Maze of thatch

Hi all and welcome to Thursdays update for this exciting weeks content. Today, like all Thursdays moving forward, will be dedicated to things I believe could do with additional information or new additional content that I think will give another layer of depth to what we have here this week.

Tonight we will look at what the group known as the Lotus can bring to the table as well as expanding our understanding of the characters we have encountered so far. So without stalling any longer let’s get into it.

Only a sea breeze can see all


Kyoko watched as the hawk soared above the boat and and head out towards the city, she wondered what it would be like to be born with the gift of flight. Sighing she turned away and strolled down the plank to go check on the stalls where her peoples wares were being sold, regrettably a lot slower now that they had restrictions put upon them, she only could hope that the creature, or person that was the source of their restrictions.

Hurane walked up to her, clasping his forearms behind his back as he looked over ships and the people discussing price on food, craft and other items. “The morning Lotus has bloomed. If one of ours is responsible they will find out” he said leaning closer to her to ensure that the message was hard to intercept. The masks her people wore helped to also protect the words Hurane spoke to her. But also protect their identities, the people of this city were not ready yet to see who they were behind the masks.

“I noticed. Let us hope they can find what is causing the distress of the good people of Daye and we can begin to rebuild the relationship needed to establish this trade route. “Have you any leads yet?” Kyoko asked as she looked towards the masked man she had grown up with.

“Sadly no Kyoko, we don’t have a lead. Every trader, sailor and officer has been questioned and they all swear their loyalty and deny any involvement in the disturbance. Apologies Kyoko” Hurane spoke with a tinge of regret in his voice.

“Well let’s hope the lotus blooms and we find what’s causing our grief”

The wind filled the wings of the bird as it flew high in the sky its keen eyesight gazing down upon the blue waters, the red railed ships and the thatch covered houses that covered the ground like a maze. The houses were built as needed without much foresight into where the next would be built. This evidently caused the alleys and pathways between houses to be erratic and suddenly end, a maze of mudbrick walls and thatch covered roofs. Very different from where she is from.

Noticing something different from the sea of thatch, mudbrick and rough stone street she flew down in broad circles looking around her as he descended for any signs of danger. Seeing no danger she landed on the roof and picked up the object that was shining on the roof and held it in one claw so she could look at it closer. It appeared to be a medallion or talisman made from metal, or so what was left of it gave that appearance. Noticing the faint taint of magic from it and the way that it was damaged concerned her, in her experience magic items were very difficult to break and finding one damaged as such concerned her. Deciding that it was worth notifying Kyoko she flew off with the hook shaped metal trinket.

The tight random thatch and mudbrick houses gives interesting ‘arena’ for what I plan for tomorrows encounter. The Lotus, or the semi-secret spies and scouts for the Red-fleet who specialise in reconnaissance and retrieval of people and items. In this case they have found the trinket that the creature was feeding on in last nights write-up.

This should give the NPCs enough information or evidence in order to bring PCs into the fold to assist them in finding what is affecting the people of Daye. It consumes magical items, appears at night and seems to appear through shadow and disappear just was quickly as it appears. (due to the notification from the guard. But that’s for this weekend)

Well that’s it for tonight and I hope you enjoyed that we had, albeit shorter than what we may be used to it should make sense by the end of it why I have reduced the narrative.

If you like what you have read tonight and more importantly if you like the split between narrative and the section of DM insight then please let me know!

Don’t forget to come back tomorrow and the following days for the concluding updates, and as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe