Variety is the spice of life.

Hello Monday. This week we mix it up a bit. There is fluidity in open ended adventures and since we have been doing this for five weeks now I think it’s time to have a look at extending the randomness and going through a few thing that cross my mind when looking at adventures

This week we are looking at 4 randomly generated adventures that I don’t quite remember using when I was playing this game system when I was… 22 so a number of years ago now. The real challenge of this week for me will be to implement an approach I ahve been refining for a number of years now looking at how to improve my improvisation skills as a dungeon or game master.

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Let’s have a look at the four randonly generated adventure hooks today.

Flying Menace


A flight of wyverns have been taking a village’s sheep and cattle. The farmers have called for aid in getting rid of the beasts. The village has requested aid but no one has responded to the request of a farming village as the pay does not seem to be worth the risk.

For the love of the gods


The holy symbol of a high priest has gone missing and without it the prayers to his deity are going unanswered.

Condemned until proven innocent


An innocent man has been sentenced to death, his public pleas for help (as he is kept in a suspended cage in the village square) are a constant as he pleads innocence.

Practically Barbaric


A tribe of trading nomads have gone into a frenzy while within the city walls. Their destruction and strength is sufficient enough to overpower the city guard.

A shorter post today as I wanted to keep the theme of the adventure short. This week is really focusing on improvisation and having a lot of prep work done on the adventure or NPCs (to some extent) can be detrimental to having a fluid feeling improvised game night.

The main reason for this week is the game of OpenLegendRPG I had on the weekend. Where I went in wanting to flex my creative prowess with little more than a “wandering Plot” more on that later. Using the description of the level 1 characters, a area (based off a city map from current times) and the driving theme we had a 4.5 hour adventure with ups and downs, discoveries and betrayals that ended with the table enjoying the adventure and wanting to discuss the session for the following 30 minutes.

OpenLegendRPG encourages (needs) strong improvisation skills due to its “your attempt failed however..” approach with action checks, attacks, spells and decisions that require a dice roll. The ideas is to not have a party stuck being a door if the rest of the story is on the other side of the door but they lost the key. I have also applied a similar approach to Dungeons & Dragons multiple times in my current 3 year campaign – each time it only further encourages my players to explore and do what they want to do, rather than what I have planned for.

And thanks to my new subscribers – I hope you are able to make use of what I post here whether it is for TTRPG, writing a series of short stories or spinning a goodnight story for your children instead of reading the same book for the seventh time that week.

As always don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe