Dice-ember day 31 – Wagon Heist

Welcome to Day 31 of Dice-ember and the conclusion of a month of work!

Below you will find a .docx that is ZINE I created over the past month which is a low level adventure that takes the party through the current troubles happening in Merchants Glen, a market city with politics, theft and decisions that may shape the very course of the city and those around it.

Contained is a few mentioned magic items (part of the dice-ember blog posts), NPC portraits, A bunch of stat-blocks for monsters, advice and guides for Dungeon masters around adjusting the encounters and how to run the adventure as well as, the main course, a several part adventure that should see most parties progress 1 level if not more.

This is just the v.01 (draft) version of the Zine and if its well received I hope to work on it further this year with maps, art work, may-haps a better editor than just myself late at night and a better layout!

If you like what you find or better yet run the adventure let me know! I would love to hear how it goes and I am planning on running the adventure myself on, hopefully, some unsuspecting fellow gamers locally.

Happy new year and thanks for the past 120-ish days and I hope to see you visiting once again in the new year.

Don’t forget, as always, to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe