A beacon for dark mist.

Welcome to Wednesday where we look at extensions to the plot or shifts in the setting or adventure we are developing this week.

Tonight I’ll look at putting the new format to test and see how it feels so if you have any feedback please let me know!

Dark mist falling


Dark tendrils of mist crawled down the wall as the lantern light left the room and ascended the stairs of the two story house. As the tendrils touched the floor it rose to take the shape of a hunched humanoid. Glowing pits for eyes snapped up on a neck that twitched and  shook erratically as it watched the last of the light disappear up stairs.

Skitter-slinking across the floor it moved through the room picking up items, raising them to its face where it inhales their smell in deeply before putting them back not quite in the same space. The mist that clung to its form obscured its face and most of its details but it seemed unhindered by the dark cloak that clung to it.

As it picked up a trinket from a mantleplace it inhaled deeply causing wafts of blue light to float from it. The creatures body shook uncontrollably in what could only be described as ecstasy  as the blue energy touched its face. Cupping the anchor medallion in both hands it inhaled deeply and grain by grain the talisman disintegrated in a trail of blue light and disappeared into the mouth of the creature.

“what in bloomin heck!” A loud voice said as the click of flint and tinder sounded from the stairs. As the spark of flame moved towards the lantern the creature whirled around and spotted the interloper. Jumping to the wall of the house it skittered up the wall at freakish speed. The sound of a man shrieking, a dropping lantern and shattering glass was the only sound as the creature climbed into the shadows of the the room. Slowly as it stared down at the man with its glowing pits for eyes it could smell the fear from the human as it stared at its eyes. Slowly its body turned to the same dark mist that surrounded its body and it drifted through the wall, two faint embers of its eyes the last thing to disappear.

This twist looks to add in what may have been assumed but to add in element’s to the adventure and introduce the main villain or adversary for this adventures. This week we have a curse brought over on the trading boats possessing a trader to feed on magical energy in order to sustain itself.

This curse likely was a family heirloom that someone brought over with them to the new land and the presence of new magic, or the lack of wards and protective rituals that are common place in the home land are not present in the city of Daye.

The objective here is straightforward, a person who has bo recognition of what they do makes questioning and interrogation impossible. The alternative form and abilities of the possessed makes them appear, and rightly so, unnatural as it crawls across the walls and roofs like a dark mist.

Thats all what we have time for today. A brief narrative of the subject of interest today and then the reasoning behind it. Going back to the roots of what I want to do here where I talk about the content from a dungeon master point of view but I wanted to keep a bit of the narrative to provoke that creative spark in those who read it.

Don’t forget to come back tomorrow for more content and as always don’t forget to roll with advantage,

The Brazen Wolfe

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