Those who dwell in the Wyrdwood

Tuesday again. Today we are looking at a few people who live near Winterbourne Keep or the city that sprung up around it. Each NPC (Non-player character for those new to the game genre) here brings something to this week’s quest and can bring a lot of fun, intrigue or drama to the story that we craft for the players.

Today I go back to using Artbreeder for character portraits as I love the creative nature of it where you can tweak the little things on faces to get a whole new NPC portrait.

Winterbourne City

Sir Percival Winterbourne


Roguishly handsome, Sir Percival Winterbourne has medium length brown hair that appears to glow with red tints when the Autumn sun hits it. His grey-blue eyes are full of warmth and he carries himself with a welcoming stature.

Percival speaks with a warrior’s intellect, that is to say that everything he says is calculated, weighed and deliberated regardless if he is attending his court or walking amongst the people of his city. Aware of the prying eyes and ears in his vicinity at all times, Percival is a master strategist which is understandable considering his past.

Percival gained his knighthood and Lordship by infiltrating a rival kingdom’s gatehouse and overpowering the guards with a handful of knights. This, however, went against the orders of his commander but spared the lives of hundreds of warriors on both sides of the battle. The king, finding his judgment sound and unquestionable granted him titles and land where his now growing mass of followers now reside as his knights’ bastion.

Cordelia ‘Cordy’ Carpenter


Cordy is an attractive but boyish young squire who works under one of the knights in Sir Percival’s court. Her long walnut hair reaches past her shoulder blades but she ties it high and close to her scalp as to be judged on her skill with a blade and bow instead of her gender.

Cordy is potentially the most loyal and dedicated squire’s that can be found in the court and her bravery has been tested a few times before in performing her duties as a squire.

She longs to strike out on her own and prove herself a knight by her own merit instead of being judged based on her gender and looks alone. As such she goes to a great deal to hide her immediate womanly appearance but will not deny her truth if questioned.

Winnifred Winterleaf


Normally seen standing a few feet to the left of Sir Percival at all times Fred appears to be a young lady of fair appearance. Her bright orange hair is rarely seen without an old leather hat that contains the wild nest-like hair underneath. Her eyes and ears give away her elven heritage but she is normally quiet and calculating, a harmonious pairing with the knight she serves.

Prone to talking in riddles Fred is channeled chaos. Unpredictable yet powerful, she acts as Sir Percival’s court wizard.

Chad Taylor


Strong cheekbones and broad shoulders are the first thing that people notice about chad. Hailing from a distant land Chad is charismatic and well liked by the court.

Chad is driven, almost to a fault. First to volunteer for the dangerous mission or the errand that people expect him to fail, Chad lives to prove people wrong.

Thanks for joining me today where we looked at a few NPCs to flesh out any adventure. With a few small adjustments any military like setting these NPCs could form the basis of an adventure.

Have a good night and week and oh and don’t forget to roll with Advantage!
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