Charms, Talismans and pendants

Thursday has come and for us here at Brazen Wolfe Tabletop that means we are looking to something that adds a bit more to the adventure as we see it. The last few days we have looked at what the Red fleet is doing, what the party has gotten themselves into and what stalks the town at night. We have also investigated why it has been stalking the streets and tonight I hope to add a few small bits onto what the creature has been feasting on and what Takeo has put into the parties belongings.

So without any more drivel let’s get on with the content!



The first on our list is what has become a staple of the Red Fleets merchandise and what the creature has mainly been feeding off. Luckily (or unluckily depending on how you view it) these items contain the smallest amount of magical power to them and so they do not sustain the creatures hunger for long.

Introducing the Lesser Blessed Charm!

This charm is seen and said to be a good luck charm for doing people who have a very certain need for something to be lucky in. If a Mayor needs luck during their next speech to sway the vote for an election they may be gifted with a Lesser Blessed charm of persuasion (which only works for the persuasion skill) which would be sold to them as a lucky charm that would make people more inclined to listen and believe what the speaker had to say. The same could be said for a squire who picked up the Lesser blessed charm of Animal Handling who wanted that extra bit of luck when working with horses, either her own or the person they served. These items sway luck in the favour of the owner but not enough to really be relied upon. Perhaps that occasional lucky motivational speech, game of cards or operation to save someone’s life can be tied back to the charm or perhaps its just the inherent skill in the owner – but we can all use a bit of luck some times.

The second item I have is designed to be rarer, harder to come by but not so strong that people would seek them out to abuse them. Introducing the Lesser charm of tracking!

The Lesser charm of tracking is quite simple, you have the charm and can know where it is. Sew it into your left sock and you will never lose that sock however the right sock may have a tendency to go missing.

In this case slipping it into a pocket of someone and using it to follow them around may be a bit sinister but also when used to keep track of important people, or people you want to keep an eye on it may be worth its weight in jade.

Thanks to joining me tonight and looking at a few minor magical items. The idea behind these is to add a bit more something to the adventure that wont break encounters or make that adventure you have planned for the party broken from the moment they find these little items.

Don’t forget to come back tomorrow and this weekend for more Dungeons and Dragons content and I hope to also bring a Warhammer battle report this weekend (if I can tee up a game on tabletop Simulator. COVID is a bit rampart in Australia at the moment and don’t quite want to risk an in person game.) Oh, and as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe