Something Wyrd comes this way

Wednesday, perhaps the deciding day to whether your week is overall great or overall a write off, can set the mood and tone and mood of your week. It’s no mistake that it’s the day for twists and changes in plots here at Brazen Wolfe Tabletop.

I want to try something a bit different for this week’s twists, so let’s drive in as it will takes me a while to write. A reminder to all my readers out there, these come from the (sometimes dark) recesses off my mind and, for the most part, excluding inspirations that I note down, everything is a Brazen Wolfe Original.

Knights honor is more like guidelines

The flickering candlelight did nothing to dampen the focus of Fred. Her flashing orange eyes like pools of liquid Silver reflecting the dancing flame that she stared into.

A noise, perhaps from her scrying, perhaps not, barely registered past her focus as she stared at the image’s that she conjured up into the flame. 

Men and women in silvered armour danced within the flames, their banners and shields spotted as if passing under thick but miniature clouds that blotted the sun. A screeching, keening cry of predator, familiar but unrecognisable, pierced through her mind as she struggled to focus on the candle and the images it procured at her behest. A thudding now joined the sounds of the hunt, flashes of silver turning red, browns and greens liquifying before her eyes as the keening screech caused her eyes to water. 

The constant thumping now turned into the rythmic thumping and crunching of wood as more silver turned red and browns pooled on a mottled carpet.

‘Fred!,’ a familiar voice called as a strong but caring hand gripped her shoulder, ‘come quick, you need to see this’ Percy commanded as he wrapped a cloak around her shoulders.

‘I know… It’s escaped,’ Fred said with a sigh, the candle fluttering out as her conjuration ended. Wiping the trickling blood from her nose Fred stood up from the padded chair and noted the splintered remains of her door.

‘Three nights from now, the silvered will fall onto the mottled carpet, It’s hunt complete. The Wyrd dwells amongst a patchwork roof without defined walls’. 

‘So it’s in the Wyrdwood huh,’ Sir Percival mumbled as he ran his hand through his beard in thought, ‘I guess we better find a way to bring it back or put it down’ he mused before walking through the ruined door.

‘Next time it wouldn’t hurt to knock Percy’ , Winnifred remarked as she bundled the cloak over her shoulder and followed the man she served.

‘I did’ was all Percy said as he turned down the hall and headed off towards the arena.


Winnifred is the creator of the creature, as such she has an understanding of it’s motives and  nature. She created it to be a challenge, to learn and be something more than a puppet, however with no strings attached it began to wonder why it had to obey directions from it’s creator.


Sir Percival brought the beast in for a single purpose, the removal of certain knights from a rival court. What wasn’t planned was the captured beast escaping and beginning to hunt his citizens.



Chad, knowing about the hunt beforehand after seducing the right ladies at the court, worked his way into the holding pen and sabotaged the holding mechanisms to the pen to make sure the beast could escape.

Once notified of the beasts escape Chad volunteered to go after it himself so that he would be considered as the next knight to Sir Percival.

These variations on the beast can drastically change the course of the adventure and with little tweaks it increases the variety of encounters you can have in this adventure.

I wanted to keep the twists closely related to the plot of this adventure, stemming back to the original inspiration of this week there is very little shades between black and white.

The aim of these twists is to show that by keeping a single plot in focus you can spin up several alternative adventures. Having this flexibility or being able to improvise when something goes a bit off the trail can make the adventure feel natural and increase the immersion the players have for your session.

As always, if you like something in particular please let me know, and don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe