Mer’s Tavern…

Monday is here and what’s more is that it’s the 10th week of me writing this series of “An Adventure a week”. Even just before when finishing up dinner I was thinking of next weeks adventure, well, one of the possibilities.

But for this week I want to test out something that I envisioned when I first started this journey. Modular adventures. So to explore that a little bit, modular being the ability to construct with standardized units or dimensions for flexibility and variety, in this case each adventure, NPC, Twist (this one may be difficult, but will make it work), Map and encounter will be made up from one or two of the ones previously created in past weeks.

So without further waffle, I had some help from my wife this week – she rolled the dice and left the selection of the adventure up to chance. Rolling a 6 on a d10 (6th week) and 5 from a d6 (second non-used adventure hook).

Mer’s Magical Tavern


As the party travels along the road moving from one city full of problems to a town with even more problems a sudden gust of wind pushes dust into their face, their horses stopping, pacing backwards nervously. After a few heartbeats, lightning splits the sky driving bolts of electricity into the earth just off the road ahead. The growing maelstrom forces their steeds to spook, sending them off the road and bolting away. The party, unable to hold reign in such panicked beasts, fall off and land hard on the ground just as the maelstrom reaches a crescendo where the very air shuddered with the force of an element of nature being born.

As the dust thrown up by the sudden phenomenon disappears the party are left staring at a building, not unlike many they have frequented before, a tavern now stood where the bolts of lightning had struck, any trees, bushes or things in general look to have been disintegrated without a trace remaining.

A moment later a small portly man walks through the front door ‘What in the nine hells is going on. This isn’t right’ the man noticing the party runs over to talk to them, he looks as uncomfortable with running as he is with the situation he finds himself in.

‘you, travellers, where are we? My name is Mer and I am the proud, well most of the time, owner of this tavern. We were not due to snap away from Lothgar for another week by my calculations and now I honestly don’t know where we are’

It takes a few moments of repeating answers to Mer before he seems to calm down. The party were travelling from Lothgar after having spent some time in Newtbranch and were on their way to Sparrows Rest as they had received a call to aid from the mayor of the town. Mer looked perplexed.

‘So you’re telling me that there isn’t a town, city or village, hell not even a shanty town for days in any direction?’ with that he turns back to the tavern. ‘What are you doing? We are not meant to be here, we still had customers, deliveries.. You could have ki… Wait’ Mer whirled back to the party ‘Was anyone or thing there, where the tavern is right now?’

The party confirmed that they hadn’t seen any one or anything there. Mer was relieved – all he needed now was some family complaining that his magical teleporting tavern had squished someone.

‘Say, you lot look to be capable, are you able to help me with something. The Tavern has been doing some weird things of late some of the.. err.. Lenses have gone dark and I am due to be moving to one of them next. Would you mind coming and helping me work out what’s going on with my tavern and fix it if possible?

The party, after a few moments of discussion, eventually decide to help the poor short man and with that they follow him into the well lit, well furnished Tavern simply known as “Mer’s Wandering Tavern”

This week we will be trusting luck, fate, chance, the dice, what ever you want to call it as we randomly generate the contents of this weeks adventures from upcycling what was passed over in previous weeks. Each day I will get someone to roll a dice, well a few dice, to determine which week and which set of content that I should incorporate into this weeks adventure.

If you wish to get involved, either let me know which week, or specific part you want me to include in this weeks adventure and I will do so. Tomorrow is NPCs – so I will be looking for between 1 and 5 NPCs (as they are the beating hearts of what draws our players into these crazy situations) so if I get any comments on this post indicating which NPC to include I will put them in first before rolling for additional. Sounds fun right?

Also this week I will be planning on continuing with the expanded write ups, a more story driven narrative with a shortened version on the weekend. I don’t quite have enough time on the weekends to write a short story.

So that’s it for tonight, a visit from the wandering tavern in a place it wasn’t meant to be for some unknown reason. Lets see where the rest of the week takes us.

Don’t forget to comment if you want to be involved this week either roll the dice (a D10 (if you roll a 10 I will have to make up an NPC..) and then a d6 as I normally have between 2 and 3 things to select from) and let me know what is rolled. Or post the Slug (eg. 09TuSP for Sally Pondt) to identify what you want and I will add it (if I can).

Don’t forget to come back tomorrow for NPCs and as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe