Battle report, Cities of Sigmar vs Skaventide

Ok so as promised I am writing up the Warhammer game I ran off to last night.. i will alo endeavour to remember what happened as I forgot to save little Audio reminders in my game.

Army lists (from yesterday). The Brazen Wolfe vs Basti.

A pre write up disclaimer, Basti is awesome. One of the best armies I have seen, period, and such a great opponent. Happy for your victories, humble in his wins. Just wants to play a fun game and interact with the army, scenerio and players

The Garden Rats
Allegiance: Skaventide
– Mortal Realm: Ghur
– Grand Strategy: Prized Sorcery
– Triumphs: Inspired

Arch-Warlock (175)***
– General
– Command Trait: Overseer of Destruction
– Artefact: Amulet of Destiny (Universal Artefact)
– Lore of Warpvolt Galvanism: Warp Lightning Shield
Warlock Bombardier (125)*
– Universal Spell Lore: Ghost-mist
Plague Priest (85)***
– Universal Prayer Scripture: Heal
Plague Priest (85)***
– Universal Prayer Scripture: Curse
Grey Seer on Screaming Bell (265)****
– Lore of Ruin: Warpgale
Grey Seer (140)***
– Artefact: Suspicious Stone
– Lore of Ruin: Skitterleap

RatPack1 (130)**
20 x Clanrats
– Rusty Spear
– 1x Standard Bearers
– 1x Standard Bell Ringers
RatPack 2 (130)**
20 x Clanrats
– Rusty Spear
– 1x Standard Bearers
– 1x Standard Bell Ringers
RatPack3 (130)**
20 x Clanrats
– Rusty Spear
– 1x Standard Bearers
– 1x Standard Bell Ringers

6 x Giant Rats (40)****
6 x Giant Rats (40)****
1 x Ratling Gun (65)***
1 x Ratling Gun (65)***
1 x Warpfire Thrower (70)****

Warp Lightning Cannon (185)*
Warp Lightning Cannon (185)*

Endless Spells & Invocations
Soulsnare Shackles (65)

Core Battalions
*Grand Battery
**Hunters of the Heartlands

Additional Enhancements

Total: 1980 / 2000
Reinforced Units: 0 / 4
Allies: 0 / 400
Wounds: 136
Drops: 16

Cities of Sigmar: Tempest Eye
Allegiance: Cities of Sigmar
– City: Tempest’s Eye
– Mortal Realm: Ghur
– Grand Strategy: Pillars of Belief
– Triumphs: Inspired

Runelord (100)*
– Artefact: Patrician’s Helm
– City Role: General’s Adjutant
Runelord (100)*
– General
– Command Trait: Hawk-eyed
Drakesworn Templar (455)*
– Tempest Axe
– Artefact: Amulet of Destiny (Universal Artefact)
Gotrek Gurnisson (435)*
– Allies

20 x Irondrakes (320)**
– City Role: Honoured Retinue (Must be 5-20 models)
– Reinforced x 1
20 x Longbeards (210)**
– Ancestral Weapons & Shields
– Reinforced x 1
10 x Arkanaut Company (100)**
– 1x Skypikes
– 1x Light Skyhooks
– 1x Aethermatic Volley Guns

10 x Shadow Warriors (120)*
1 x Grundstok Gunhauler (155)*
– Main Gun: Sky Cannon

Core Battalions
**Hunters of the Heartlands

Additional Enhancements

Total: 1995 / 2000
Reinforced Units: 2 / 4
Allies: 435 / 400
Wounds: 106
Drops: 9

The battle plan was marking territory where at the start of the third battle round of any player controls all 4 objectives (set up on the quarter points) they immediately win. If there is a tour then the most successful battle tactics scored determines winner.

Being severely out dropped with my list I knew I had to play defensively in order to have a chance if I was given first or second turn. So I set up two gnawholes in my territory within 6″of the objective and my third near his left hand objective incase I could try and snipe it from him late game.

I set up two ratling cannons in my centre unit of clanrats and a warpfire thrower in my third clanrat unit on the right of the table (determined pre game as much as it mattered with 3 identical units of rats) My gnawhole near this objective was also next to mystic terrain so my two plague priests started there for +2 to cast. I put my screaming bell here in so it has bodies to push it and +1 to it’s casts. This way it also had the most bodies around it yo try and push forward to contest the opposing right side objective where my opponent had set up Gotrek, the 20 long beards, 20 irondrakes and both rune lords. Ouch.. So it was going to be a blender of hurt.

The left side of the table had the Arkanaut company, gunhauler and the stardrake.. i still feel it was less of a threat than Gotrek. I matched this dragon with two warp Lightning cannons, my warlocks and 20 clanrats

Battle round 1.

Basti was extremely generous and gave me the first round. Went with ferocious advance and picked my bell and two clanrats with weapons teams to be my runners. Tried to get a command point for my screaming bell (heroic leadership) and failed.

Bell rang 9, but nothing in range to zap. Spells went off well. Arch warlock cast his warp Lightning shield but didn’t cast anything else, yet…

My priests prayed, giving bless to my 3rd unit of clan rats on the far right. The other one smote.. smite-ed? His general dealing 2 mortals, nice..

My grey seer cast skitter leap and teleported my arch warlock just inside of 13 of my opponents front line. My screaming bell failed to cast warpgale but cast arcane bolt (newsflash.. I forgot to use it) my arch warlock finally cast war lightning storm but was unbound by those pesky runelords.

Moving. Moved my cannons up. One to be just within 24″ of his stardrake the other within 24″ of his longbeards. Moved my left clanrat unit to screen the objective.. the giant rats (oh yeah, forgot about them. I deployed them to ward off deep strikes within 2′ of my right and left backfield.. where the objectives are.) Moved slightly to adjust the bubble. the warlock bombardier moved to within 3″ of both cannons. For precautions..

My two units of clan rats ran to form a body line infront of my arch warlock, within 10″ish of their front line. My priests moved a little bit around and I got my bell to protect my rats from battleshock.

End of movement my two ratling cannons popped out within 12″ of his irondrakes. I wanted them gone. My warpfire jumped out as a charge

Shooting. Let’s start with the bad.. the ratlings. Yup, sad time my fellow rat enthusiast’s. Both of them got force fed a warpstone and let off the limiter. Neither exploded!! But we managed to get a through 10 or 11 shots from 26 or so attacks. But the irondrakes spiked 8 saves in total and only lost 4 models.. not the unit I was hoping for.

Now the good. Warp lightning’s.T

The one shooting into the longbeards wasn’t overcharged and I managed to roll a power level of 2 and dealt 5 mortals. I think 2 were shrugged due to mystical terrain but 3 still died. Nice.

Now.. shooting into the stardrake. Overcharged and rolled a power level of 1.. it happened! 12 mortals!!!

It shrugged 3 so was left on taking 9 wounds. However I dealt 5 back to myself. Oof.

That was the end of my turn.

Bastis turn 1

Here we go. Selected aggressive expansion and healed 2 wounds on his star drake. I tried to heal my bell and failed (sad rat)

Moving forward he got his prayers off. A 6+ ward on longbeards, extra rend on his irondrakes. He then moved everything up. His dragon, terrifyingly, moved to take my left objectives. He wall of dwarf flesh moved up to get range on my screaming bell, i redeployed one ratling toward gotrek, as a sacrificial rat to prevent him moving closer to my front line.

Shooting removed both ratlings by his irondrakes but left my warpfire thrower alive with 2 wounds left and dealt 3 wounds to my screaming bell.

The stardrake killed my wounded cannon but the other one lived.

Charge phase. Gotrek got into my clanrats and got within 3″ of both units of my clan rats and a plague priest. 1 like = one prayer to the horned rat.

The stardrake charged and almost didn’t get in with a 3″ charge. But it was just enough for an unleash hell for my lightning cannon. I overcharged (praying for another 1) but rolled a 4 for power level. I ended up dealing.. 7 mortals but another 2 were shrugged (I believe).

The end of charge phase my clan rats bravely ignored the dragon and its monster tantrum (hunters) but Gotrek swung first and only killed 17 rats.. yup. He wiffed.

My clan rat blob fighting the dragon moved in and landed 4 wounds, dealt no damage. They then died down to 6 models. Not bad, well done rats.

The remaining clan rats against the dwarf blender moved to the opposite side of Gotrek so he couldn’t pile in to get within 1 inch of my other units. As predicted they did.. actually 1 wound. It was easily saved but their job was done.

End of the round I spent my last command point to keep my 6 rats on the dragon.

Winning the rol-loff we started with a bang.

Battle Round 2.

A 12 on the bell. Oh yes, lord Skreech joined us! – he was setup just outside of 9 of the dragon. My heroic action was to heal the bell, and I did, healing 3 with heroic recovery. Basti mirrored this and healed his dragon.. I think the same amount. My battle tactic was the easy one – aggressive expansion – to hold the two objectives on my side of the table.

Spell wise. Dreaded 13 spell went off.. just as he was within 1″ off the gnawhole (haven’t regretted setting two up in my side of the field yet..) and selecting his master of magic hero phase empowerment. Rolling 13 dice I scored 7 mortals on the dragon, he shrugged 5. Amulet of destiny on a 4+ or 3+ hero-monster is just.. hard to crack.

Skitterleap failed, Wither went off and hit the long beards dealing 3 mortals, 2 were shrugged (I think), but they were penalised with a -1 to hit debuff.

Cracks call was unbound, but, I summoned the shackles around Gotrek to try and hold him down for a turn. One of my monks got Pestilens-pestilens off and dealt a few mortals to the irondrakes and longbeards. the other dealt a few mortals to his runelord with smite.

My Warlock bombardier overcharged his warp lightning spell and it went through onto he dragon.. dealing… 1 mortal, which was shrugged.

My arch warlock had his warp lightning storm unbound (not game to overcharge it) but got his warp lightning shield off.

The grey seer on bell failed to get warpgale off (double 1) and dealt 1 mortal to himself.

Start of movement.. the shackles splashed mortals across all my models, basically. And ignored all of Basti’s.

Movement I ran from Gotrek, not afraid to admit it that dwarf is a menace, my warpfire thrower moved up to get the long beards in range and the longbeards redeployed to get.. closer to him. Nice.

Skreech moved to get ready to charge the dragon ready for a monster-off.

My giant rats moved up to try and screen a bit whilst my arch warlock ran to get within 8 of the stardrake.


Left hand side whiffed. no mortals dealt by the arch warlocks warp fire gauntlet, the stabby tails I think did 1 wound that wasn’t shrugged and the bombardier failed to wound. My warpfire however reduced the ~16 long beards to just 6 models. That warpfire is so good.


Skreech got in, that was my only charge. Titanic Duel went off and I used my triump. Surely 14 attacks on 2’s and 2’s would do it. I even used is command ability to re-roll wound rolls of 1s.

Almost all the attacks weant through but I dealt, at the end of all that, I actually don’t think I dealt any wounds with the 3+ shrug and the 5+ ward.

My Clanrats died and Skreech was taken down to 8 wounds

Basti turn 2

Prayer 1 failed, but he then unbound the shackles.

Shooting saw my verminlord taken down to 2 models and Basti selected aggressive expansion to run 3 units.

He brought in his shadow stalkers and peppered the verminlord.

His Irondrakes killed 3 giant rats and dealt 4 wounds to my plague priest and 1 wound to my warpfire thrower.

Charge.. he got in Gotrek, even with my giant rats moving (Re-deploy in the move phase) to intercept it wasnt enough.

My verminlord died, his stardrake was brought down to 4 wounds, Gotrek killed the remaining 3 giant rats and outright smote my 20 clan rats.

End of round there was nothing in combat.

Battle round 3

I won the rolloff again and tried to just consolidate my forces, I selected to destroy his battleline (Longbeards) as it was looking to either be an outright loss for me or a draw. I got skitterleap off moving my grey seer on foot to contest one of his back objectives. Dealt no other damage with the grey seer with my other spell failing.

I charged a arcane bolt on my arch warlock and then tried to cast chain warp lightning, it didn’t go off (from memory)

The bell tried to cast cracks call and was unbound, the warplock bombardier tried to get warp lightning off and I think he dealt a mortal or two to the drake. Smote the wrong runelord (not his general), tried to heal the bell and my priest rolled a 1, then failed to roll a ward save due to mystical terrain. So he died.

Movement. Everything moved away from Gotrek. teleport or through the portal, having one plague priest on the edge of 6″ the objective to just cower.

Shooting. The warpfire thrower removed.. 11 models from the Irondrakes (wow..) and left it with 1 model.

The Aarch warlock charged the dragon, the bell charged the dragon.

Start of Phase he stomped my bell (I think I saved the mortals with it’s ward) and then I shot off the arcance bolt, dealing 2 mortals – he saved one. The dragon was left on 2 at this stage.

Attacking with the Bell I rolled my 2d6 attacks with the spikes, I think I had 11 hit, 2+/3+/-1/1. 7 went through and.. he failed 2 saves.. He then failed both wards and the Screaming bell killed a stardrake.. in combat..

That was the end of the round.

Basti Round 3.

He healed his general, I tried to get an extra command point and didn’t.

He then buffed his drakes and rally returned 1 of them. He selected conquer to try and push my priest off my right objective with Gotrek..

Shooting saw a few wounds go into my Bell, saw my grey seer die.

Move and charge

The shadow stalkers moved up and charged my clan rats behind my bell, killing them but not bringing in the bell (not that he could pile in with no models around him..) Gotrek moved, My priest re-deployed and made it just inside 6″ of the objective by 7″ from Gotrek.. He failed the charge, rerolled with a command point.. and failed again.

That concluded the turn and game (ran out of time).

At his point I was a complete draw and I had all my wizards alive on the opposite side of the map of his killing machine with a very difficult journey ahead of Gotrek to try and get to me to kill me.

Hope you enjoyed that write-up. I will endeavour to get better at these as times goes on and hopefully start to record games eventually.

As always, don’t forget to roll with advantage, (or re-roll fails in this case)
The Brazen Wolfe