen.” Torval Brighthammer said as he gripped his warhammer tighter and strode in behind the Cathallar.

“Ratmen!? Do you even hear yourself talk Torval? I thought you too old and wise to believe in the tales that are made up to scare children” Eros laughed at the expense of the warpriest. Torval just gritted his teeth and began the trek up stairs.

“Remember we are here to relieve these mages of the realm stones of chaos so they can be destroyed. Hank I know you have a fondness for powerful stones and metals but this is…” Tinxao began looking distrustfully towards the Duardin who she was soulbound to. Hank turned abruptly, the lenses flashing.

“Shh!. I have detected something. Now is not the time for your nonsense Aelf.” Tinxao remained as devoid from emotion as ever. The clatter of steel on stone quickly broke the party into a rush for the last few stairs. Bursting through a door they arrived at the main deck of the observatory where a gruesome sight greeted them. The mages lay dying or dead. Wicked looking throwing stars and knives riddled their bodies and large glass canisters lay smashed on the stones beneath them. Evidence of magic being flung around the room was everywhere. Scotch marks from lightning and fire lay across the meagre furniture and as they looked around the room a flash of lightning from outside drew their gaze to the open window. A large man-sized rat bundled in dark scraps of fabric squatted on the window sill. The lightning illuminated its silhouette but the candles and lanterns from the room where the party stood highlighted the sharp chiselled teeth and bandoleer of throwing blades. After a heartbeat it flung itself over the side of the window and into the darkness beyond.

“Still don’t believe in Ratmen Eros?” Torval asked as he ran towards the window summoning a beam of light to blast out the window. A second later a screech followed as conjured bolt of lightning struck a creature outside who fell from its perch. “They have the stones” Torval roared before he hurled himself towards the door to give chase down the stairs. But as he looked down the winding staircase he was greeted by dozens of pairs of glinting eyes, chittering teeth and rusted blades.

Tonight we had a look at an easy and fun twist to any adventure. The key with this one is to make it so that hope is not lost – to give a hint (blatant or obscure) to the party so they have a way forward. Once they have this then there its full steam ahead to either uncover or confront the rival group. Are they on the same side or something worse than what they were trying to stop or take? Don’t forget to come back the rest of the week where I have more content in store and, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe

Folk Heroes

Tonight I wanted to look at two folk heroes that we can use in any game. Both were fundamentally just artwork I created* and their story, objectives and potential were inspired by the art. Both heroes are well known by their peers and enemies alike but chose to live a simply life instead of ruling or conquering – despite having the potential to do so. I think there is something truly noble in that and wanted the inspiration for today to really send a message that heroes are also born from nothing and don’t have to aspire to be the loudest or brightest in the room.

Folk Heroes


Folk Heroes – Randall Hensley

Folk Hero – Randall Hensley Created in

Randall was recruited into a mercenary company from a very young age. He learnt that to fight for his life and his meals whilst serving with his brothers when in the service to a king, a madman but powerful. As the renown of the company grew to greater heights so did his passion to improve his skill sets and so he searched for forgotten blades of Ikshar. These blades were forged by master smiths of their time and then blessed by the priests of a falling deity.

As such no ordinary warrior could wield them but Randall trained harder so that one day when he found them he would be worthy. When his boss, the company leader, brought him into the tent and provided him a map to the powerful blades Randall rushed off to find that they were guarded by a feeble old man. Seeing the pain and suffering that he was enduring Randall came to understand that the blades carried a curse. You would be unbeatable, unable to be bested by the blades of mortal men but… you would watch everyone and everything you lived or cared for die and wither away to nothing.

He swore and oath to ensure that no one would take these blades for greed or power. And the priest so convinced by his change of heart gave them to him. Over the next decade he did not grow old but he watched his family, the mercenary company slowly die one by one. He began to seek out death and eventually, he got his wish. He faked his own death and fled for a distant land to find peace where no one seeking the blades power could find them.

Randall now resides as a merchant selling bags, rope and other general goods to adventurers and who ever is in need. Content to live his life and to not take anything for granted. The blades curse still holds him tightly but he has only had to draw them once. To protect the village from an Orc slavers raid.

Folk Heroes – Anne Rivers

Anne Rivers: created in artbreeder

Not blessed by magical blades, a deity, spirit or Fae, Anne has spent her life sticking up for the small people. An orphan by any other name is still an orphan, however Anne rose above her sad start to become a guardian for all. Abandoned as her parents had no need for a seventh daughter she grew up with a woman who was just kind enough to feed and clothe her but not kind enough to love her. She learnt that a family isn’t just who you were born to, who you were raised by but who you chose to keep close and value above all else.

She started to look out for the other orphans and street urchins when she was little. In fact this trend continued well past her teens where she became more of a mother and leader figure to a rather well known street gang. This gang however didn’t rob, hustle or attack others but they carried messages and did odd jobs for the community. Something that Anne enforced with an iron fist. Soon Anne became well respected by the merchants and city folk in her district but others began to take note.

Now in each story there has to be some villain somewhere and ours lies with the city guard. Corrupt as they were numerous it was hard to sneeze in the city without the guard trying to extort money out of you. In fact the city guard tried that numerous times with Anne and her gang but she resisted heavily. When the Guard started to move in and try the same tricks with the people in her district they quickly found out why she rules the streets.

Several skirmishes and small fights later and the guard tried to take her out by force. The battle was bloody and the casualties many but Anne invoked the right of single combat with the captain of the guard. The stakes were high but Anne watched as the guard began to beat and riot through the shops even as she had invoked the right and her desire for justice was unquenchable. In a clutch moment, using the uneven terrain of the streets she lunged on the far better equipped captain and slew him. Her first kill.

The towns folk rallied to her and pushed back the guard. In fact that day the guard came to know that her little family of street gang members were not just urchins and messengers but they could in fact hold their own in a street fight. Their streets their rules.

The guard did not return to the district again and with Anne at the lead the other district soon stood up against the corruption. Anne’s name is still whispered when ever there is any unrest, the city folk believing that she will rally and rise up against any injustice and tyranny that threaten her extended family.

Thanks for dropping by tonight and reading about the ideas on these two folk heroes. Not all heroes wear capes, as the saying goes, and in this instance they also dont call themselves heroes. But they serve the people and fight for what’s right when they need to. So don’t forget this when you look to your next adventure and, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe

Hellbent on Soulbound

Tonight I want to touch on something I want to explore more this coming year which is part of the driver for moving back to a series of oneshots rather than a yearly adventure format. I am hellbent on Soulbound getting more love. Not only does it bring two of my passions together but it feels nice to run as well. In fact there are no super complex rules to unpack middle of the game. Most of the maths and complexity is done at creation and periodically.

There is also, wait for it, an in game currency that forces cooperation towards a goal. Yup. Hate it or love it you’re stuck with these other characters of various races so you got to find a way around it. No more “its what my character would do” or “I hate that character” as it actually punishes you. Forced cooperation when done in a nice way is just refreshing to see.

So this year I want to create a single long adventure with a few mini adventures stretched out over the months. So I am excited to see how we go with more soulbound content and hopefully I can convince my local gaming group to give it a shot.

So stay tuned this week as I hope to have a teaser for it this week. I will also aim to have the final product of the Dice-ember adventure wrapped up and ready to go as well. If I can find a format I am happy with I will see how far my time and motivation goes to see what else I can do. Other than being hellbent on soulbound getting more love I also want to get more painting done. I have another two armies with of models either sitting in boxes or as grey plastic and its going to start driving me insane. So hopefully I can make it a reality.

Don’t forget to relax and be good to yourself and don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe