It takes a village to raise a child

Tuesday, up let’s look at some versatile NPCs.

Not sure if today will lead to a dark turn but lets see how we can use the NPCs to our deepen our adventure this week. As with yesterday these characters are not tied to a plot, but are meant to be versatile, fluid and ready to be slotted into any adventure that we want someone to fill that void where a player askes “Hi stranger, what’s your name? What brings you to Sleepyhollow this time of the year” having one of two of these guys/gals up your sleve can save you embarrassment when all your NPCs have names starting with the letter B.

Characters of flexibility

Baxter Henderson


A relatively unremarkable child of 16, Henry has blonde hair and brown eyes that sparkle with mischief. His unkept hair, hodgepodge clothes and scrappy attitude reflect his life between families.

Unlike other children Baxter didn’t have a single family who brought him up as he drifted between families, his own flesh and blood relative’s either passed away or wanted nothing to do with him and so he found a roof where pity or mercy would provide one.

Having grown up between households, Baxter ends up in trouble. Whether it’s the city guard, his family, local gangs or city merchants he had spent time in jail before he reached adulthood.

Sarah Lune


Sarah was born into the family of farmers. Quick of wit and blunt as a smith’s hammer she was known to get into trouble with the other farming families when she quickly outsmarted and out-paced their sons and daughters on market day. 

Not resigning her fate to be the face of her family’s market stall she has tried to find work in other aspects of her village’s life but nothing has quite stuck.

With her long red hair and hazel eyes she has had many farmers offer their hand in marriage, whether for an increase in their own land or because of genuine interest Sarah doesn’t give them much consideration before turning them down.

Ned Talksmuch


Ned is a wandering minstrel who seems to have a habit of getting himself into trouble. Attractive and charming to a fault he can frequently be seen climbing out of windows in some state of undress. 

Ned however is fond of animals and the majority of his songs and poems are about them.

Born to adoring gnome parents he has a tendency to talk very quickly, especially while drinking or singing, which is what he does most of the time when he isn’t climbing out a window. Despite being born a gnome Ned displays very little characteristics of a gnome being just shy of the height of a normal human and resembling a young human male how he was born from gnomes remains a mystery to many.

Thanks for joining me today in looking at three very vague NPCs that could help, hinder or directly be a part of our adventure for this week.

As I have mentioned previously the theme of this week is randomness. I had my wonderful wife whip up some character portraits for me (using artbreeder of course) and I had a look at the images and came up with a small blurb about them to get the sparks flying.

This week the NPCs are meant to be generic. Any of them could be involved in any of the plots for this week, any of them could have a twist to throw the partys way and any of them could turn into and advesary at the right moment.

Thanks for joining me today to see where this adventure with full randomness… well as much as can be tollerated when writing an adventure hook.. Don’t forget that if you see a particular NPC you like you can please use them in your games, add a comment to the page and let us know how they turned out.

Oh and don’t forget to roll with Advantage!
The Brazen Wolfe