Legacy of greed

Welcome everyone to Monday’s post on plots, drivers and adventure hooks. This week we will continue on with the 3rd part of the Red fleet Adventure where we look at the conclusion of the magic draining creature, the Gaki spirit.

This will be a relatively short part of the adventure focusing on the combat, (if the party didn’t manage to kill it already) and the aftermath. So let’s roll into it.

Keeping family traditions


After sitting in silence for what felt like an hour Kyoko slowly opened the door and looked out at the deck of the ship. The red sails and rich wood were starting to show their colours as sunrise came in full bloom.

Turning to the adventures who had found themselves at the centre of the creature in Daye she sighed and sat down. “The seals that we place upon our doors and windows on our ships are meant to prevent river and sea spirits from entering and playing with our maps and instruments. I didn’t expect to face other creatures, well, spirits from our homeland over here but I am glad for the seals now.” She said as she opened a bottle of a pale, strong smelling wine.

“Hurane, check the merchants and look for those who have no seals on their boats. We will find the family during the day so we can prepare the family for the removal of this possession and send their ancestor back to the heavens to live in peace. We still dont know what type of spirit it is, my coin is on a Gaki but it may be a Baku or another yokai. The wards we have are mainly created with powdered silver, check with Takeo to see if his teachers have sent word.” She spoke after a minute of drinking the rice wine.

She then turned to the party. “If its offended by our wards we have a priest here who can bless your weapons with the same material. It will help you purify the yokai’s, a bad spirit,” she clarified, “essence so it can pass on. Please go seek out Lee Ping. He will know of which you ask for. I fear that tonight it will come again and angrier, especially if we remove the possession from its tether. Be prepared as they are known to be vengeful.”

The idea this week is to get the party to work with Hurane to talk to the families, of which there is one, and to meet Lee, a surprise for tomorrow and Thursday. This will give the party a goal and the means to defend themselves but the encounter wont be easy as with the previous night and the night before I would expect the party to not have had a full long rest yet.

Well that’s it for tonight, the beginning of the end for this multi-part adventure. If you like this approach more than a whole, different new adventure each week please let me know! I am still experimenting with how I want this blog to work and want to hear some thoughts!

Don’t forget to come back tomorrow and every day this week for more content and as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,

The Brazen Wolfe