Those who dwell among the brambles

First Tuesday. Alright lets kick off. Lets explore some of the people, or things, that the party could meet in this weeks adventure.

A note for you, the readers, I felt bad having a blurb about one of these NPCs without including an image for them. I spent more time than I dare to admit in trying to locate images that could do justice to what I had in mind for these NPCs I was working on. So I created a few, hastidly, as “place holders” until I can work my way around public doman, Creative commons, etc. I will hopefully have something a bit more. Err.. More-some in the future.

A image of Gilbert Tenpenny - Halfling con-man

Gilbert Tenpenny


Gilbert Tenpenny is a charming fellow when the sun is on his back and the world is on his side. However when he feels that the world is against him he quickly turns sour and bitter like biting into an apple only to discover it was a lemon all along.

Gilbert is a short man, not coming up to most people’s elbows, but people don’t notice his stature as much as they notice his quickness of tongue or the silver tooth he has on his upper jaw.
Nothing appears remarkable about the jolly man. He goes by Gil to his friends, but no one seems to call him that, and he runs a small shop that sells home remedies, mystical objects and good luck charms that promise to prevent misfortune to those who own them.

If something does go wrong, Gil would insist that the magical properties of the item have dwindled by keeping them in good lucky for so long and that they should have come back sooner to purchase another such item, or four just to be safe.

Gils biggest notability lies however in his extraordinary bad luck and he is quick to play the victim card.

Rumours speak of a dark deal gone wrong in the favour of the merchant and that his time is up. But, Gil denies any such accusations profusely and with fervor.

Princess Lisa


The first thing that strikes you about Lisa is her obvious elven heritage, which she tries to hide with her long auburn hair.

Although her elven heritage makes her appear younger than what she is, her presence is one of confidence and majesty which speak of a not too far out of childhood who is accustomed to her role of the heir to the throne.

The curse, regardless of how well she hides it, has diminished her zest for life which is becoming more obvious to any who know her, or who are particularly good at noticing these types of things.

Despite her affliction she still maintains her compassionate nature and goodwill to all living creatures which has endeared her to the townsfolk and people under her fathers employ.

An Image of the witch Ilya

The “Witch”


Rumoured to be the spawn of a hag and a bewitched alchemist of some renown, she lives in a floating hut in the woods. Or so the rumours have it.

Ilya, is actually an elven druid of some power, able to communicate with the beasts of the Mant Forest.

She appears to be a young maiden, however, her looks deceive most and her knowledge of magic puts most wizards to shame.

She dresses in a dark cloth that seems to be spun from some unfathomable silk. Twigs, bark and cakes of dried mud complete her silken garment, and a gnarled spiked staff completes the ensemble.

She has been seen walking the woods at night, a lantern of rope and peat glows with a green flame as she tends the forest and it’s creatures.

An Image of King Gravebane

King Gravebane


King Gravebane, rumoured to be a powerful paladin in his youth which saw him earn the title of king.

His handsome face, short dark hair and light salt-and-pepper beard is paired with a cold smile that only conveys warmth and feeling when talking to or about his daughter.

He is a tower of a man, standing at over 7 feet tall and how he carries himself that gives credit to the stories of his past. Usually found dressed in a suit of plate mail that never tarnishes with a large mace resting against his throne in his audience chamber within arms reach should the need arise.

The townsfolk never have a bad thing to say about him and praise him openly in public. His reputation of being so well liked sees him wall unguarded through the towns and townsfolk of his kingdom.

Rumour among the guard is that he slew the Black Dragon Al’gladyzux in the Mant forest, its terrible acid breath caused his armor to fuse to his flesh and that only through the magic of his queen did he recover enought to be granted his kingship.

An Image of Dryn Silverstone

Bardryn Silverstone


The Alchemist known as Bardryn, or Dryn to most, is a cheerful yet eccentric alchemist from Silvestone Clan. 

Her long double braids are rarely without soot or burn marks in them. She never goes a week without changing the colour of her hair through one of her alchemical concoctions 

Dryn recently became more erratic since a parcel arrived from her father which contained her uncle’s large leather bound tome of alchemical research. 

Her once good name and profitable business, that seemed to revolve around her potions that could change the colour of ones hair, has fallen into ill repute as she started to put more time and effort into researching her uncle’s book rather than focusing on her business.

Thanks for spending some of your Tuesday night with me. Tomorrow night we will investigate the Twists that could befall the party on their quest.

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