Magic is fickle

Welcome to Wednesdays content where we look at the secondary hook, plot twist or influence to the adventure that we don’t see at the start of the week. So far this weeks section of the adventure has the party hounded by a mysterious creature who is hungry for their magical items and who has, in its rage, finally lashed out at the party members who prevent it from getting towards it’s target.

So let’s see what twist of fate, unlucky omen or dark tiding brings a sense of urgency of change in this weeks Wednesday post and let’s prepare for how the party can overcome it.

Dismissed omens


Kyoko frowned at lord Toshio as he walked towards the raised platform in the middle of the central square of the Town of Daye. She had warned lord Toshio that to bring the gift he had planned into the city was to insight wrath of the creature. However despite the warning lord Toshio insisted that this gift to the Daye Town’s priestess of Chauntea on her coming of age would bring favour back to the Red Fleet. Going as far to insist that this will enable them to remove these harsh restrictions that the town has imposed upon them Toshio seemed to be making a power play to take over the fleet.

Looking across the gathered crowd her eyes drifted over a hawk standing on a large flag pole, the creature stared at her before clicking its beak and turning towards the crowd of onlookers. Following its gaze Kyoko noticed the adventurers that she had run into and told of their problems, Takeo had told her that he had placed the charm with a simple location enchantment upon the party and that the creature had been drawn to it.

Since being interrupted when it was feeding on the item, or so the running theory was, it had grown more erratic and aggressive and even lashing out as it fled the last time it. If this creature seeks out enchanted or blessed items then the gift of the Red Fleet would make the young priestess a target. From what she can tell there wasn’t much magic in this town before now and their appearance and the influx of minor magical trinkets and talismans from the ships changed this. What she couldn’t work out is why none of their blessed or enchanted items on the ships had been targeted and it was to this reason that she wanted to talk to the adventurers before it was too late.

A tinge, a whisper on the air had her and the hawk whip their heads towards the crowd, the gift had just been received by the priestess, the bright red cloth taken from a wooden box and presented towards the maiden of Chauntea. Searching through the crowd for the source of the disturbance they saw nothing but her stoic masked people standing in respect for the ceremony and the jubilant people of Daye who were applauding the gift that had been presented to her.

Walking towards the disturbance she was so focused on seeking for the source of the whisper of dark omens that she bumped into the party of adventurers and the whispering stopped completely.

“We need to talk” she said to the party before grabbing one by the elbow and walking out of the crowd towards a quieter part of the square. She needed the party to be with the priestess to make sure that she would be safe and to escort them to her and the Lotus if the creature revealed itself.

This one is pretty straight forward – the priestess was presented with an enchanted gift from one of the wealthy merchants from the Red Fleet – Once revealed a dark omen (a whisper) was heard in the crowd but disappeared quickly. Kyoko wants to ensure that the priestess is safe but with the restrictions placed upon her people only the party can make sure she is safe but she doesn’t want to reveal what she knows to the guard and wider audience in case one of them is responsible for the creatures attacks.

The goal of this is to get the party to the priestess at the local temple to Chauntea at night, have them encounter a very angry spectral creature who attacks them but tries to get to the priestess who is wearing an ornate necklace AND to then have them and the priestess (or just the necklace) board Kyokos ship. If required Takeo can appear and urge the party to follow him back to the ship. The creature will pursue them to the ship but wont move as fast as them, always just behind them.

Well that’s it for tonight, investigated the next stage of the adventure, a small view of what is happening since the last part of the adventure and the next phase of it with a bit more information revealed.

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