Battlemech – The Sea-kits grow

Focusing on raw firepower with the latest tech they can get their hands on the clan Sea Kits pilots are rough and ready to go.

Following the old ways their parents abandoned they fight for the memory of how their parents clan used to be. However the ways of old are pretty much gone much like the sea foxes of old.

But with each new season a rejuvenation of both sea fox kits, and the descendents of the clan Sea Foz mech pilots grows. Now is the time to start their conquest of vengeance, now is the time for the Sea Kits!

A few painting progress pictures of about half my growing sea Kit army. Super easy and lazy theme with shades of blue “splashed” next to each other to create a camo effect.

While not as exhaustive and grand as Age of Sigmar I am enjoying several aspects of the game so far.

Thats it for tonight. Thanks for dropping in and until next time, don’t forget to roll with advantage,

The Brazen Wolfe

My first impressions of Battletech – Alpha strike

Good evening all and welcome to a whatever Saturday where I wanted to talk about my first impressions of Battletech – Alpha strike.

Battletech is described as the futuristic space opera which spans thousands of lightyears of space where the conflict between humans is settled in giant mechanised robots each capable of incredible destruction.

The alpha tech variant is no different with the scale being around 6mm so everything feels massive. It’s a non miniature centric game but having them is part of the fun and whats more, the creators (Catalyst Games) don’t care if you use their minis, cardboard, jellybeans or 3rd party miniatures. This is great as you may only have between 1 and 30 miniatures at any one stage and if its $0.20 cents to print one out its a lot different than the $90 boxes of other wargames. For a single unit..

My first impressions of Battletech – Alpha strike..

So I love mechs. Movies like pacific rim and games like mech commander and battletech cemented this attraction to these monstrous weapons of war. The game itself is simple. You have an agreed point limit, agreed scenario and you follow the basic rules… but… The game has both breadth and depth in what’s available and the additional or in advanced rules that it really is something that would suit just about any sci-fi or mech fan.

The dice mechanics are also simple. Roll 2d6 vs the be target number and if you hit you deal damage to the enemy mech, building, infantry or vehicle. The target number to hit is Pilot Skill + Range/distance + Adjusted values + Target Mech Movement+ Other modifiers, or PRATO. Something like that in anyway.

If you roll over the PRATO then you hit and do damage to the targets armour and then internals, of they don’t have any armour left.

Pretty simple really but with certain weapon types, mechs and their special loadouts/special abilities the tactical depth can be quite deep.

The second thing I like about this game is that the turns are taken simultaneously. That is if your mech gets ambushed they still shoot back as they are destroyed. This makes more logical sense as no living being sits there and waits their turn to fight for their life. This works against you too but it makes the games feel like a fair first fight but with lasers, missiles and heavy calibre guns.

The other thing with this is that scenery matters. Puddles of water cool you down quickly, buildings, ruined or otherwise, can block sight or give you some tactical advantage. Movement is key but the right movement is even more so as that patch of forest or debris slows down walking units but not fliers or those with jump-jets.

Whilst simple the complexity is scary with countless types of weapons, thousands of models (think make and model of cars) of mechs, and pages worth of special abilities that will make you want to scrap your army and build around a single ability or combination. Diversity of gameplay is second only to the love and enthusiasm I have experienced from the community with the lore literally being decades old.

Whilst I love D&D and Warhammer profusely, the quick, small and compact battletech is drawing me deeper into its embrace. So if I continue with this game system in the future don’t forget to look out for those updates and, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,

The Brazen Wolfe

Preparation for Sovereign Smash

As I madly dash forward in preparation for tomorrow morning’s day 1 start for a local warhammer tournament I look to a few things.


Now I have a stupendously simple theme. Blue-grey, grey wash, browns, reds, silver with some gold and bone with a brown sand basing scheme. Easy to paint 1 or 90 models to the same consistency and not overly taxing for someone who isn’t super well experienced in the hobby.

The last few days are fixing up little details here and there as well as painting some optional summon pieces, just in case. Over time my models have bounced, knocked or dropped into another model/terrain or off the table. This means the paint has some wear on it but a nice simple scheme means a simple fix.


Now magnets are my preferred choice. My reason is simple. I hate foam..

For those who dont know what this process is the simple version of it is this. You glue magnets to the bottom of your miniature bases. The bigger the mini the more or bigger magnets you use.

Magnets (rare earth magnets) means I need ferro-magnetic substance for the magnets to stick to which is easy. A lot of stationary places sell self adhesive ferro magnatised rubber sheeting. Same stuff you have for magnetic photos on your fridge. I have used this material to create a box for my army where they all sit safe and secured in the box magnatised to the rubber sheet.

The other is sheet metal like cookie tins or, my new favourite, cookie pans. They come in massive sixes and for me. They hold my entire flesh eater courts army for this weekend. The great thing about this is I can move around and my models wont fall off, bump into each other and its easy to get all my models on and off.


Now the armies in warhammer have dozens of pages of rules dedicated to explaining how your miniatures interact on the battlefield. Where plausible I try to simplify this process by reducing reliance on my phone or a big book by having reference sheets. Just something to make the game go easier.

The player pack

Reading over the scenario’s, rules and regulations and requirements from the Tournament organiser(s) is key. May save a disqualification if you forget to bring a printout or ticket.

The battleplans, if the pack have them, may make you change your tactics or think of new ones ahead of time. This really just means you can speed up your game.

Time limit per round. For us horde players its a bit thing. For Gargants with between 4 and 9 models not so much.

For me this is my process for the last few days. Paint, mend, magnatise, read and remember to relax. These things are meant to be fun, not daunting.

Thats all from me so don’t forget to reroll those 1s,

The Brazen Wolfe

Hobby update, September 14

A small update from the paint table.

Managed to find a great ‘little’ stl for a varghulf. For those who are not fans of flesh eater courts for warhammer they are big bat-wolf-like creatures that eviscerate all before them.. and the models are ancient and in GWs aptly named, failcast. Which is a type of resin.

Well I will now formally introduce Vorn blackblood, duke of the boneyard.

Final steps to do.. Skeleton horde over talons. Gryph charger grey over wings to darken and tie them in. Drybrush of wazdaka red over wings then another gryph charger grey wash. White scar on fangs. Volupus pink in mouth and in some key spots for healing wounds.

The finishing touch for my battle ready Varghulf is Yriel Yellow for his eyes. Then only basing is left.

So nice simple colour scheme for a very impressive model. Much better than the regular one.

Thats me for now,

The Brazen Wolfe

Arcane aftermath

Hi all and welcome to a special Saturday update here from Brazen Wolfe Tabletop featuring the beginning of my new arcane aftermath terrain.

So as you would be aware of I am not just a Dungeon master I also partake in Warhammer (as often as I can). For those who may not be familiar with the hobby it requires an army (between 4 and 200+ individual miniatures), a 6ft by 4ft table (actually 60″ x 44″) and terrain give a sense of thematic and tactical decision making.

Lately I’ve been going through a bit of a hobby drive and I’ve got some progress to show before I head to a local 2 day tournament next weekend.

So let me know what you think of it. Its slow going process with family life and work but the goal is to have a whole table of this terrain that is both thematic and tactical.

Ground works

Alchemist hut

Taking a smaller base I built it up aggressively. Taking a large, thick foam off cut and then building on top of it to get a flat spot with sloped jagged rocky formations on the edge. The bricks are hand made being hot wire cut, hand textured and then glued down one by one.

Deciding to have a hut and a floating power stone attached to the hut. After getting the general shape and gluing them thinly down to the base I worked my way up until I cut a scrap square of foam thinly then onto two halves of a roof. Using the roof as a brace for the two additional layers of bricks at the back of the hut. Then a carving a mini rock and securing it with wire to the base it’s ready for the next steps.

Shattered Stone

This piece is another easy scatter piece. Using scraps I built up a central spire of stone and using a 5mm clear acrylic rod cut to around 100mms in length I created a floating rocky from one of the original pieces.

The process really is simple. Grab a bit of foam and stick it down where you think it fits best. I let my eyes and fingers guide me on this one just finding a piece of scrap foam, sometimes cutting it more then sticking it down. Nothing too technical or fancy.

Once it was done I carved and picked his of foam out of all the foam used to give it an uneven textured look. This will help with dry brushing and the next few steps in texture.

Shattered monolith

The next one is a bit harder and it’s not just because it’s bigger. I wanted to have a stone monolithic comic out of the groove and leaving a well between.. So I had to cut and shake the monolith and use lots of scraps of xps to build up a well that I’ll add water effects into at some point.

The process was very similar to the last one laying many flat and angled pieces of foam to build a ridged well in the middle. After I had the basic shape I carved and picked at the foam to get uneven and chaotic and natural looking rock textures. Doing the same for the floating stone I also made vines or ropes from wire to both look good and keep the monolith floating.

Group shot so far with a purple sun, everyone’s favourite endless spell for size comparison

Thanks for joining me for a hobby update night. Don’t forget to come back tomorrow for content, hopefully in addition you the end off week write-up. Oh and as always don’t forget to roll with advantage,

The Brazen Wolfe

Fall of the Sovereign

As Lord Tyson Tearn’swallow scurried off with the handful of infantry and the calls of rage from Duke Vorn as he charged headlong into the melusai to by Tyson time the Ghast Courtier looked down at Krak who’s wounds were severe.

“You men. Stand here and hold off those cursed snakes. The rest of me on the king!” he shouted as two flying knights came into view. The two massive women nodded to the king and threw themselves into the khinerai as their shadow queen charged towards Vorn as he tore apart more melusai.

The attack on the daughters of the god of murder had been in vain. There was no glory here only death and two kings had died fighting valiantly as the snakes twisted and coiled around their dragons in their death throws.

The Shadow Queen and Morathi would claim the crown. The Sovereignty had fallen from Krak Crowncleaver and it would take some time until his forces would be strong enough to try and best such an intimidating foe.

Hail to our Sovereign

Hello and welcome to a small update for the end of my Warhammer dedicated week. Tonight I wanted to give a final hail to our Sovereign and post some photos of the painting I managed to get done this week for my Flesh eater courts.

Hail to our Sovereign


The Journey to my darkly themed ghouls.

While not step-by step guides I managed to push through and get two models that sat primed but not fully painted done over the weekend too. The Ghoulish pile of shame has shrunk by a few hundred points.

While I stress over cleaning up the ghouls a bit more over the next few weeks in preparation for the local tournament I wanted to capture some of the progress I made.

The other thing left to do is reveal the results of my matchup against Skaven from the other night – so let’s see if my memory can go through the results from the two armies posted Friday.

As Krak and Liss’s combined forced crested the hill the buildings around them rustled to life as the horde of Skaven had been uncovered. The infantry, the serfs of Krak’s court surged forward to create a defensive line between themselves and their king as dark magic whisked through the air and the Kings called their warriors to the field.

Another champion, some winged knights and more ghouls appeared on the far left flank, staking territory around a suspicious warp-filled hole that had appeared in the ground whilst Liss contemplated the battlefield. As her forces surged forward towards a cache of powerful realmstone so did the rats and soon the serfs, courtiers, knights and dragons were outnumbered and it thought the cache lost. That’s when the ground quaked and a great bridge forged from bone appeared. from across the bridge bounded rat ogors, whipped into a frenzy and their charge didn’t stop there as they bounded into the serfs that defended the kings. On the flank more rat ogors charged the reinforcements that had come to assist the kings and the impact alone saw the infantry torn down to a handful of survivors, the knights also lost a man. Defending Krak the infantry savaged the other rat ogors, cutting them down with fervour however in their death frenzy they fought back, killing the noble defenders and their supporting courtier. Alloren and her dragon didn’t take kindly to their invasion and struck back removing the ogors and suffering a few small scratches as payment.

A cheer broke out from somewhere amongst the masses but just as it commenced it died down again with the re-emergence of an equal number of rat ogors near their foul master.

It was time for the court to go on the offensive. After a phenomenal mustering the flanking serfs and courtier, a mighty Varghulf, positioned themselves to charge into the enemies flank and remove their pesky hero’s who could return the ogors to life. The dragon and terrorgheist moved forward supported by more ghouls as they prepared to charge through enemy lines and remove threats.

The terrorgheist swallowed a master moulder whole, devoured clan rats and removed half the rat ogors from their pack. The infantry and Lady Alloren removed more ghouls and pushed in deeper to stake a claim to the cache of realmstone. The counter charge was brutal with a verminlord warbringer declaring a vendetta against lady Alloren and after a ferocious duel Lady Alloren and her dragon were lost, but not without Thanquol almost being devoured whole by Duke Wicksplitter’s mount. But the cowardly rat fled from the conflict as the rat ogor’s pressed their advantage.

With the fall of the King the serfs were rattled and a charge from rat ogors nearby saw the end to the infantry threatening the skaven daemonlord. However, more infantry had appeared on the far Skaven flank and it was at this crucial turning point that Krak knew he had victory within grasp.

Weathering the counter charge of the rats Duke Will charged in ferociously. Removing rat ogors, killing the verminlord before making another push towards Thanquol and the pesky master moulder. However a counter push from the Rat ogors shortly after saw the terrorgheist flee the battlefield but not before feasting on the last of the rat ogors with no more to return to the field. The new reinforcements from the flank had engaged with more clan rats and victory in that skirmish was within the grasp of Kraks Forces. That was until the realmstone Cache ruptured sending shards across the battlefield. One into well defended Skaven territory and one to land at Kraks feet.

Thanquol made his presence felt removing all the serfs from the battlefield with his mounts terrifying warpfire – but, Krak and Liss sent out a call for aid and twice it was answered. With only the Master moulder to support him Thanquol and his puppet retreated from the battlefield and complete victory was claimed for the forces of Krak Crowncracker and Liss Lipsnatcher.

Thanks for joining me tonight for more Warhammer content. Don’t forget to come back this week as we resume out normal D&D content – apart from hobby updates over the next few weeks that is – as we see our party march towards the wall. Don’t forget to keep an eye out for the league results, I will post them this week and, always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe

Gore Matted Fur

Hello and welcome to a small update post for tonight. As predicted in last nights blog I took my ghoulish list and clashed against a good friends Skaven and boy was it a bloodbath. In addition to Gore Matted Fur and a large feast for the surviving members of Krak’s Court many lessons were learnt across both sides of the table. So tonight I wanted to provide my final list, my opponents list and a scene from the end of the match…

Gore Matted Fur


Liss and Krak stalked across the field of dead. Lord Tyson Tearn’swallow darted hear and there directing a handful of infantry that had managed to survive the inferno and raw power that the Skaven had managed to muster as they assaulted one of the nearby towns that Krak had under his control.

Tyson scurried forth and bowed low between the two rulers, both of which were holding back their bloodlust at the carnage around them. “We found Lady Alloren, she will live. And Duke Will Wicksplitter is trying to reign in his terrorgheist as its given into its bloodshed. We lost ninety infantry, Lady Allorens dragon, Lord Carth Bonenibbler and some of our mounted knights” he said as he shrank away from Liss. Liss looked across the battlefield hungrily.

“What did they lose?” she asked as she saw more ghouls pouring over the hills towards the great feast.

“Close to Eighty putrid Rat-men, twelve of their brutish rat ogor, some of which appeared to spring out of the ground at the call of their masters, which we will remember. We banished their deamon lord who fled through a gateway and Duke Wicksplitter almost managed to kill that wizard-rat on massive ogoroid – but he fled the battlefield too with the one remaining beast master on their end. A master Moulder I think they were called.” Lord Tyson said at last.

Good. It was a good fight and the bodies left behind would fuel the replenishment of her army. Even now she witnessed the other courtiers that joined them on the battlefield pushing their way from under the piles of dead.

Krak called to his remaining serfs, his beloved ferocious zealots did not survive the initial combat with the brutish, hulking rat-men abominations – but the presence of Liss and her chosen had pushed the fight in his favour and routed the cowardly rat-men from his lands. Not that he would admit it. As he picked his way through the pile of bodies and gore mattered fur he knew that this war for sovereignty was not over.

“Sire,” a skittish voice said from near by. “The knights and scouts you sent out have come back saying that there is a gathering of worshippers of Khaine on their way to your lands. If we prepare now and strike a decisive blow against their leader, Morathi, I am sure that we will emerge victorious” said the ghoul.

Nodding he looked towards the direction he sent his men and women. War was upon him again and like it or not he would have to rely on Queen Liss again.

Thanks for joining me tonight. I will post the results and a replay of the battle this weekend but it was close. In fact down to a matter of two points in the end. Don’t forget to join me this weekend for some more hobby updates and, always, don’t forget to roll with advantage re-roll those ones,
The Brazen Wolfe

Beneath the Reagents Keep

Welcome to game night where tonight’s match determines the fate of Krak and his crusade. If I win tonight’s match I am in the semi-finals scrapping it out for first place or I am left picking up the scraps for third of fourth place in the three month league.

Tonight I will try the variation on my other list that got me into the finals and we will see if I end up taking a heroic victory or if I fall from grace.

Beneath the Reagents Keep


Liss stalked the dilapidated halls of Krak’s keep as she sought out the self proclaimed reagent and ruler of these lands. As she moved passed the door-less frames, the gore streaked walls and the many coloured lichen that grew in these dank rooms her feral grin grew.

Outside of the keep she could hear the screams and cries of ghouls, hundreds of them as they bayed for a feast day and above it all the terrifying screech of the massive bat like creatures, Terrorgheist’s. In particular she could hear Goreshadow, the mount of her champion Will Wicksplitter, one of the largest beasts she had ever encountered.

The ghouls and minor courtiers that stalked the halls outside the vast entrance room huddled and cowered against the wall. She supposed that to them she would appear as something quite feral and unnatural. How ironic as they were cut from the same cloth. Well maybe not as regal as her but the same none the less.

Ever since she was sired she was different from the other ghouls. Twisted by dark magic of a vampire lord and coerced to complete dark and violent acts of cannibalism she morphed into the being she is today. Rather than becoming twisted by some grand delusion of a king she was aware of what she was, what she did and she revelled in the power that came with her depravity. In fact she relished the ghoulish acts she committed and enjoyed feasting on the flesh of the realms mortals more than the ghouls she commanded.

“Queen Liss…” a quivering voice from the doorway in front of her spoke. “Arch Reagent Krak, the Crowncracker, bastion of hope and champion of light sends for you.” The Crypt Ghast said in a quiver.

“Does he now?” Liss replied, not expecting an answer. “Show me to Krak. I have grave tidings”. As the ghast bowed and hurried through the doors, the only ones that appeared to be functional she breathed in the heady smell of fresh meat.

Pushing past the piles of bones she stepped up to the table and gave a polite curtsey to the most arrogant ghoul she had seen in some time. Krak slurped the marrow from the bones of of some duardin that they had fought recently, feathers of a phoenix framed his throne and a shard of ghurish magic buzzed in a crown – fragments of an Incarnate she was sure of it.

“Queen Liss, your presence here is either a great of foul portent. Which tidings do you bring to me this eve?” Krak said as he slurped red liquid, blood, from a skull.

“My scouts have tracked strange happenings, disappearance of serfs and the odd knight to mines near your keep. I suspect that something particularly fowl is taking them and that they have eyes on your keep and have come to grant you my aid.” Liss said with all the decorum of nobility. After a moment of silence Krak roared with laughter, followed immediately by his courtiers.

Arrogant king Liss thought as she bared her fangs and warped teeth, the room silenced immediately. Her ferocity, strength and bloodlust was well known. “I do not offer my assistance lightly as I also bring proof.” Liss screeched into the room. A moment later the flapping of wings answered her call and a great shape blocked the failing light from a nearby large window.

With the flapping of torn wings a Crypt Flayer, a large bloated ghoul with great spiked bat-like wings flew through the window and landed next to Liss. As it landed it dropped a large bag in front of its queen and bowed low to her. Liss reached for the bag and slowly began to untie it – her long dagger like claws still able to demonstrate a great deal of dexterity despite their capacity for violence. The courtiers leant forwards as did Krak as they watched with their foetid breath held in anticipation.

Liss reached in and pulled out the contents, a body. Its brown fur was mattered with sticky blood and what remained resembled a rat – a particularly large rat. It wasn’t until Liss threw the body to the table that the full extent of it was revealed, the rats head was part of a larger corpse – one with humanoid features including a torso and large muscular arm with a triangular symbol lashed to its wrist.\

“I caught this trying to drag away one of my serfs into a hole. Fear-riddled creatures it soiled itself and died before I could question it fully. Following the holes though my scouts found that it lead to the mines near your Keep. So with this as proof I once again offer you my services, and that of my champion, to eradicate these vermin from your lands.” she said as she watched Krak stalk towards the corpse. After a moment the Arch reagent picked up the body and bit into the fleshy part of the bicep.

A wicked grin crossed its face as he strode towards a nearby window to address his kingdom. As he stood there he held the body up high and a bestial roar burst forth from his swelling chest. “Tonight we feast!” he called as he threw the body down the the heaving masses.

Turning around Krak stalked towards Liss. “When do we leave?” he asked.

“Immediately” replied Liss as her smile turned into a feral snarl. The bloodshed she craved was about to happen.

Thanks for joining me tonight as I prepare to fight for my place in the finals for my local league. Don’t forget to drop by tomorrow for the results of my matchup and, always, don’t forget to roll with advantage re-roll those ones,
The Brazen Wolfe

The Queen Reagent

Welcome to a weird Wednesday where today we are looking at a twist of the list I brought to my qualifying match last week and presented yesterday. Tonight we look at an alternative list for me to take – adding another powerful Arch Reagent and a Terrorgheist for the mortal wound output.

The Queen Reagent


First off in traditional Warhammer style I have the list.

Now to explore the changes to Krak’s list let’s delve into it a bit.


Name: Lissandra Lipsnatcher

Unit: Abhorrent Arch Reagent

A contender for Krak Crowncracker’s claim to the throne Liss is a powerful and rare queen amongst her kind. Ferocious and brutal she commands the more terrifying legions of the court when the goes to war. Not one to share she finds herself in a strange position where she wants Krak to both fail and succeed. Krak faces down the most terrifying of entities without fear but his fearlessness makes him reckless. This both intrigues and repulses Liss as recklessness is how the previous Arch Reagent lost his head, and crown.

Never seen too far away from her second in command, Duke Will Wicksplitter, she detests the boisterous knights of the courts of fellow rulers. Because of this she rarely allows them in her presence, except for the most feral of them that swoop from the skies to skewer her enemies.

Liss isn’t like the other Flesh Eater Courts abhorrent rulers – she is aware of her delusion and see’s herself for what she truly is – and revels in the carnage, bloodshed and putrescent gluttony that it enables. This makes gives pause to all those who would oppose her as she appears as a feral beast amongst their midst and rarely looks like the benevolent rulers they see themselves to be.

Name: Duke Will Wicksplitter

Unit: Abhorrent Ghoul King on Royal Terrorgheist

One of the reasons for the armies that Liss commands not containing Knights is Duke Will Wicksplitter and his mount. In the eyes of the court his mount is something akin to a glorious resplendent phoenix, its died and came back to life immeasurable times before the courts eyes. The Terrorgheist however has a nasty habit of feasting on the biggest of the courts minions – the knights – and their boisterous nature calls to it like a cat to a mouse.

For this reason, amongst others, Liss and Will don’t allow foot knights to be in their presence when they ride to war as it proves more deadly for their forces than that of their enemy.

Now being different to the other list I removed the knights, they pose a meaty punching bag, anvil and occasional brutal hammer to counter my opponents infantry. However I find that my Crypt Ghouls pose enough of a threat that I don’t have to rely on the less numerous knights to fill this role.

However my list lacks mortal wounds and the terrorgheist has it in spades. Pared with the supporting buffs from the three other spell casters as well as its own ward it can be a shredder when it comes to chewing through enemy lines. Rerolling hits and wounds from the overlapped spells makes it a great candidate with the average damage beating that of the Krondspine Incarnate. The ability to make it a 3+ ignoring 1 point of rend (Finest day and Mystic shield) as well as a 5+ ward make it nearly as durable as the Krondspine and when paired with the Chalice the wounds it does take are likely to nearly vanish at the end of the turn.

Adding two more expensive heroes does create a problem though – I also drop my 30 man ghoul unit into a block of 20. But in my experience the full 30 ghouls were never all getting into combat any way – so this way I have a smaller footprint to manage and get the same number of attacks per ghoul in combat.

Thanks for joining me tonight to look at a revised list that I will be testing out tomorrow night. I may swap around some of the spells (perhaps flaming weapon on Will and blood feast on Liss) but I will give it some thought tonight. Don’t forget to come back tomorrow as I hope to show off my army in its mostly painted glory and, always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe