Dice-ember day 18

Welcome to day 18 of Dice-ember! Today we look at the second last member for us to explore of the wagon heist crew and  begin filling in the final bits.

With only 13 more days of Dice-ember left we are very nearly reaching the end of the little experiment I have conducted over the (currently 18) 31 days where I have gradually built up content over a month instead of a week. But in the interests of getting to the good parts lets crack on with the content.

Body for hire


*thud* the meaty fist smashed into his bottom rib, the battered bone fracturing not for the first time in his life. Grunting he shot out his knee into the mans gut forcing the wind out of his lungs, taking this moment to bring the back of his fist across the man’s face as he gasped for breath. Not wanting to leave this opportunity unanswered he pushed forward with vicious kicks and punches, constantly aiming for the soft parts of the much larger man. Nearby other people were brawling, he watched as a man got stabbed in the eye with a short blade, grimacing he knew he had to wrap this up quickly as the multiple places he had been punched were starting to ache, bruises would definitely be there tomorrow. His broken rib was starting to throb nearly unbearably as he kept punching, nearly, he had a surprisingly high pain tolerance for someone his size. Launching another strike wide towards his opponents rib he faked the blow before bringing his elbow into the mans exposed jaw. The crunch of his elbow shattering jaw brought a smile to his lips especially when he saw the mans eyes flutter as he passed out.

Grabbing the bag he had dropped in the fight he began to run as quickly as his injuries allowed him to. As he passed people who, like him, who were not only fighting for their lives but for the stolen loot they carried,  he did not even spare them a a second thought to him as he ran past them.

Each man to themselves Kane, that’s what we all agreed upon. Take the goods back to Carter and get paid enough to drink for a week.” He thought as he ran past the last of the assailants, having to jump onto barrels and crates to avoid the last few brawls. He soon realised his folly when he started to have to duck under ropes that held up clothes to dry above the street and the occasional sign for a building. As he jumped down and turned the corner he turned his head to make sure no one was pursuing him, he grinned like a madman as he saw, more or less, a empty street with no sign of someone chasing him. He turned the corner just in time for the sound of whirling cord swinging through the air before a taught weighted length of braided leather wrapped itself around his neck and three weighted sacks smacked him in the face. As he flailed and tried to break free if the bolas he could feel his consciousness fading as black boots stepped in front of his eyes and a glinting dagger came in not view.

well, I can’t say it’s been a good run…” he thought to himself as he slipped into darkness.

Cold. Freezing. Cold, Freezing and wet! He brain exploded into thought as ice cold water splashed over his face and upper torso. Coughing and spluttering he looked around the warehouse he was sitting in. Large wooden rafters supported the massive ceiling, the warehouse was full of cows, pigs and sheep. The noise and smell over road his senses and dazed him.

“awake finally” a soft voice said from beside him, a small girl with leather armour and a green cloak stood next to him – a halfling, he was sure of it. “So here’s how it’s going to be. I’ll ask a question and you’ll tell me the answer and if I like what I hear then I’ll let you go and you can take your loot with you. I don’t like what I hear and you don’t leave and I keep your stuff. To make sure I like what I hear…” She trailed off as she finished drawing symbols on her temple and forehead with a white paint like substance. She placed down the smooth wooden length, a wand if Kane had ever seen one, she chanted before a flash of light and three glowing orbs circled her head.

Now Kane wasn’t someone to spook easily, never had shied from a fight before but there was one thing he truly feared, magic.

“now, and easy one. Your name?” The halfling asked as she picked up her wanted again, the orbs of light shifting colour slightly.

“Kane, I don’t have a last name. Nuffin fancy, just Kane” he mumbled.

The halfling nodded, “what are the items you stole?” She asked grabbing and opening the bag that he had fought hard for.

“Just shiny junk, I thought they would be worth a few silver” he lied, he only knew that Carter paid heavily for them and that they were extremely valuable and that man prized loyalty and secrecy above all else.

The halfling smirked “now what would Carter want with shiny junk, never mind that these are Astral Quarts and have been known to tear out the souls of people randomly” her smile was like a predator spying its prey. She grabbed a single silvery chunk of stone out which looked like any ordinary rock except this appeared to be made out of liquid silver.

Kane practically couldn’t get away from the halfling or the stone fast enough. He thrashed and flailed so much that the chair he was tied to tipped and fell onto its side. “Ok, I don’t know what it is. Just that he is paying fifty golf per stone. I want nuffin’ to do with it or you’re mind reading magic. Just let me go and I swear you don’t have to worry about me every again. I set on me life!” He shrieked as panic at in.

The halfling stood one foot onto the chair leg and smirked. “On one condition. You take me to Carters drop off point for these stones.” She said while smiling like a crocodile.

“deal” Kane said. As he said it the halfling clicked her fingers and the lights and white paint disappeared instantly.

“well, daylights wasting” she said as she cut his bonds up.

Sighing with relief Kane stood on shaking legs “what do you want with Carter anyway? Going against him is a deathwish.” He asked.

“Carter stole from me” she said, all Mirth gone from her face.

“what did he take miss, err” Kane asked rubbing his head where the bolas smacked his skull.

“Dis. Call me Dis,” she replied as she out the wand and a few other items into a bag with a face on it, a bag of holding Kane knew it to be, “Carter stole my life from me.” She said before standing in front of him, her pose, confidence and pure presence making him want to do as she asked.

“ok, stay a bit back and I’ll take you there boss” he said without thinking as he left the warehouse and tried to get his bearings.

“If you can help me stop Carter getting any more of these stones I can make sure you get paid more than a few handfuls of gold Kane.” Dis said as she stood behind him, her green hooded cloak pulled high.

“yes boss” he said, a smile coming to his face at the prospect of gold. “Well, out with one boss in with a new one. As long as the gold and grog’s good I’m easy” he thought as he walked into the street the prospect of a warm meal and good ale driving his steps forward.

Well that’s it for tonight, how you liked learning about Kane and who knows, maybe Kane, Dis and the crew will return outside of Dice-ember..

Don’t forget to come back tomorrow and as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe