Flight through the streets

Happy Sunday all, thanks for stopping by to have a look at our weekend write-up which has been worked towards all week.

This week we looked at what the reason is the creature is seeking out certain items and we met it, well, the party will have. So let’s look at how to play out this adventure!

Hungry Mists


_part:2 hunger pact_

The party find themselves being escorted back to their accommodations by Takeo. He wears his mask constantly when around people and answers questions directed at himself in a way that he gives information but never fully answers the question. Insight check (DC14) would reveal he is hiding things but not lying in what he is saying.

The other mission he has is to plant a lesser charm of tracking on the party. Passive perception 15 will notice the attempt and if he is called out on it he said he thought the party dropped the good luck charm and was giving it back.

That night the party are visited by the creature once they are asleep. If in separate rooms elves, those with passive perception of 14 or higher will awake to something in the room but it wont reveal itself unless that party member has something magical on them (items). If they do wake up due to the passive perception a dc12 charisma saving throw is required. If they pass they notice the creature, on a fail they don’t notice the creature but have an uneasy feeling of being followed or watched.

When it finds a magical item it will begin to feed, this process wakes up the party members in the room and they see a creature inhaling blue, green or red dust motes from something it holds in its hands.  Once the party wake up the creature will turn into its mist form and disappear through the ceiling or wall.

This happens twice more that night and on the third attempt the creature will lash out (attack roll) at the nearest player.

DM decision. Let the party go another night where they are visited again and if they interrupt the feeding again it will attack again. This depends on what the party want to do the following day and what other plans you have. When the party realise the creature is targetting magical items then have that day or the next day be the birthday ceremony and gift awarding for the priestess of Chauntea.

At this point Kyoko, Takeo and Hurane know of the creature and will answer questions from the party, but not what drives it. They dont know what it is exactly  only that it is a spirit from their home continent and it will feed on magical items to sustain its driving hunger.

After the priestess ceremony where she is awarded a magical necklace Kyoko will ask the party to try and persuade the party to join Kyoko for dinner, so she can watch over her as she believes the creature knows of the amulet and since it’s been denied meals the last few nights it will be aggressive.

The party can approach the priestess how they will but she wont leave until after she has conducted the dusk ceremonies. As they leave the temple with night falling the creature tries to attack the priestess but it keeps shying away at the last moment. Hurane or Takeo arrive and lead the Party to Kyoko’s ship where upon the creature won’t enter the main cabin.

IF the party fight and kill the creature (with anything other than silver) then a dark mist like cloak falls to the ground and a badly hurt Red Fleet merchant from the Ren family falls to the ground.

If killed by a silver weapon then the mist gets absorbed into the silver of the weapon and its gone.

Well that’s it for tonight, part 2 in our 3 part adventure for this month.

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