The Marsh of Masks…

Monday has come again and as I hinted in the weekends writeup we are exploring the Marsh of Masks this week. This week I am experimenting slightly with the format this week finding that the variations of colours (tying in with the colours I use for the post-its I have on my board here) were maybe a bit to much. So this week I am looking at toning it down a bit and potentially updaing the previous posts to a more neutral colour format.

Without further waffle let’s have a look at this weeks adventure hooks!

Never trust something that hides behind a mask…

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The town of Newtbranch is situated about a days travel into the largest marshlands on the continent. The path to the city is frequently submerged by a black, brackish water that leaves a stench amongst travelers clothes and the creatures that call the marsh home are even less appealing to the average trader. But the town of Newtbranch is situated next to what used to be the most bountiful gold mine in the known land.

Due to that the marsh is known for three things, it’s mine that still pulls up gold (although not as bountiful as it used to be), the ruins of an ancient civilisation that used to live amongst the bogs and the trees and its cemetery, one of the largest cemeteries due to the number of deaths that happen in the mind, around the marsh and within the town.

Despite the high fatality rate, prospectors, miners, archaeologists and adventurers find themselves drawn to Newtbranch, a city build above the bogs among the branches of the ancient branches that call the marsh home but the wispers amongst the falling leaves and twisted branches speak of a new concern for the town. Masked creatures stalk the bog beneath the suspended tree village, some townsfolk even have whispered of masked figures amongst the houses in the town.

Orcs in the mists


The strange noises, shadows that pass the windows and amongst the bog are caused by a tribe of orcs that wear masks constructed of the skulls of beasts of the swamps. The reason for them being amongst the city, but not outright ransacking them seem to be unknown and they appear to attempting to be carefully hide their tracks.

The death masks


A necromancer in the marsh has begun raising the dead from the graves near the town and has ordered them to search the bogs. The zombies and other undead creatures have managed to avoid being outright spotted but the necromancer who controls them grows impatient with their brainless servants lack of results.

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